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  1. 502 so we won? Wkwkwk btw absolute bf is too bored it is bored because main lead is a kid if they want to show someone with many naked abs scene they must to give us someone mature and min ah face why is it change drastically. Like I don’t know who is she? Aishhhhhh..
  2. 992 btw I don’t know why but I like wallace huo more in wuxia than modern drama. Why? just finished mopping? Swapping? The floor.. oh gosh.. if I need to buy a house I will make it small. Very small Now I will manage some stuffs in living room while playing some kdramas. I don’t understand why mom is keep buying things she does not need. I will throw them all to the wastebasket
  3. 978 @Lawyerh with yang mi? Yes you must watch it btw I have never watch cdrama that is not serious and romantic. I think we have a lot of romantic and serious cdramas than kdramas Wallace huo always handsome ya.. sighhhh
  4. 960 thanks @Lmangla.. I will try phoenix btw I will not watch lee byung hun. He is not handsome please forgive me he is so lucky to get a beautiful wife my friend who is a namja who doesn’t like kdrama said there’s only 1 beautiful actress in kdrama and its Lee Byung Hun’s wife hahahaha.. he said too that Lee Minho is handsome HAHAHAHAAH. @triplem I watch absolute bf only for hong jong hyun. Not interesting with the main lead storyline with yeo jin goo. I just follow side storyline with hong jong hyun. I am a strange girl HAHAHAHHAHA HJH is too skinny in this drama if compared to the king loves I hope he will play a romcom with yoona (although it is seems imposibble) hiks. I feel like I watch kids program nicklodeon tv or mickey mouse program if yeojin goo is there or kim soo hyun. I mean I watch kdrama for handsome mature oppas not those kids who were being insisted to grown up faster on screen
  5. 954 I want to watch melow too but what is good?
  6. 950 I almost sleep but something funny happened. I can’t sleep now HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA O.M.G *dying laughing mode ON hua ha ha ha ha ha.. suddenly I feel hungry wkkwkwkwkwkwkw
  7. 2002 I was 17th ..on Dec I was 18th so almost the whole 2002 I was 17th xixixi
  8. Hong Jong Hyun always handsome and charming love his appearance in this drama. Ahhhhhh my love I love you to the moon and back
  9. My problem is why people use kitchen and they let it dirty after cooking. I mean I always cooking almost everyday but kitchen stays clean and glowing if I there they also can not manage stuffs in the kitchen neatly loke where they must to put onions garlics sauce instant noodles and everything I am tired to manage this stuffs everyday why people can not stay neat and clean? Why people can not put stuff back to their place before? ARGHHHHHHHHH I can not live like this
  10. 930 I just realized it. The church in HPL where Lee Sol praying is the same church in fiery priest also the same church in K2 kdrama also the same church in prime minister and I kdrama. Is this the only church in Seoul? (I am just curious xixixixi)
  11. 926 you know why pisces is using fish symbol. They always run when we almost catch their tails but if we give them a good bait they will open their pouty mouths. Easy to catch but must use bait. And never learn from experience wkkwkwwkkwkkkw lol. And it’s use 2 fishes symbol means they intend to have multiple personalities. Player Btw I already change my DP to my DP wkkwkjw
  12. :no_mouth:

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      What I done to get this :no_mouth:

      come on give me a big smile :grin: make me happy , just watch my absolute boyfriend 1& 2 episodes :joy: 


    2. Sejabin


      I just want to give you this :no_mouth:

    3. Ameera Ali
  13. 916 perhaps later. You know my type of actor that I will watch. Handsome hot and sexy and mature wkkwkwkw
  14. +2 what I like from Hong jong hyun is he can be a very bad jerk hahahaha he plays a horrible jerk in scarlet kdrama with IU. I was hate him so much hahaha but later I watch his reality show then I was amazed and he captivated my heart. In real he is a very thoughtful namja and very caring I just cannot believe it was him who plays a jerk hahaha. He is a very very very rare gem. He is also very helpful to his parents and caring. And so on and so on. @triplem HJH is a talented jerk hahahaha if you watch scarlet heart you know what I mean I like him a bit lot than lee minho. Lol.. btw aishhh I can not watch Yeo Jin goo. He is not my standard of a man. He is a nephew WKKWWKWK I watch him since he is a little baby in lee jun ki sageuk drama. To watch him as a mature man I can not WKWKKWWKKW he will always be a little boy for me. I am not in the mood to watch little boy kissing little girl in drama. Kim Jae Wok brings kissing scene to another level in kdrama land. I can never watch little boy like Yeo Jin Go anymore
  15. 900 @triplem what a lovely weekend wkwkwkkw I will browsing him on youtube now xixixixixi
  16. 860 *hand cramp after immunization
  17. 856 hu um I buy it because it is flat. and comfortable. I can wear it to everywhere. to work to mall to church to gathering WKWKWKWKKWKWKWKW I am rarely wearing heels now.
  18. 852 just bought this through web xixixixix my friend said it is expensive for plastic. but I like it. it's comfortable and pretty. I want to buy the red one but unfortunately I can not wear it to work if red but the red one is too pretty. hiks I will be dreaming of this red shoes
  19. 854 flight ticket price in Indonesia is CRAZY from Palu to Makassar 97 $ US = 5000 PHP
  20. 834 @cenching because I am online using laptop now at office xixixix.. if at home I use handphone and that a bit complicated lol. too lazy to open laptop at home and I must to connect to hot spot and so on and so on.. aish... wkwkwkw I think I will use indihome but later lah.. abis gempa still lazy to take care things like this wkwkwkwk our tv on the wall still miring hahahaha have not called tukang yet for fixed it WKWKWKWWKWK..
  21. brb from KJW kisses for a moment :sweatingbullets: 

  22. is going to the hospital for immunization God bless me I hate injection
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