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  1. 966 everyone who watched HPL ep 14 in here, are having same comments "I HATE HIM " oh I hate him. why KJW is too hot and tender and caring arghhhhhhh. the point is I hate him THE MOST HATED GUY OF 2019 in Perwakilan BKKBN Provinsi Sulawesi Tengah But Dinni Said, "tapi saya juga cinta sekali dia" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  2. 952 @cenching lee dong gun oppa still Kim jae wook is the best in kissing scene, embracing scene, sleeping scene, any intimate and romantic scene Kjw #1 in kdramaland now let us make petition in soompi and ask him to play in serious melow drama wkwkkw I hope one of his staff is following soompi shipper forum for kim jae wook
  3. 940 @cenching is he married? I hate him but I like his eyes and gaze. His acting is best with his gaze. His eyes are big too for korean standard. I hate guy with big eyes. They can easily bewitched us @Lawyerh you know that I wish a win for Lee dong gun Wkwkkwkw ok I like angel kdrama. After a long time finally I cry again watching a drama since the king loves 2017 btw but mister gold is still #1 I hate him.
  4. 934 @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama I found a reason to stay in angel wkwkwkwkkw.. of course the storyline is really good but you know I will stay if there’s a mature namja. Hua Ha Ha Ha Ha .. I found Lee Dong Gun there KWWKWKKWKWKWWKKW ok I am officially will continue to watch angel lol. And about mister gold. I hate his tender gaze to PMY/SDM too watch his eyes for her. After a wild long wet kiss at the end he will stares at her tenderly. I hate him
  5. +2 hahahaha why are you suddenly asking this? Cenching explain it better. I just know that it is one of traditional weapon. Btw why are we talking about weapon? guys I watched angel ep 1 and I kind of like the story and the main lead girl acting xixixixi. Angel is ok but he is not my type. I prefef mature namja kwkwkwkw btw I like it that finally Kim Bo Mi take a role that suits her. Her background is a ballerina. She is one of supporting role in angel. And I love her personality too. She is a calm girl in real. I want to watch her dancing in kdrama and finally this is it.
  6. +2 I just know that bebe is a he kwkwkwkw I thought he is a she Ok need to do my homeworks before take a vacation xixixi.. brb guys
  7. 884 what to watch after mister gold? I want to watch angel but that guy is too young and seems inexperienced wkwkwkwk Mr. gold raised my level love him whenever he pushed pmy and corners her and pressed his body onto her. After this, I can not watch any actor who doesn’t know how to kiss properly Kwkwkwwk
  8. @Ameera Ali suddenly just like this song
  9. 844 I just start watching HPL ep 13 at salon? Parlor? Now.. xuxuxuxu I am taking pedicures treatment and foot massage. And now I am waiting for my food order xuxuxuxu this is heaven btw I love it whenever cindy mom called him “mister gold..” hahahahha if he was here I will called him too “mister gold..”
  10. 836 @cenching ikr his hands are hot too wkkwkwwk everything hot with him unfortunately this is rom com.. can we make petition and ask him to take melow role? I want to see how hot he will be in melow
  11. +2 I have a problem. Jang dong gun seems hotter than song joong ki in this drama wkwkwkwk If I must to watch this, it is because of jdg
  12. 780 I am everything I am because you loved me uhhh baby.. you were my strength when I was weak you were my voice when I could not speak you were my eyes when I could not see you saw the best was in me lifted me up when I could not reach you gave me faith ‘cause you believe I am everything I am because you loved me sya la la la la
  13. 778 why there is no girl/woman pict on your dp?
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