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    guys new point of view!! hahahaha.. my friend ocha came to my room and said she likes angel L because his acting is very relax and light HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA .. nah this is new taste :kiss_wink:

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  2. 7 hours ago, titania1000 said:


    I can't quote your gif but i'm reposting it here because i need it for my answer^_^ 


    I love your gif! :mrgreen:

    And  because i'm a complicated person:  It sounds to me like a challenge to see if these two babies are shippable. :P

    Since i like a good challenge, i'm taking on this  with every intention to prove that their romance can perfectly work even with the slap! :w00t:


     I think i was going to jump on this ship at one point or the other because It's what Kang Woo wants and  to be honest despite my attachment to Seol Hee and my harsh words, he has never been a fool or an idiot before. If this relationship seems something meaningful to him, i can only follow him and support him here. He's my fave after all.


    Also,  there's still 3 weeks left and it's long time to wait for him and for me while just expecting him to be suddenly happy at the end. 

    There's no question that after 15 years alone, the guy deserves love, but the problem is that there's a shortage of girls alive who can fullfill the job.     

    So, unless Seol Hee comes back from the dead in a last minute apparition (and i would be totally ok for it);  to fill my shipper heart,  it was either Yeon Seo -  NiNa has been disqualified for wishing Yeon Seo's death and being a part of a family that tried to kill her - or Miss Elena (!), and as the unique member of his fanclub, i voted for Yeon Seo! :lol:


    I'm starting a serie of more or less long posts about why this ship  make sense, doomed or not, and how it can work.


    There's few cons against the probability of this relationship:

    • "Kang Woo is not the main lead": my answer is it doesn't matter. It have already happened before that the second lead gets the girl, so it wouldn't be a first. And the rom com concerned worked well too and were a success.
    • "This story is about a ballerina  and an angel falling in love. Kang Woo doesn't even have wings. Also the promo was all about KMS and SHS": I think the writer and the promotion/marketing team are delivering what's been promised: the tale of their love story is the main point of the plot, and takes 90% of the screen time  and it will probably stay this way until the end. But they never promised that it will be a happy story: so far for me it has been a doomed and a failed relationship. They also never said they will be the endgame. 

    Which lead us to the arguments related to the plot: the slap and the fact that she doesn't love him.


    About the slap, i need to make a parallel here with my currently favourite drama: Different Dreams. It would be off topic to rave about this drama while i can assure everyone it's worth to write a complete book, so i'll just use a little bit  the main OTP to support my argument about Yeon Seo and Kang Woo.

    In DD, the male lead and the female lead are truly  the best romantic couple i have ever seen on screen. They beat every other couple i have ever shipped so far: they are both unrealistically attractive, intelligent, badass, fearless, and a perfect match.

    And guess how this epic love story started? With a big slap of course:lol:            

    He tried to save her from what he thought to be a dangerous situation (he was right), and she slapped him for trying to drag her out of the place without her consent by grabbing her arm.

    Similarly Kang Woo  thinks that Yeon Seo's tendency to lose herself in her love for a man who constantly run away is dangerous for her mental health and career (she took a day off just before the audition). Also replace the arm grabbing by the hug and we have basically the same context.

     After that, the main female lead in DD kept pushing the male lead him away everytime they met. The slap happened in ep2  and their story took a lot of twists and turns to reach a conclusion  by the middle of ep 6 where they had a magical scene in which the female lead wasn't fighting anymore her feelings for him. While waiting a little far apart from him for her train on the station plateform, she broke the distance, and pushed for more intimacy and physical touches: smiling at him and making him compliment, leaning over him and whispering in his his ear until he lost it and hugged her. 


    Since it took them only 5 episodes to reach this point and in a drama not focused on romance,  my point is that obviously 6 episodes as left in ALML is largely enough for Kang Woo and Yeon Seo to do the same. We don't even need a kiss: we already have 2 hugs and a near kiss, so playing around each other and flirting if well done, could be very satisfying too:blush:.

    There's a lot more to say about the way she turned him down and her reasons but i'm keeping it short here and for another post. 


    On the fact that she isn't in love with him, i'm tempted to say as i already did that him neither.

    I'm convinced that he's in the first stage or romance and wants sincerely to start something new with her.

    Taking off his ring doesn't mean he's in hurry to be in a relationship again. Rather it's a symbol of his seriousness and  commitment to her:

    • It will be her and only her. No other girl, even his tragic past lover, will be able to get his full attention as she will.
    • He won't be prone to change of heart or indecisiveness, or making half promises easily reversed. Like he said before to Ni Na he's the kind to keep his word and he actually proved it all along the drama. And that's definitively what he offered to her. 

    However, it's not a reset of their relationship: a lot happened between them before he opened up to her in ep9. 

    There's a quote from a  great french classic writer that says: " To love someone is to give them importance in their own eyes, to help them to believe in themselves." And that's exactly what he did for her. 

    Remember Yeon Seo's quote in ep 7: " Even when i didn't believe in myself, you pushed your way in and made me dance".   

    In return, because it wasn't one sided,  she offered this:  "Trust me. It might be an endless tunnel but it will easier together", which is one of the reasons he had to fall for her: the promise of a future together. No more loneliness.  

    So even before any sort of confession,  there was already love between them  her in a certain and they also already started making each other happy.      


    To be continued....


    @Sejabin Welcome to the thread. I see your posts and agree totally with your view on the accident. I have a lot to say myself on his point and will answer to your point.

    I'm sorry that you get attacked for just politely stating your opinion on this thread. Don't give up posting your thoughts. A lot of people enjoy them.  :kiss_wink: 



    what I love about Ji Kang Woo is he does not do anything bad at all. hahahaha.. he does not right :blush: what he does since the 1st time is continuosly helping her and being everywhere when she needs someone around her.  he was a lost man who tried to find the trace of his dear lover in Lee Yeon Soo. that is actually very sad. I feel sympathy for him. but the more he follows her the more he found that Lee Yeon Soo is not someone else's shadow. She is a real woman, and he starts to falls for her.  like Lee Yeon Soo said "it is not a crime to love a lot." hiehiehiehie... it is not a crime for Ji Kang Woo to falls for Lee Yeon So. I mean he is already falls before Lee Yeon Soo and what is wrong with continously fall? wkwkwkwkw :heart: stupid man. I want to enter my laptop screen and hugs him and fall together with him :bawling: .. love Ji Kang Woo's eyes expression in this scene :relaxed:



    I totally agree with all your words :love: 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Lawyerh said:


    @Sejabin I have penchant for unrequitted love / one sided love. So i start to prefer KW nowadays lol.... But his screen time so few -_-


    Yeah if im the jury, its Ni Na dance which should win tbh. 


    @Ameera Ali u also change DP :wub:


    978 :blush:


    me too! hahahaha. unrequited love/one sided love itu sakitnya sedap2 enak hahahaha :joy: my friends laugh out loud after I show them your post hahahaha.. and now right now we are talking about angel hahahaha.. my friends said it's annoying that they could feel how deep Ji kang woo's love to Yeon Soo while when they watch L they can not feel his love to Yeon Soo. hahahahaha.. :wub: dinni also said she becomes lazy to watch because Lee dong gun scenes are too few. KWKWKWWKKW 



    the feel in these 2 scenes are different right? we can feel the pain of unrequited love in Lee Yeon Soo's eyes and Ji Kang Woo's rather than in L's eyes.. what was he doing there? he is better to just singing. do not acting pleaseee :weary: it would be daebak if lee dong gun took the lead roles hahahaha... shin hye sun acting is really good. acting is not just stand there in front of camera but they must to make us feel what we should feel about the story :dissapointed: it feels like Lee Yeon Soo loves Kim Dan deeper than Kim Dan to Lee Yeon So.. aishh this drama is too good but feels empty


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  4. 37 minutes ago, nrllee said:

    @Sejabin Go you!  Real life is where it’s at.  A very good and positive perspective to have.  :) Yes to senior actors/actresses.  I didn’t really “ship” LDG and PMY because it was obvious that it wasn’t going to happen.  I just thought their connection was more heartfelt than the OTP.


    Yes to sacrificial love.  I haven’t watched Angel’s Last Mission so I can’t comment.  I just read PackMule3’s blog and she’s been recapping it and putting her own thoughts on it there.  Conversations there tend to be less emotionally driven and more factual based so I prefer it.






    948 :kiss_wink:


    later will back ya. I really really really need to go to market now before dark

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  5. tumblr_pryqjq88N51s8t96qo4_r1_500.gif

    with the silence pushing my heart

    the warmth that went dry and disappeared, like a miracle it's coming back to me

    your dream rising brightly

    is like shooting my thin smile, it's gently shaking my heart




    like a stranger on the street without a trace

    I wander around the by day

    after the tired heart and the desperate wait

    a fine rain is silently making me wet with tears



    at the end of the season

    the times of you and I have stopped

    like a ray of brightly shining light

    they come into my heart

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  6. 38 minutes ago, nrllee said:


    Nah I was shipping crazy king (Lee DongGun) and PMY.  I know...kinda twisted because he was so unpredictable and crazy.  The scenes between him and her (even the girl who played her character when young) were just off the charts when it came to connecting.  The way he softened when he was with her...even at the end.  It’s like she “tames” him and “settles” the turmoil in his mind (a bit Beauty and the Beast like)..just like when she whistled as she dragged him home in the cart.  I rewatched a lot of their scenes together but never once watched the scenes of her and YWJ.  There was something very pitiful about the deranged king and she was the only one who saw that and offered him kindness.  So I have no doubt that LDG would be doing the same in ALML.  I see you have encountered the rabid fan girls of the female actress.  They were the same in 30but17.  I have nothing against her but I find it hard to believe her “happy” scenes.  Her face seems to bear that perpetual sadness about it...like she’s never quite completely “happy”.  :lol:






    I am not shipping like that. I do not even shipping anyone in anydrama now. I passed shipping things and not now. online world for me just to enjoy it while watching drama. I will just spend my energy for scavenging money in real life. wkwkwkw.  I just love watching actors who can make me feel what should I feel about their characters. Senior actors usually will do so. 


    are you mean Lee Yeon Soo? if the writer reflects this drama from giselle ballet...  then this is about a sad story. but in tragedy Giselle teach people how to love. love does not always mean that you will always smile love can also mean tragedy. love is about giving. and in giving people who love will feel happy. 


    I am not care with encounter any fangirling now. what I care now is I want to go to traditional market and fill my refrigerator for one week and dropped by at automatic teller machine to pay my credit card. and cook what I love for my dinner :no_mouth:

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  7. 944


    why people in kdrama threat always discuss like they are old virgin who has not touch by s*x for 40 years? I mean if you having s*x routinely you will not come to soompi and discuss like you want to eat people :no_mouth: 

    This is why made me lazy to go there and stuck in here. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Ni Wen said:



    I don't know why there are some people who keeps saying KW saved YS in the car accident. Would you all kindly go back and repeat episode 1 and see again with your big eyes who saved YS?! It was Dan who saved her. Not KW.



    I'm aware that everyone support different characters in the drama. It's perfectly right to support your favourite actor but to twist the facts of the drama according to your likes is to me baffling and delusional. Because the fact is it was not KW who saved her. As simple as that. 




    Mmm.. well I forget. Thanks for reminding me.


    Btw if I remember again they both saved her. Kim Dan saved her from water and Ji Kang Woo saved her by calling ambulance and police. That is the fact and not simple. 2 character tangle with her 


    I am not suporting any character like football team in world cup champion. Who must to win or not. I am just enjoying the story. Whether she will be with Kim Dan or ji kang Woo. Btw I like it that he has 2 angels around her to support and protect her because if we count with fingers, she has more enemies than people who supporting her. 


    And I am not twist I just forget. Stop interpreting me. I am already explain. And I am not delusional. I am just a bunch of words that is presence in here with 3 paragraphs. This is drama and I love being dramatic in my way :heart:


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  9. 32 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    I like your analysis. I felt sorry  for him too sometimes . The actor is talented. He warned Dan of what he will suffer from. He is not totally bad. I think he feels sorry for Dan somehow because he has been through the same thing. 


    Actually I feel sorry for all of them. Even Nina


    And poor Dan and Yeonsoo


    they all want to perform Giselle as the production of the year in Fantasia. the story of Giselle even though it's atragic sad story but also it is about loving and forgiving. it is not about at the end the couple will be together. it is about showing Giselle's love to protect her lover. Perhaps to protect Dan to change into dust. being in different worlds does not mean that love will end.

    I hope they all will realized about it. including Yeon Soo and Ji Kang Woo. it took a lot of understanding. Now I get the pict of his past lover that protect him from death. I hope Ji Kang Woo can continue the path that he dares to take. he does not change into dust but his past lover took his place. He needs to learn about the meaning of it.

    I am waiting for a surprise and beautiful ending of this drama that is inspired from a beautiful love story of Giselle. 

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  10. 11 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:


    Did you see tears in his eyes , I am still emotional about it  , he such good actor, but  the lead actor , he can’t deliver emotion at all , I think that why they use child actor a lot with emotion scene . About kiss , He try to put passion into it  but YS not helping at all :D , but she slap passionately if I could say :joy: 


    Any other drama you watching :kiss_wink:






    942 :kiss_wink:


    you mean like this one? 



    Never play with senior actors. wkkwwkwk.. they are so good in mess up our emotions :joy: I hate it that he can brings this character with more feelings than what L infinitive does with his Kim Dan :weary: next time if they chooses Lee Dong Gun as antagonist they must to considered who will be the protagonist :no_mouth: I don't complain with Queen Seven Days kdrama because all actors are daebak there. all leads acting level were in the same class. 


    I watch one spring night but the main male is too flirtatious like I want to slap him. HAHAHAHAHA he made the lead girl confused about her feelings :joy:



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  11. @Ameera Ali I love those gifs :kiss_wink:




    btw I love Ji Kang Woo more than Kim dan. hahahahaha.. ottoke yo? :mrgreen: it was as same as when I watch Lee Dong Gun in Queen for 7 days kdrama. he was antagonist there but I feel sympathy for him. is this a talent? to be able to make people sympathy xixixxii :love:



    at first I thought he was a bad angel. but later I realized he is just a man who trapped in a lonely world and can not go to anywhere. can not live and die. he wanted to die together with his love but he could not. live but can not love. he wants to love but he can not expressed it. he is angry inside but he does not know how to expresses his anger. he can not kill that is not his personality. it was interesting when he saved Lee Yeon Soo in the car accident. he is just a man who wants to love and to be loved. and so poor that he can only love one girl. if only he can falls to other girl like NiNa it will be easier ... sighhhhhhh .. I hate Lee Dong Gun oppa for his eyes acting hahahaha :mrgreen:

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  12. 928 :love:


    I love how kang ji woo turns into a real man who is really in love to Lee Yeon Soo :heart: I bet if he could kisses her the kiss scene will be intense. I remember when they stared to each other when Yeon Soo danced Giselle. ARGHHHHHH I hate it when actors acting too good and turn oir emotions into roller coaster. Btw I just can’t understand why must L stared in this drama wkkwwkkw :joy: I feel all his love scenes are too plain if compared with Kang Ji woo solo scenes :kiss:


    @Ameera Ali ottoke yo darling? 

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