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    how to be bad to people who did bad to you? Sometimes I think I am too sweet. Seriously. I swear :relaxed:

    it is not that I cannot be serious and mature like usual people around lol. I am just love to having fun. I don’t like to show my old side too often HAHAHAHA

    sighhhhhhh ..

    I passed my national test to be the member of this nasty office with the highest scores in this province. I collected all those certificates that people usually will not passed the test easily. Like only 8 people who are certified to do things in this office and 1 of them is me amongst 90s employees. And many talents that I don’t need to prove WKKWKWKWKWKWWKW but still.. it is seems.  I am still stupid lol. Whatever. 

    When I was serious as a human and a person. I remember I did not have to do my final tests for some subjects like macro economy micro economy statistics operation research, and some, because my scores already too high in the class even before final tests. So my lectures sometimes let me to not did the final tests because without final tests I already get A. 

    But yeah.  I am still stupid.

    I don’t like to showing myself like a serious old granny who wears glasses I prefer to use fake eyelashes and put lipstick. And I enjoying my soompi comunity than those boring meetings. 

    But it is ok. I like it when people underestimate me. Perhaps they were born perfect. 


    huftttttttt ~,~

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  2. 17 minutes ago, thanie said:

    Don't mind them. They're not the ones who paid for your make up, nail polish and eyelash extension. So, how are those? 


    It was more like legally blonde movie. Hahahaha. If you put too much make up people will think that you are a stupid woman. 

    But it is ok. Not my focus. My focus is how to stay pretty hahahaha :blush:

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  3. 15 minutes ago, angelangie said:




    im never always an angel :D 




    It is said “aries adalah budak cinta tapi suka ga ngaku.” Hahahah iyakah? How to translate budak cinta ya? It is like if that person is in love he/she will loves deep ^_* but they will not said that they love deep hahahahahha. Like that :love:

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    I am reading zodiac according to netizen and dying laughing now HAHAHAHAHAHA 


    sagittarius: flirty ganjen dst HAHAHAHAH


    Virgo: who are virgo here?? Butuh dipeluk kalo ga dipeluk akan menyiksa diri HAHAHAHAHAHHA apa yah englishnya needs to be hold? If not wil torturing themselves? Hahahahah


    Pisces: needs HIGH AFFECTION butuh kasih sayang yg tinggi <~~~~ HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA :joy: And they add: pisces is an Angel. They don’t deserve this world HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAJA bramanda is pisces too HAHAHAHHAAHJAJAJAJAJAJAAJ who impregnated all his girlfriends HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA angel hahahahahahhahah :joy:

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  5. 3 hours ago, cenching said:


    Sinclair is still very young...What a pity...He is a Malaysian celebrity, right? 



    Hu um.. too sad because he was also sooooooooooo handsome :dissapointed_relieved: he is a Malaysian and a celebrity too. I am so sad whenever handsome people die too young.. tsk!


    3 hours ago, Lawyerh said:


    @Sejabin was talked with my friend as well. He seems to be a good & decent guy. I agree, nothing lasts forever in this world. 


    talked at office about this aka. Morning gossip

    ME: too sad. Ashraf Sinclair passed away :bawling:

    Meta: hu um he was too handsome :bawling:

    Indri: why??????? So not handsome can die????


    then came mr.B who always interested in people gossip..

    bram: OMG BCL is a widow now :love:

    Indri: ih. Mana mw lah sm km pns



    hu um nothing lasts forever. But the separation with the love ones always too sad huuu uuu uuu :bawling:


    Poor Noah. He is still a little boy Ahhhhh :dissapointed_relieved:



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    I can use chopsticks but not like expert. The most important is I can eat noodles and rice with chopsticks :mrgreen:


    @Lawyerh @cenching BCL’s husband passed away this morning :dissapointed_relieved: they both were one of my favorite celebrity couple in Indonesia :heart: too sad. ... ah too sad.


    this song lyrics fits the situation in Indonesia now :bawling: “I am gonna love you, like I am gonna loose you, I’m gonna hold you, like we are saying goodbye.. ‘cause we will not know when we will run out of the timeeeeeeeeeeeeee huuuu uuuuuu :bawling:


    ahh too sad.. Spend your time more with your love ones. You will never know when they will leave you forever. Or you will leave them forever.

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    @nrllee I like taec in reality show. He is sweet.


    @Ameera Ali :kiss_wink:


    I hate monday. I mean I always love monday-friday because those are my working days for scooping cashes but tomorrow monday I hate lol. There will be an interview for promotion but  I don’t know. Promotion is not what I need now. What I need is to be pregnant again this September. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH I will be 36 on December and my risks in giving birth increasing everyday lol I hope before 40 I will already have 2 kids. Amen. Then it is enough and I will closed the production HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH oh gosh.. :weary: I have no ambition now :bawling: 

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    can I sing Indonesian? 


    Di antara kita t’lah terjalin sudah

    benang2 asmara

    tak mungkin lagi kan terpisah

    s’moga Tuhan mendengar pinta kitaaaaa




    I hope someone can help me translate this HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH 

    btw I am at a party now and the are many many many many people OMG it seems like the whole city are in this party now


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    @Lawyerh :joy: samsung always complicated. Lol. If I use Samsung I feel like I can never be expert to use my handphone hahahaha but my mom love Samsung


    @cenching nowadays people use wedding ring as couple ring hahaha in Indonesia even elementary students who date called each other mama papa HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA generasi jaman now :relaxed: anak SD sdh pintar pacaran. Mw jd apa negara ini :pensive:



    I think I want to watch doctor john now ^_*



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    watching a news on IG and it is so sad. So there is a mom in here who took her son to the kindergarten but then her son disappeared for 16 days and when they found it his body was not complete anymore. Without head and lost his organs. :bawling: what kind of kindergarten is that. It is not safe to took our kids nowadays to the school. Huuu uuuu :bawling: too scary. This is why I will be with my son until I took him to the elementary school. School nowadays are not safe anymore :bawling:

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  11. 10 hours ago, thanie said:

    It's just temporary, @Sejabin. It's hormonal. I've been through that also, I admit, it's quite alarming. A lot of people would comment, "Oh, you used to have thick, bouncy hair! What happened?" I remember, I posted it on social media once ... for me, they were so rude and insensitive (or it sounded that way because I was too sensitive then. Again, the hormonal thing.) Don't skip your vitamins. Me, I'm taking Calcium, Vitamin C and Iron Supplements. I take Calcium in the morning with 1 glass of milk and Vit. C and Iron before bedtime....




    Oh yes it is hormonal when pregnant we are sensitive after giving birth we will be more sensitive hahahahah :joy: 

    ok I will think about taking vitamin.. I took some herbal pills now for my ovaries. I took it on last 2018 and I don’t know how it probably contributed on my pregnancy wkkwkwkw I want to have a baby again so I took it again. I want a daughter in 2021 :bawling: well hope so.. lol wkwkkw I love my son.

    so if I took this pills I can not took any vitamins or any.. thing wkwkwkkwkw.. later if I end my 3rd bottles :blush:



    btw even my hair is falling now, I am thinking about growing it to the medium long. And will smoothing it so I will not need to comb it too often hahaha. 


    At salon now manicures pedicures. 




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  12. 2 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

    @Mohd Najib I think some things better left unspoken. As long as you never confessed to her, just proceed per normal and reduce conversation frequency and treat her as normal friends. Save some pride & move on. If shes free again one day, maybe then you can have your chance. But not now. 


    This is sooooi mature answer. Agree xixixixi :relaxed:

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    @Dhakra love your mom!! :relaxed:


    oh my chingu deul. I almost forget..

    HAPPY VALENTINE’s day for my add and sub chingus *hugsssssssss I love love love love love love you all and love to be in here with you all :heart: (if not how can I stay since 2017 in here WKWKWKWKWKWK) :blush:



    usually I will sleep at 8 pm but until now can not sleep huuuuuu uuuuuu. How to shut our brain from thinking. Distraction is difficult for me if once I think about something seriously. Sighhhhhhh bad habbit.  I should not think about it too much. Hair is fall now after giving birth. Poor fate for any mom wkwkwkwkkwwkwk. And thinking will only worsen my hair falling thing :bawling:


    perhaps I must watch kiki cartwright vlog on youtube. So inspirational. She married her boss. Age gap about 20 years or something like that. She used to be work as a house helper for his husband in Singapore. But then he married her and now they are living in Qatar. I love her POv about life xixixi. And she is really good in cooking. 

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