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  1. Why do I get headache of watching General and I :mask:

  2. This drama is too complicated and sometimes unlogic for me but since I have started it so I must to finished it lol. If I must to rating then 3 stars from me
  3. Can’t move on from love and destiny :love:

  4. Btw is Song Hye Kyo still sad for her divorcing? Why is she always posting about sea or sky or scenery in IG? (We both are sagittarius. Whenever we posted picts like sky or sea we usually must be feeling blue about something) I really hate Song Jong Ki why why why why why why why seems too easy to end their journey hiks
  5. Continuing general and I cdrama. Angelababy lips seems too full
  6. +2 no rice? Then no karbo at all? oh yes this bulging post partum stomach lol.. Btw guys I just don’t understand how the general can easily falls to bai pingting from the start? And not just fall and deep but it is also hot! HAHAHAHA .. this story somehow seems .. mmm.. unlogic. I don’t believe that any man can love any girl at 10 (ok my cousins married to their elementary school friends) .. I don’t even remember what was I doing at 10 lol. Oh yeah I was sit next to my friend name Yoel I was a transfered student and now whenever I meet my elementary friends at mall or at wherever they will called me ‘Yoel.. Yoel.. Yoel..’ lol I don’t remember what I did with Yoel other than we sit together for 1 year. Did we doing something that made people called him by my name or call me by his name? I don’t remember. So this story general and I is too much.. but I can’t stop now. This male lead is a good kisser. Lol.. this drama is too hot. @Ameera Ali where are you? *hugsssssssss
  7. 534 @triplem btw the male lead in general and I is mmmm handsome oh yeah guys I remember about pisces guy again: - easy to fall in love or atracted because they are fishes HAHAHAAH (this including pisces girl) - pisces guy loves pretty girl with make up. If you are not wearing make up they would ask why you don’t wear make up? The point is they love pretty girl noona aunty anyone pretty gtg.. continuing motherhood, sleepless, and general and I ... so envy angelababy how come she can be that skinny after poop a baby. Loosing 10 kg was easy at the 1st month.. loosing more 7kg now is a chalenge. Next time if I have a chance to be pregnant again I will not eat anything other than cereal or oatmeal
  8. +2 General and I is really a flirtatious drama lol. Too much sexual tension in every scene wkwkwkwk the general is handsome enough I am just not comfortable with the set and scenes exchange. It doesn’t go smooth and natural. Like being directed by a newbie director. Is this based from a novel? And the lines sometimes does not explain this drama story well.. this drama needs to be fixed here and there but well since I can not move on yet from cdrama because of love and destiny so I continue watch. Oh I like all their intimate scenes. Lol..
  9. My baby is 2 monts old and his fav game now is my breast Later will update again if he found his new favorite game
  10. I read many but now does not have enough times to read or perhaps just simply because I love to watch motion pictures so I decided to watch drama then just only read alphabets xixixi.. ok I still read webtoon last book I read was crazy rich asian
  11. @LSGLMH_88 Xu Feng was handsome and handsome and handsome lol.. I could not not to continue to watch Ashes since Xu Feng first appearance I must to confess. I watched Ashes because of Xu Feng. If it wasn’t deng lun, I don’t think I will watch it hahaha. Sometimes my preference in watching drama is not difficult. Just look for the male lead. If handsome then ok. The show must go on. Lol.. btw what I like the most in ashes is their cinematography. Ashes is the best. My favorite set was that place, that river when they ride the boat together. What a beautiful scenery. And this drama turned my emotion drastically. From crying to laugh again and crying again. It was exhausted. I like love and destiny because My emotion does not change drastically. He he he.. I only cry in the scene where A Mo saying goodbye to het father. I am enjoying this kind of drama.
  12. +2 got a gossip from my office.. so we had a seminar and guess what.. our div boss population div became the moderator and our new employee became the speaker .. WHAT THE HECK how come our junior can be skilled in a div that she just joined with less than 2 months lol. This is really a joke. I pity the guests of the seminar I mean to be the speaker at least you need experiences in this field, having TOT certificate or etc lol.. so funny.. no wonder our president will erase? Cancel? Will change our employees structur. No division head in the future. Just office head. Negara ini makin kacau. Pengen ganti negara I married to soon. I must to found abroad husband. Tsk !!
  13. 9th time? wOw I have never watched Ni Ni before.. Chang Chen I remember him from white snake legend haha.. mmm (I did not finish eternal love yet. I am not really liking the plot because they changed male character in the middle of it) yes.. everything daebak with this drama. Plot, scenes, acting, actors.. very rarely to be able to watch this kind of cdrama. Just once a year. Last year ashes of love and this year for me LaD. But I don’t know I like this one more than ashes. Perhaps because of Jiu Chen characther. Very calm and quiet and old xixixixi very mature for ling xi @Sushimi oh yes I am very latte will surrounding myself with anything that comforting me. Like clean bed sheet or shoes that will not hurting my foot lol
  14. +2 @Sushimi what is IRL? what’s wrong with latte? btw I like coffee but my stomach resisting it. Even the small amount of it. Will get maag. Ap sih englishnya maag. (Too lazy to open dictionary) I tried to mix with milo and ice cream and ice cubes so I can drink it but still. Stomach doesn’t want coffee I like coffee actually and mix it with milo or any milk @triplem why this genera and I full with flirtatious plots hahaha. He kissed her at ep 3!! For no reason. Lol.. btw this story seems strange. Plots don’t go naturally. It is like jump to another scene from another different scene that not relate. How to tell.. ah love and destiny and ashes of love are the best
  15. I am rewatching it again hahaha.. Me too like lose interest to Extraordinary You and Nokdu Tale hahaha.. feels like I must to watch teen dramas after watching beautiful romance xixixixi I need to retreat a bit before watch other dramas lol. I finished and re watching again hahaha now I try General and I. I watch nokdu tale or extraordinary you while having breakfast or lunch or dinner or when feeding the baby wkwkwk but when baby sleep I back to viki and watch cdrama again. Romance feels too real in cdramas +2
  16. In Indonesia, I love Philips glass blender. Philips is the best oh yeah christmas is coming.. want to bake cookies
  17. +2 after watching chang chen, I feel like why these days dramas are filled with young namja give me my ahjussi !! aishh chinca.. tsk.. I want experienced ahjussi on screen
  18. I just want to sleep. But before that will kisses my baby cheeks 10 times. Oh no. 20 times. Wkwkwk
  19. ARGHHHHHH !! I am so satisfied with love and destiny until the end it is how you love someone. They described love better than ashes of love will rewatching this show once again
  20. 982 oh arasso it makes me uncomfort. I only want to stay in the room with air conditioner xixixi. Btw ladies what is your lipstick brand? Do you have favorite brand? btw I have no favorite brand this far. I can use any brand. The most important is it fits with my dry type lips. I just bought MakeOver liptint and I love them. My friends dinni and alief recommended this liptint to me xixixix
  21. I just bought Makeover liptint A03 & A04 And I think I will buy all series of this liptint from A01 to A05.. I am in love with this liptint. It feels very light and not dry on my lips
  22. 978 @triplem I think it’s like the girl is the devil princess and the guy is a good guy or something like that. Oh I think it was @lynne22 who had shared this with me btw I will seriously continue general and I after finished love and destiny. At ep 59 now @Lawyerh it is so you. You will fall to a guy like dao ming se than vic zhou hahahaha btw bae kyung reminds me to dao ming se type hahaha.. I still love love love One Day btw moms have you experienced sweating too much after giving birth? I always sweating. And much. Like I bathe with my sweating. Hair always wet because of this. Sejabin is looks like vampo now because of this sweating symtoms hahahaha
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