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  1. put him in the ignore list. so the message would not appeared
  2. other character that I like in this drama: Geum Ni Na this is my body goal btw she is also a Giselle in her version
  3. 982 guys new point of view!! hahahaha.. my friend ocha came to my room and said she likes angel L because his acting is very relax and light HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA .. nah this is new taste
  4. what I love about Ji Kang Woo is he does not do anything bad at all. hahahaha.. he does not right what he does since the 1st time is continuosly helping her and being everywhere when she needs someone around her. he was a lost man who tried to find the trace of his dear lover in Lee Yeon Soo. that is actually very sad. I feel sympathy for him. but the more he follows her the more he found that Lee Yeon Soo is not someone else's shadow. She is a real woman, and he starts to falls for her. like Lee Yeon Soo said "it is not a crime to love a lot." hiehiehiehie... it is not a crime for Ji Kang Woo to falls for Lee Yeon So. I mean he is already falls before Lee Yeon Soo and what is wrong with continously fall? wkwkwkwkw stupid man. I want to enter my laptop screen and hugs him and fall together with him .. love Ji Kang Woo's eyes expression in this scene I totally agree with all your words
  5. 978 me too! hahahaha. unrequited love/one sided love itu sakitnya sedap2 enak hahahaha my friends laugh out loud after I show them your post hahahaha.. and now right now we are talking about angel hahahaha.. my friends said it's annoying that they could feel how deep Ji kang woo's love to Yeon Soo while when they watch L they can not feel his love to Yeon Soo. hahahahaha.. dinni also said she becomes lazy to watch because Lee dong gun scenes are too few. KWKWKWWKKW the feel in these 2 scenes are different right? we can feel the pain of unrequited love in Lee Yeon Soo's eyes and Ji Kang Woo's rather than in L's eyes.. what was he doing there? he is better to just singing. do not acting pleaseee it would be daebak if lee dong gun took the lead roles hahahaha... shin hye sun acting is really good. acting is not just stand there in front of camera but they must to make us feel what we should feel about the story it feels like Lee Yeon Soo loves Kim Dan deeper than Kim Dan to Lee Yeon So.. aishh this drama is too good but feels empty
  6. 974 @Lawyerh I like that scene hahaha.. that is where Kang Ji woo falls in love to her not because of he remember his pas lover. And I agree with NiNa dances. She is also a giselle @Ameera Ali has not sleep yet?
  7. 968 @Lawyerh there are many free ribs in here wkwkwkwk will show this to my friends hahaha @dhakra it was also a good day in here. Cloudy a bit when I went to the wet market this afternoon.
  8. Love this OST sounds oldies but still beautiful




    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali





      Miss him in drama :love: love you :kiss_wink:

    2. Sejabin


      Ahahaha he will come back soon :love: love you too :kiss_wink:

  9. 948 later will back ya. I really really really need to go to market now before dark
  10. with the silence pushing my heart the warmth that went dry and disappeared, like a miracle it's coming back to me your dream rising brightly is like shooting my thin smile, it's gently shaking my heart like a stranger on the street without a trace I wander around the by day after the tired heart and the desperate wait a fine rain is silently making me wet with tears at the end of the season the times of you and I have stopped like a ray of brightly shining light they come into my heart
  11. 948 I am not shipping like that. I do not even shipping anyone in anydrama now. I passed shipping things and not now. online world for me just to enjoy it while watching drama. I will just spend my energy for scavenging money in real life. wkwkwkw. I just love watching actors who can make me feel what should I feel about their characters. Senior actors usually will do so. are you mean Lee Yeon Soo? if the writer reflects this drama from giselle ballet... then this is about a sad story. but in tragedy Giselle teach people how to love. love does not always mean that you will always smile love can also mean tragedy. love is about giving. and in giving people who love will feel happy. I am not care with encounter any fangirling now. what I care now is I want to go to traditional market and fill my refrigerator for one week and dropped by at automatic teller machine to pay my credit card. and cook what I love for my dinner
  12. 948 nothing. Someone just need s*x in kdrama threat
  13. 944 why people in kdrama threat always discuss like they are old virgin who has not touch by s*x for 40 years? I mean if you having s*x routinely you will not come to soompi and discuss like you want to eat people This is why made me lazy to go there and stuck in here.
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