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  1. Life after college feels real. Life when you are still a student was feel like a dream. If could choose, I like to be a college student forever. No responsibilities in life. Parents just demanded me to study and All I can do was just asking more allowances and having fun everyday WKWKWKWKWK
  2. 576 It is.. probably..you can said..stress. If you were living in a place with aftershocks earthquakes happened almost everyday. One aftershock will make you hungry. Everytime the earth shakes, you will feel the feel like you want to eat something Oh you don’t know when it was just a week after the main earthquake. While sleeping like this, inside the tents, aftershocks happened 3-4 times each night and whenever happened, we will spontaneously run from our bed in the tents wkkwkwwkwk and after run people will talk and laugh (they laughed of themselves how can when they were still dreaming they can suddenly run. Some even still hold their pillows hahaha) but me could not do it. I went to the kitchen area and try to find something that I can eat (and it was when there were no power and handphone signals) and I keep charging my hp to the genset machine and mom asked for what? I said mmm.. nothing.. I am just charging it. Perhaps something good will happened hiehiehiehie
  3. + 2 @Ameera Ali I am sleeping but suddenly feel hungry
  4. This is central sulawesi. Our pork recipes are coming from north sulawesi xixixixixi. I love brenebon much. Specially if we eat it with acar + dabu2 manado + kerupuk udang ohhhhhh HEAVEN you made me remember that tomorrow is saturday., I will go to the special market and buy pork ribs and cooked this oh why I open soompi. I am hungry now just bu typing this
  5. 548 @Lawyerh what title is that? Is that sageuk? Btw I watch that girl 2 times and she is ok wkwkkwk.. I mean her acting is normal. 70 but my problem is with the oppa. I need pretty face WKWKWKWKWKKWWKKWKWKWKWKWWKWKKWKW I am sorry guys I am still at ep 2 of HPL and that guy is already a jerk hahahaha.. btw why min young always wear clothes that isn’t suits her? I need her to consult with Jessica Jung seriously she needs help. @Ameera Ali I will watch your crush tomorrow after viu get complete sub ^_* love you saranghae ich liebe dich je’t aime wo ai ni uhibebuka etc can someone teach me I love you in tagalog? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA cenching where are you? Miss you
  6. 546 I think I will not go until December 2019 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH .. my friend who has 2 stores in the mall is aready re opened her stores but she herself never dare to go there only her husband WKWKWKWKWK @triplem you are just like my mama!! she also said if the movie is good just go if not better to stay at home with mama hiehiehie @sushilicious I think I will wait until I don’t know when hua ha ha ha ha btw guys we must to give standing applause to Kentucky Fried Chicken, because they are the 1st business who dare to re opening their restaurant in that mall. They re opened it just a month (October 2018) after the earthquakes and tsunami huhuhuhuhu I bet the employees were dugun dugun while fried the chickens.. and also the college students. They were the first who dare to go to the mall. I went there once. Just to bought a sandal with my friends. And while walking I keep talk to my self, whose corpses were here, who was here, and so on and so on hahahahhahahah
  7. 538 I think it is more like a trauma. Like we are not dare to go to some place because we experienced a tragedy there. If the earthquakes, the experts said that the mall building is strong since that building experienced 2 disasters, tsunami and earthquakes but the mall is the only bulding at the beach that still stands until today. Oh and Swiss Bell hotel building too. Other buildings are destroyed. Thanks for reminding me that our lives is in God’s hand.. if remember again that day. Yes I believe it. I was there in mall until 3 PM between 2 beforeshocks. And the main earthquake happened at 6 PM and followed by tsunami 10 mins later. If think again, yeah.. I am lucky my friends are excited to go perhaps because they are young (I am sounds old HAHAHAHAHA) or like lawyerh said, we must to stay safe but sometimes my thought will talk to me “a big cinema in Indonesia like XXI cinema dare to re opening again their business there, they must be already reconsidered many things..” hmmmhhjh
  8. +2 I know this is so you. My brave chingu if you were here I am sure you will go
  9. Yes the aftershocks actually still happened until this afternoon .. you are so logic. My soul too 70% is not wanting to go this is really like a game. Truth or dare hahahaha.. the theater even challenge us with playing the movie at 3 AM? Or 1 AM? and my friend said after watch the movie then we will go working HA HA HA HA HA <~~~~ they are really enjoying their lives +2
  10. 530 @Lawyerh ok ^_* .. seems only us who are pure romantic in here WKWKWKWKWKWKKWWK because we watch PMY in rom com btw if think again I am more a realist so it is difficult to dream hahahah but once I dream it will be too crazy ok I will tell you about the drama ^_* @Ameera Ali Btw why are you can not feel the chemistry in HPL? I know you.. this is because the beginning eps feel too slow right? .. you want mmm.. ‘what is it called if 2 stars meet in the galaxy and hit each other?’ .. btw you want that kind of explosion since the first start right? No wonder you like fiery priest wkwkwkw ATTENTION: Guys I need you to vote for me, go or not to go hahahaha so, our mall in palu, located to the beach which was hit by the tsunami will re opening again on April 24th and of course the movie theater too. XXI cinema. They will play avengers movie. My friends asked me to go to watch movie together and our flirtatious friend mr B even already bought the tickets HAHAHAHAHHA.. sounds interesting, but the fact, at the day when the earthquakes and tsunami happened, we were there too before that tragedy and we were watch mr been movie. I still worried a bit and a kind of de javu hahahahaha.. plus the tsunami horror, basement floor of the mall was swapped by the tsunami, even though the building is still okay. Still stands firmly and fine. Only the windows and the doors at the basement floor were breaks because they were made by glassware. We can consider that the building is very strong since my friend who works in BMKG Indonesia said the earthquakes power actually stronger than Tsunami tragedy in Aceh. It was just in Aceh the earthquakes happened in the ocean. In Palu it was about 9.1 Ritcher scales, it was just the president didn’t want it to be released and make it a national disaster scale because he didn’t want foreigners came in here without his control. I mean if this was a national disaster, foreigners can came and help without need to use some domestic documents. He didn’t want what happened in Aceh, also happened in Palu. (This is illegal gossip from my friend^_*) SO the point is that building is strong. And the movie theater is at the 4th floor. I mean if tsunami happened (and we don’t want it happened ever again) we can be considered safe at the 4th floor.. SO MUST I GO OR NOT? WKWKKWWKKW still scary to be honest xixixix...plus you know when the movie is playing the theater will be dark and you know.. there were more than 2000 corpses founded near the beach area around the mall and etc and more than 5000 people are lost and can. Not be found until today.. how if the movie were playing and suddenly who is sitting next to you in the theater actually a ghost? (I can imagine me and my friends dinni alief and bramanda will be noisy about who are going to sit in the middle seats) HAHAHAHAHA so GO OR NOT?
  11. 520 I am about to begin ep 2 btw yes I like this more than secretary Kim. I don’t know why hahahaha.. perhaps because this guy doesn’t play a narcistic role? Hahhaahha I am Ok with narcistic role if the main role as handsome as hong jong hyun or lee minho. A kind of a guy if they said “I know I’m handsome.” And you become speechless because you know it is true and you can just said “oh okay..” haahhaahah.. this far this drama is interesting enough xixixixi.. not heavy buy we can enjoy it. Btw you like it? To be art currator? wOw.. it is cool. My dream job was.. mmmm... oh gosh I do not even have a dream job.. my dream job is.. see.. I can not think. I want to be a fashion designer!! Yes xixixixiixxu .. like Luna Maya and having online store and work together with shopee and zalora wkwkwk.. and between designing I will be travel around the world with my romantic boyfriend, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA watching wimbledon and meet prince william and kate.. watching australian open and meet roger federer.. watching french open and meet the sexy rafael nadal. HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAAA my dream is too crazy I guess but of course with no incess in this dream WKWKWKWKKWWWKKW @sushilicious me too. Too sick to be able to go to the mass now.. but I think God understands me xixixixi
  12. 516 @Lawyerh I am watching HPL now xixixixi.. OMG that guy really reminds me to my papa HAAHAHHAA. Their cheeks bone and eyes HAHAHAHAHAH I love when he said “don’t use L..” it’s Ryan wkkwwkwk btw PMY is too tiny. I am curious how tiny she will be if met her in real. Min Young must be looks like a living barbie. We always looks bigger on camera. (I never like my picts because I still look too big after taking picts HAHAHAHAH. But in real it’s not as big as the picture )
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