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  1. 868 guys.. I persuade my office mates to watch HPL. this the conversation: my friend, dinni, said, "ohh Kim Jae Wok is too handsome! I like to watch him. it's a man. he is too man " ME: "I can not eye candy him. He looks like my papa.." Alief: "I also can not eye candy Brad Pitt because he looks like my papa.." WKWWKKWKWKKWWKKWKWWKWKWKWKKW and now Alief ID for hotspot in office is "Brad pitt looks like my papa." Brad pitt mirip papaku HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Dinni reactions when see this "oh richard simmons WKWKKWKWKWK" morning guys hahahha @kokodus I know him but I don't know his name. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. I only remember you know.. name like Lee Minho, Hong Jong Hyun, Deng Lun, WKWKWKWKWKWK btw I even remember him starring in mY love from the star ... I think it's not about the abs.. it's about the tension when the lead male breathe too close to female lead face. ohh my heart will be dag.. dig.. dug.. why I can not tag lawyerh?? is this my connection?
  2. Wanting to sleep but I will take care of my farm in hay day first
  3. 808 @Lawyerh oh yes you guys know I love to laugh and I love supporting roles in touch your heart (my always CEO and miss dan and mama boy and agency CEO wkwkwk) and of course all roles in fiery priest wkwkkwwk I hope I can watch more dramas that make me laugh like fiery priest hahahaha
  4. 800 oughh they both are too cute.. in touch your heart.. everything so sweet. Lee dong wook and yoo in na. But this HPL chemistry is a bit different hahahahahah I feel temperature raised slowly LOL.. that guy knows how to pressed his nose to min young forehead!! I mean before the scene, I am doubting that the director directed him like this “later at this scene, it will be good if you press your nose to her forehead... bla bla bla..” <~~~~ I am doubting this LOL. In a scene like this the actors will act naturally following the flow. He is naturally talented in this HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. can’t wait to watch for his talents in next eps wkwkwk it’s been too long since I watch this natural hot scene LOL. note: ohhhh Kim Nam Gil.. I see that he is good in action comedy. I am not sure if he can raise the temperature in romantic comedy dramas. Haven’t seen him in lift up to your name. I see ktjcdrama change her picts during the king loves kdrama airing times because she bet in that forum WKWKWKWKK .. later will try to watch. Other actor that can raise temperature in intimate scene is min young partner in Queen for 7 days.. he is just too daebak. I don’t know his name.
  5. 794 what is KNG? I think all oppas are sushi oppas at least I am more picky than sushi Btw I remember this song after watching HPL ep 4 HAHAHAHAHA .. their poses for the pictures in fanbase website are too HOT!! Reminds me of this dance wkwkwkw
  6. Just finished ep 4 and I like like like like like this drama very much!!! Cuahe! it’s been so long since I’ve watched min young in a intense pose with a guy in drama (last time I see it in Queen for 7 days)... I mean when they were standing against the wall in that intimate scene for the pictures hahahaha in a broad day light.. uhhhh too sexy his nose pressed min young’s forehead in a sexy way OUGHHHHHH I stopped breathing for awhile when watching this scene I couldn’t ask more for a rom com. I will be loyally watch this until the end NOTE: I will need a lot of oxygen tanks
  7. 788 HPL ep 4 now ^_* btw this guy really reminds me to my papa. His temper too oh gosh. The way he screamed to that grandpa inside the car is EXACTLY like my papa papa was always in a temper like Lyan Gold aishhh this was why no boyfriend guy friend any living young handsome guy dare to come and introduced themselves to papa there was, my 1st boyfriend who left me because of a narcotic girl, went to Palu once to meet papa and he didn’t talk any word. Oh gosh no word to Aldi. Papa was just look at him from head to toe and smile like this and left us in the living room. Aldi took a one hour flight to get in here and he just got that smirk? This lead guy is really really really reminds me to papa
  8. 780 Btw still at ep 3 of HPL xixixixi.. is that Eun Gi not her brother? What is their relation then? Hmmhhh.. this Lyan Gold is funny. He thinks she is a lesbian hhahahahahahahah
  9. 758 @Lawyerh that’s the art of fangirling wkkwkwkw
  10. +2 just had breakfast. Nasi goreng = fried rice ^_* .. I cut onions garlics peppers in a very tiny slices, fried them with margarine, and put the rice, I use instant nasi goreng ingredients from indofood, then I cut beef meatballs and fried eggs to a tiny slices too and put then into my nasi goreng. Lastly I put parsley. And ready and you can eat it with kerupuk. note: without instant ingredients, usually I put soya sauce, sauce, wijen oil and salt. Time to prepare the ingredients: 15 mins time to cook fried rice: 10 - 15 mins depend on your heart hahahaha Now I want to eat some fruits and pudding but my stomach is still too full. Wkkww I will wait while watching HPL ^_*
  11. 702 @Ameera Ali just wake up and I want to eat cake xixixixi klapertaart cake + strawberry milk sounds good btw how are you? you want a sexy song again? Wkkwkkkwkw
  12. 660 sushi.. be mature please.. wkwkwkw btw after that try to watch HPL ^_* @nohamahamoud2002 yes I am from Indonesia oh that song that sung by old ahjussi this afternoon wkwkwk.. I am a naughty girl in real life so if I catch something unusual and different like that singer ahjussi wkwkwkkw I will laugh even if I am at the party wkkwkwkw
  13. 652 to cheer @Ameera Ali and @nohamahamoud2002 NB: this a real human body without plastic surgery ^_* .. this was an Amazing combination of her sexy mature body that she got from her exercises and her pretty innocent face. I am not a fan btw. #britneyspearsisasagittariusgirl
  14. +2 I can not eye candy him. He look really really really looks like my young papa. Even his curly hair WKWKWWKWKKWWKWK
  15. 638 btw funny story today guys.. so this afternoon I went to a wedding party with mom and akikah party (a kind of party for muslim to celebrate the new born baby?) .. so at the wedding party while waiting for my mom posed together with the newly wes and their families for photograph, I stand in front of the wedding singer who was singing a song. The MC was invited him to sing. He is a lecturer and old and bald (mom said) but he sang nicely so I move my head slowly to follow his song. Lol. And he caught me and smiled. Hahahaha NAH then mom and me went to akikah party. And guess what. In that party I found him there too!! And sing too!! And he caught my eyes from the stage and laughed to me. HAHAHAHA so I laughed back at him. And when he started his song “ketika pertama ku jumpa dirimu..” sya la la la (sang by broery marantika and dewi yul) I fiewwwwittttt to him HAHAHAAHAHA And he laughed again LOL. And mom asked what are you doing sejabin? And I said to mom “oh I just got a new friend.” HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA BA he must be thinking oh richard simmons this girl caught me singing from stage to stage this afternoon wkkwwkkw.. I think he was one of my former lecturer I forget. LOL
  16. 634 @Lawyerh I mean this one ^_* btw I still have the vcd until today. Yes I bought the original one too from a Store in the mall. Dvd star? I forget the store title. And I am still a fanatic fan of this Meteor Garden version hahahah I didn’t even watch Lee Minho Korean version completely because I still think this is the best version btw MG2 I watch but I hate it Hahahahaha
  17. 628 I think I am truly a gossip girl since I was a teen KWKWKWKWKW my boss said if sejabin talked about celebrity’s gossip it sounds like she is talking about her neighbor or her cousin wkkwkw LOL btw I watch Meteor Garden in Indosiar when I was at 1st semester in college. I was a new student and they insisted us to joined students orientation? I don’t know in Java but in Makassar, in Universitas Hasanuddin, students orientation means you will death HAHAHAHAHAH they were scarry. Those seniors. Wkwkwk so I decided to not go and watch Meteor Garden I even bought the vcd and I liked both Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou San Chai influenced my college fashion at that time. You know like jeans skirt, hair style, t shirts, and etc hahahaha.. some seniors even declared their gang as F4.. I was like hueekk wkwkwkkw.. I even collected F4 songs because of meteor garden hahaha my favorite song was I forget the title. The MV begins with Jerry Yan screamed “wo se cen te cen te hen ai ni!!!” In the middle of the rain. You must be know this one ^_*
  18. 616 @LawyerhI think both dramas are recommended in any mood hahahaha.. I will continue HPL ^_* btw I followed her gossip long time ago and I knew that she divorced. Btw I don’t like Fernando Colunga because he brokes Thalia’s heart Thalia was so in love with him and he left her. Unbelievable but it’s okay because Thalia got her ahjussi wkwkwkwk.. LONG LIvE AHJUSSI!! #ahjussilover if ameera is Mrs. Hwang on her profile I will edit my profile then.. about me: ahjussi oppa lover hua HAHAHAHAHAHA
  19. 612 @Lawyerh just finished HPL ep2 xixixixi.. a bit busy today so.. btw I like that holding hand scene in the hospital xixixixixi.. oh my heart dugun dugun can not choose now between continue HPL 3-4 or continue fiery priest hahahaha btw I like Gabriella Spanic! I watched La Ursupadora when I was in Junior High School. But I like her ‘Por tu Amor’ telenovela more. That was when I realized I am a ahjussi lover HAHAHAHAHA Marco Duran is too hot @Ameera Ali so happy that you watch HPL too !! You will enjoy it
  20. Life after college feels real. Life when you are still a student was feel like a dream. If could choose, I like to be a college student forever. No responsibilities in life. Parents just demanded me to study and All I can do was just asking more allowances and having fun everyday WKWKWKWKWK
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