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  1. Because I want to married a sejajoha
  2. 278 @cenching I am not chinese. But my great great great grandpa was japanese. Wktu jepang menjajah indo doski jatuh cinta dgn nenek moyangku wkwkwkwk. I am morinese. And not pure too. My great great great grandmama who was married with japanese grandpa was a mix of morinese and torajanese. I think if I have fair skin I will looks like japanese WKWKWKWKWKWKWKWWKWKWKWKK (dream on) So this eyes characteristic are famous in my village lols. When people see our eyes (from my papa’s family) they will said oh yes that’s them their great great great grandpa is bla bla bla bla.. but I don’t get their fair skin. I am more exotic . But my brother skin as fairest as a white wall (specially his b*tt) also my papa. They got that fair skin. I don’t know from who I got this skin.. I think its my destiny to be exotic WKWKWKKWKW okey stop people will got stomachache lols
  3. wkwkwkwkwkwk seriously!! my eyes are too chinese only I have double lids? cipitx ikut papa lipatan matax ikut mama. but not as glamour as mom's it looks strange so if I wear more than 2 colours or if I try smooky eyes shadows it looks scarry LOL +2
  4. 278 how are you today @USAFarmgirl? I hope everything is ok.. and happy sunday
  5. Sorry to cut your beautiful post chingu (I saved those posts in my hp ^_* ) Btw I agree with this. I too can not kiss someone if I have no feelings Chingu.. can kdrama give some spot to gay theory? .. if so, I mean if he is a gay why he didn’t have any relationship with a gay too for 10 years? Is it when people being a gay they want to stay alone or want to be together with a boyfriend? Mmmmm I think I need to watch ep 6 now hmmmh
  6. Hi chingu btw I think YJ have not called him her bf yet because people around her know that their relationship is fake xixixixi .. while people around WH are not know anything yet btw I agree that YJ is too loveable that is why a semi-conscius-guy-who-got-a-surgery-about-2-hours-before can think to want to kiss her and did it wkwkwkwkwkw
  7. Hysteric after watch ep 5 of fluttering warning. Now will preparing breakfast and went to morning mass
  8. I just finished of watching ep 5 here in my place at 5.27 AM and I screamed “AARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” WHY MUST HE KISSES HER AFTER THE SURGERY? WHY WHY WAE? O.M.G my heart beats faster now wkwkkwkwkwkw what was he thinking? is that normally happened after wake up from anesthesia that a man can think to kiss a woman? Wkkwkwkwkwkwkw I got 2 big surgeries in my whole lifetime with total anesthesia but when I wake up I can not think I just try very hard to be able to open my eyes wkkwkwwk but my dermatologist oppa can kiss his girlfriend ughhhhh ok happy sunday from my place, chingus *huggsssssssss @USAFarmgirl glad to see you back I am so happy that after I watch that shocking kiss I found your romantic writing in here xixixixixi
  9. 384 happy weekend huggssssss just wake up I need to do some homeworks xixixi
  10. @USAFarmgirl stay safe and warm btw what happened with soompi @dotonly? 394
  11. 408 don't wanna feel another touchhhhhhhh don't wanna start another fireeeeee don't wanna know another kissssss no other name falling off my lipssssssss
  12. lying on a bed and waiting for the blackout wkkwkww
  13. 408 if I knew it would be the last timeeeeee I would have broke my heart in twoooooooo trying to save a part of youuuuuuu
  14. @cenching .. I Will try it some times.. btw but it depends on our eyes character. There’s eyes typical which doesn’t fit if we play too much with eyeshadow colour hmmhhh.. 408 ^_* wish I coulddddddd I could have said goodbyeeeee I would have said what I wanted tooooo maybe even cried for youuuuuu ..
  15. Don’t wanna feel another touch don’t wanna start another fire don’t wanna know another kiss baby unless that's your lips ohh.. don’t wanna give my heart away to another stranger .. No, I will never love again ..
  16. it's just because of the end of the year is coming soon I am so relax sometimes I even watch kdrama between working lols
  17. thanks angelangie I should learning this 'worrying will not help' right now I am working very hard
  18. @angelangie I can imagine it. Though sometimes it’s hard for me to believe this kind of stories but they really happened @dotonly I just want to tell this one in here xixixixixi.. +2
  19. Blackout in the whole city. I am so sleepy but afraid to sleep.
  20. 74 so there’s another ghost story in here guys.. 1 week after the strong earthquake, many volunteers from around my country and abroad came in here. There’s a group of volunteers went to a district that burried under the ground. And they met an old guy there. He said he’s one of the headman in that district and they need a new tent. So that volunteers group, one of them is my friend’s friend said they went back to their camp and took a tent. When they back again to that district and looked for that headman, people there said to them there’s no headman stay alive there. All houses are burried under the ground and also burried people there alive ughhh it’s scarry plus this happened on the broad daylight. O.M.G
  21. You mean this? They look scarry I think this makeup fits for stage performance hmmmh.. it won’t suit daily activities but I like their lipsticks and eyebrows ^_* @mouse007 so are you prefer that purpke eyeshadow than kaku jasper eyeshadow from the bodyshop? +2
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