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  1. I always feel hot nowadays. Hot everywhere
  2. So happy with Kim Go Eun and Lee Minho pairing :heart:

  3. 562 I just read korean netter reactions about Kim Go Eun and Lee Minho and I am so angry how dare they underestimate my Kim Go Eun acting and beauty. This is why they must to stop to consume plastic surgery and botox. This makes them blind when judging people. They really judge people based on the cover cihhhhh.. They need to accept reality sometimes. Accepting what They got when they were born. Accepting their big nose or their small eyes. And they said her acting is not too good. Huekkkkkk So who’s acting is too good in their standard? Suzy at least kim go eun’s breast are real
  4. her face is too original ya? I admire her. if your face is original never touch botox or plastic surgery your expressions when acting will be more natural and rich. plus her acting is top class. top class and natural. from my POV she is even better than Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo dramas always typical. always with flat expressions or cold hearted. I like Kim Go Eun because she dares to try many different roles +2
  5. 536 hahahaha.. you must see how lethargic she is today WKWKWKWKWKWKWKWKWKWK her husband who is also in the same office with us, seeing her like this whenever she talks about So Ji Sub hahahaha.. kacau rumah tanggal gara2 so ji sub haHAHAHAHA btw I haven't read much about LMH new drama
  6. I hate him he is too handsome :bawling:



  7. 534 so here's the reaction in my office after they knew that Lee Minho will be paired with Kim Go Eun in Kim Eun Sok new drama. ME, and my friends: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! my boss: ehem.. Dinni: Lee Minho must be very handsome after military service ME: I will watch it until the end because it's Kim Go Eun Ira: I try to be rigid since I knew So Ji Sub is officially dating someone this news console my broken heart Alief: please nah. back to the real world everyone." WKWKWKWKWKWK
  8. HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA okhay.. let's party in the drama thread hahahaha.. btw you know my friends in fb keep tagging me like "Sejabin. our boyfriend will have a new drama. cheer!!" <--- she is a filipino who married a french hahaha I hope Kim Go Eun can leads him to the right direction wkwkwkkwkw +2 note: if I am Kim Eun Sook I won't let just anyone take leading role in my story xixixixixi I miss Kim Go Eun too on drama screen. it's been a long time since Goblin. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH my favorite actress with my boyriend
  9. 502 so we won? Wkwkwk btw absolute bf is too bored it is bored because main lead is a kid if they want to show someone with many naked abs scene they must to give us someone mature and min ah face why is it change drastically. Like I don’t know who is she? Aishhhhhh..
  10. 992 btw I don’t know why but I like wallace huo more in wuxia than modern drama. Why? just finished mopping? Swapping? The floor.. oh gosh.. if I need to buy a house I will make it small. Very small Now I will manage some stuffs in living room while playing some kdramas. I don’t understand why mom is keep buying things she does not need. I will throw them all to the wastebasket
  11. 978 @Lawyerh with yang mi? Yes you must watch it btw I have never watch cdrama that is not serious and romantic. I think we have a lot of romantic and serious cdramas than kdramas Wallace huo always handsome ya.. sighhhh
  12. 960 thanks @Lmangla.. I will try phoenix btw I will not watch lee byung hun. He is not handsome please forgive me he is so lucky to get a beautiful wife my friend who is a namja who doesn’t like kdrama said there’s only 1 beautiful actress in kdrama and its Lee Byung Hun’s wife hahahaha.. he said too that Lee Minho is handsome HAHAHAHAAH. @triplem I watch absolute bf only for hong jong hyun. Not interesting with the main lead storyline with yeo jin goo. I just follow side storyline with hong jong hyun. I am a strange girl HAHAHAHHAHA HJH is too skinny in this drama if compared to the king loves I hope he will play a romcom with yoona (although it is seems imposibble) hiks. I feel like I watch kids program nicklodeon tv or mickey mouse program if yeojin goo is there or kim soo hyun. I mean I watch kdrama for handsome mature oppas not those kids who were being insisted to grown up faster on screen
  13. 954 I want to watch melow too but what is good?
  14. 950 I almost sleep but something funny happened. I can’t sleep now HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA O.M.G *dying laughing mode ON hua ha ha ha ha ha.. suddenly I feel hungry wkkwkwkwkwkwkw
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