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  1. 722 @Lawyerh I plan to watch it This weekend. Btw the girl is from a movie 1000 pounds right? btw I like autumn in my heart. Perhaps because the story and it was wonbin hahaha.. also that was my first time watching kdrama.
  2. +2 I know winter sonata was good. Really good. Because my aunties always watched it when I got home from campus. I have no option then joined them. Well sometimes I played dvd in my uncle room but joined my aunties was the best. They cried together and cursed the antagonists while crying wkwkkwkw you would not want to skip this. I was always laughed at them whenever they cried wkwkwkkw. Once I memorized my book because the next day I would have my exam while seeing my aunties cried for winter sonata hahahaha my uncle who saw this slapped my head. Softly btw. Lol. He said how can I memorize my book while watching people cry for winter sonata HAHAHAHAHAH I said I can memorized faster if I see something strange in front of me LOL btw yes I want anything neither light or heavy now. But with handsome face of course ^_* @Lawyerh I dropped dr. Jin because I forget why ahahahaha. Son seung hoon is not my kind of oppa. Plus the story was too weird for me
  3. 696 @Lmanglayou mean something serious like Bae Yong Joon drama? .. the fastest way to touch my heart is a handsome namja I am not watching something serious like Winter Sonata seriously. I only watch some episodes then skip skip then watch again. it's too serious ughh.. and I am not liking to cry too much for a drama. like Queen for 7 days. I dropped it because it was full with tears. ughh I can't bear to watch a story like that. that is why I am more in romantic comedy drama. laugh and love is enough for me
  4. 694 @Lmangla ... my love ... .. my real life is already full with conflicts. I don't want to add more conflicts if I watch drama. WKKWKWWKWKWKW drama is to be enjoy, to be excited, to be dugun dugun.. to fall for handsome namjas you will never, ever, see me watch a drama that full with conflicts and all those life principles and lessons and anything like that, I will watch a drama if: 1. full with laughter (like fiery priest) so I can excuse all the action scenes wkwkw.. 2. of course with the handsome pretty face A class actor ^_* 3. full with dugun dugun scenes just that. I am a simple girl, right?
  5. my friend is taking all of our bandwith because of HER PRIVATE LIFE kdrama ep 6 :bawling: I want to play youtube wkwkwkwk

  6. 686 that's because uri aries namja (KJW) is too hot for us to be cool don't worry.. I.. still.. love.. you.. @Lawyerh @triplem in city hunter, PMY was like an ornament to the entire drama HAHAHAHA in Healer, oh guys, let us confess, it was the script! WKWKWKWK.. Song Jina is still a legend. even though I am not liking her politic storyline in any drama of her, but whenever she puts a couple to her love story, whether they are veteran actors like Bae Yong Joon, or noona combination like Lee Minho & Kim Hee Sun, or plastic dool like PMY and Ji Chang Wook, or even a idol couple like Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun, your heart will be dugun dugun if you watch them. right? xixixixixix in Queen for 7 days I like her acting but also its because Lee Dong Gun and that lead actor also daebak actors. in Secretary Kim, I feel like, what kind of a drama is this? WKWKWKKWKWK.. it will be wasting my time to watch. HAHAHAHAHAHA the point is Park Min Young is flexible. like a rubber HAAHAHAHA.. you can match her with anyone and she can acting good BTW Morning Guys, love you all
  7. coffee and chocolate donut for you :wub: and 4 donuts for me :blush:





    for you :blush:

    1. Sejabin


      I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT :kiss_wink: as I love you :wub: :heart:



  9. 670 is it not because of her face is plastic so you guys can not see the real facial expression? she is like a living doll. Too unreal. But I like min young. Rather than all those new comers from idol land. At least she dares to try any genre. From sageuk to action to rom com.. or perhaps because she is not having aboyfriend now and not too busy (she is not idol) so all she can do between her vacations is acting btw am I too blunt? Wkkwkwkw
  10. 638 @Ameera Ali to be honest I want this now. 2 portions for me and I still have my choco cheese pudding in the refrigerator. Will eat pudding after dinner ^_*
  11. 634 I love cold drink, cold rice, cold noodles, cold desserts now but I want HOT scenes I need to meet my doctor soon my digestion is contradictive with my feel
  12. I gain 5 kilograms in 3 months okay.. no wonder backpain attack me these days. I carried 5 kg more now. My small back is tired wkkwkwkwkw oh and I see that my fingers are getting chubbier
  13. 628 @Lmangla this is my most favorite scene this far hiehiehiehie too SEXY!! ohhh this is why I love TVN 2 years ago in rinsan forum I imagine a scene that rin will dragged san to a wall and give her passionate kiss in a broad day light wkwkwkwkwk.. this scene is closest to my imagination WKWKWKWK he talked about ‘kill a scene’ then talked to the director that he hoped the director will take it appropriately. If I’m the director I will take it appropriately Wkwkkwwk has he done a scene that he feels it’s too hot? I am really really really excited. I am bored with usual pattern of a romantic comedy drama I want hot scenes plus they both are at the age that is very understandable to acting hot Wkwkwkw.. I mean this is not gangnam beauty kdrama. Not a teen drama. I wish..
  14. +2 is my gif for signature too big? I don't know how to resize it. HAHAHAHAHAHA... @Ameera Ali help me please I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK AND BACK AND BACK AGAIN. SARANGHAE @Lawyerh uhhhh any handsome oppa who loves to sneak onto a girl bed is my favorite oppa LOL
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