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  1. Trying to watching Nokdu Tale hahaha I am at ep 6
  2. 582 @Ameera Ali I miss my office gossip and my shining squad too I told them to watch Nokdu Tale that is the best kdrama in 2019 and dinni said “OK we will be watching it!” wkwkwkkw
  4. +2 morning!! It is weekend in here I really really really want to go to watch Maleficent the mistress
  5. +2 morning it is time for sunbathing in here if more than 9 AM we can cook egg just by using sunlight in Palu what I like in my place is all laundry can dry just in 1 hour under the sun wkwkkwkwk amazin sunlight in here
  6. 520 when I want to sleep, I can not sleep and this is 00.51 AM in here huuuu uuuuu
  7. 214 there’s a lighttttttttt a certain kind of lighttttttt that never shone on meeeeeee I want my life to beeeee to live with youuuuuuu to live with youuuuuuu
  8. +2 AGREE!! *hugssssssss same with me!! My tasks at office feels like we can not stop it. If one finished there will always other tasks to care. Sometimes it feels like 8 hours of work a day is not enough. But I realized last year that I must to stop to work too much. 4 PM teng I will stop work and leave office hahaha. At 2017 I worked like there will be no tomorrow. But I change it slowly since 2018
  9. 198 ‘cause weeeee are never never never getting back togetherrrrrrrr weeeee are never never everrrr you go talk to my friends, talk to your friends, talk to meeeee but weeeeeee, are never never everrrrrrrrr la la la laaaaa
  10. 198 oh u ooooo... what’s love got to do got to do with itttttt what’s love got to do but a second hand emotionnnnnn what’s love got to do got to dooooooo who needs a heart when a heart can be brokennnnnnn la la la la
  11. 304 my ahjussi in Paris now and lost his bag. Paspor and wallet and handphone are missing. Konsulat RI in paris already closed. He woke me up (it is 1.34 AM in here) to ask me to contact my friend in KBRI but friend already sleep. And I can not sleep yet now ottoke to sleep again @Ameera Ali after Hong Jong Hyun, now nokdu male lead is officially my new boyfriend ok usually I will prefer ahjussi but this guy is too handsome and pretty WKWKWKWKKWKW and the way he speaks when being a widow is too soft almost like HJH. Love if guys speak in soft voice
  12. Trying to catch up with nokdu tale kdrama
  13. My baby cousin our family now enjoying this hahaha. So proud of her
  14. 280 @Ameera Ali chingu, do you understand bahasa indonesia? Seems you shared many IG posts in bahasa indonesia btw guys, why people mostly think that big breast are correlate with great figure? If we have 40 D size we will realized that they are too heavy to carrying around and we will be sweating all day and get asthma often seems breathless. it is totally off side and need red card.
  15. I am reducing my weights now and seems my breast are back to their usual size. 36 B. I hope. I am not really liking big breast. Heavy to carry around.
  16. 346 a song to celebrate @supergal99 comeback in kdrama business WKWKKWKWKWKW ( you do like kpop star who make ten thousands comeback in a year, you know) @Ameera Ali I am still at ep 4 of nokdu tale. Hahahaha I love this story too much. Specially when dong joo wanted to put medicine on his butt WKWKKWWKKWKWKWKWKWKWKWK @supergal99 baby, if you need someone to put medicine on your .. *singing mode ON starting.. Shawty had that apple bottom jeansssss boot with the furrrrr (with the furrrr) The whole club was looking at herrrrrr She hits the floorrrrr (she hits the floorrrrrrr) next thing you knowwwww (next thing you knowwww) @supergal99 got low low low low low low low lowwwwwwwwwww sya la la la laaaaa wkwkwkwkwk
  17. Is your heart filled with pain?

    shall I come back again?

    tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?

    sya la la la laaaa :relieved:

  18. 414 so.. my friend made IG story today, writing, “it is very rare to hear people called me ‘pretty’.. “ then.. penjual rujak/rujak salesmen replied her story, showing his marketing skill, “hey pretty girl, buy my rujak dong!” <~~ she made this a story on IG again HUA HA HA HA HA HA and add a writing and tagged my friends “ok fix. Girls, tomorrow we will buy his rujak 25 portions.” HUA HA HA HA HA HA sempat2nya penjual rujak pasang marketing skill di IG story begitu
  19. I have no time now for skincare routine BUT! Evian water spray will save the day this water spray is the best. Very recommended ^_*
  20. 408 so sad too. She was so young. When I was 25 I was so naive. Could not decide what I want to do and Just spend my days playing farmville I am trying to continue watching nokdu tale @Ameera Ali vagabond is on my waiting list xixixixi
  21. Just love to listen to this song tonight
  22. Memories calling .. One of the best scene in The King Loves kdrama.. ‘The Woman I Love’ San’s eyes can not lie. She was touched by Rin’s confession, “The woman I love..” this is one of Yonna’s best acting. Her eyes speaks. Saying that, there’s a hope, that Rin’s words are true he he he.. everything seems so wrong. The king loves her, and this is The King’s best friend, and they both are her friends. But the feelings inside feels so right. Xixixixi
  23. I come in here because, respectively, This drama taught me that “even if you have small breast, the most important is your heart” or a kind of .. WKWKKWWKKWWKKWKWKWWK I am still at ep 3 but I will try to catch up even my real life now is too demanding to watch kdramas wkkwkwwk I am already love this story sooooo much
  24. +2 ottoke if the girl fall in love with him? The signal would be so wrong but will also feel so right WKWKWKWKKW *I am worried that I laugh and cry now because last time when I laughed and cried when watch mr. Bean, earthquakes and tsunami happened in here wkkwwkkw nb. Now I am watching the part when they insisted him to bathe together. Hua HA HA HA HA this reminds me when supergal99 shocked because I joked to her to go pee together. She was shocked but I convinced her that when I was in the college, bathe together in the bible camp with my girl friends was a ritual LOL. 3 of us will bathe together and we sang together in the bathroom amd harmonized our voices. Wkwkwk that’s Sejabin’s bible camp ^_*
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