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  1. I wish my future son will have a voice like David Miller :bawling: natural tenor with angelic voice :heart: 



    I have met many daebak people in my life and this song will always reminds me to one of them :heart:


  3. @Ameera Ali sayang.. :kiss_wink:



    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali



      , hi darling :heart::cookie:

  4. a funny moment on Monday, November 19th 2018.

    in my office room and it was blackout. so we can't work and this kind of species (who sometimes buy chocolate milk for me) came to my room. and he was blabbering things I didn't understand and I didn't listen too LOL, so I change the topic of the conversation..


    Me: what is your birth date bram?

    Bram: 28 February

    Me: ohh.. so you are a pisces. hmmmhhh.. 

    Bram: what hmmm?? I am curious?" :blush:

    Me: *open my IG and read about the zodiac .. "Pisces: 21 February-20 March.. the dreamer. you are sweet and romantic and bla bla bla.. THIS IS NOT TRUE :kiss:

    Bram: Hei!! THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'VE NEVER TRY TO LOOK IN TO ME!!" :unamused:

    Me: why must I try to look into you?"

    Bram: so you can feel my feelings :relieved:

    Me: but I don't want to feel your feelings :relieved: 

    Ira: dasar pria murahan :unamused:


  5. All I ask..



    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali



      love it :love:

    2. Sejabin


      @Ameera Ali love you :kiss_wink:

    3. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali



      love you too :blush:

  6. and one of my favorite kdrama's scene :heart:




  7. Baby, I am dancing In the dark

    with you between my arms

    bare foot on the grass

    listening to our favorite song

    sya la la la la



  8. Cintaku kandasssss 

    cinta kini hilang tak berbekasssss

    owuoooo :joy:

  9. coffee and chocolate donut for you :wub: and 4 donuts for me :blush:


  10. don't you remember..



  11. For @Ameera Ali 

    hit me baby one more time :kiss_wink: 


    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali


      To you :relaxed: 


  12. for calming my mood 




  13. Friday, October 12th, 2018


    It's been 2 weeks since that horrible evening on September 28th :dissapointed_relieved: I miss my city, my friends, my daily activities, my garden and my flowers, I miss my bed but I think I can't sleep there for now. I still scared and afraid to get into my house. I still remember how hard the earthquake shaken us that evening and how difficult it was for me to run from my bedroom and reach the front door. 


    I just know that it was my dearest uncle who try to take me out from my devastated city. he booked a flight for me (tough it got cancelled because no commercial flights can landing there at that time) so I called him last night and asked him to come in here (at my grandmama house) :blush: and he said "of course my dear kiddo. uncle will get a flight on friday night." xixixixi okey this is the real vacation. if uncle comes = happy time = malling = dinner date and lunch date = vacation :heart: 

  14. Hong Jong Hyun is so HOT :heart:



  15. I don't know what acc must I use now in soompi :weary: that-old-damage-acc or this oldest-newbie-sejabini-acc :kiss:

    certainty.. I need certainty T^T

  16. I hate him he is too handsome :bawling:



  17. I hope the earthquake will not come again because I want to learn this  :dissapointed:


  18. I love the bassists hahahaha


  19. I love this live.. so much talent in Mulan and RIP for Mike :heart: .. Tiada Kata.. No.. word..  



  20. I love this song. it brings romantic feel..

    cintai diriku seperti aku mencintaimu sepenuh jiwaku

    jangan pernah ada tersimpan prasangka

    di pelukmu ku sandarkan seluruh hidupku dan takkan terbagi

    percayalah cintaku hanya untukmu

    Cinta Kita by: Reza Artamevia :heart: ... Our Love :love:



  21. I received a sweet package this morning.. from abroad.. 

    I was in my room at office, Tuesday, 10.30 AM,

    Sejabini: *was busy doing a task.. but I did that on dinni's desk..

    then one of our security came and put something on my desk..

    Edwin (our Security): Sejabini, a package for you..

    ME: *was wondering.. Hmmm??? (?_?) I didn't do online shopping :kiss: .. from who?

    Edwin: sweet smiled mode ON .. you can read it :blush:

    ME: *was still wondering and walked to my desk.. and ... :scream:  :scream: O.M.G ... *shocked mode ON

    Dinni: *can't hold it + wondering.. took that package from my desk.. and she screamed.. OMG!!!!!!  ARRRGHHHHHHHHH.. I want a package too!! :bawling:

    ME: *red cheeks MODE ON :blush:

    Dinni: took a pict with my package, then send it to one of her friend in Singapore and type to him "You must to send a package for me too and write it from Singapore" 

    ME: *rolling eyes MODE ON.. in heart was dying laughing :joy: :joy: hua HA HA HA HA 

    Ira: *took that package too and took a pict with my package too!! 

    ME: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: these girls.. I am so speechless.. that's my package but they took selfie picts with it :no_mouth: :no_mouth:

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