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  1. 638 @Ameera Ali to be honest I want this now. 2 portions for me and I still have my choco cheese pudding in the refrigerator. Will eat pudding after dinner ^_*
  2. 634 I love cold drink, cold rice, cold noodles, cold desserts now but I want HOT scenes I need to meet my doctor soon my digestion is contradictive with my feel
  3. I gain 5 kilograms in 3 months okay.. no wonder backpain attack me these days. I carried 5 kg more now. My small back is tired wkkwkwkwkw oh and I see that my fingers are getting chubbier
  4. 628 @Lmangla this is my most favorite scene this far hiehiehiehie too SEXY!! ohhh this is why I love TVN 2 years ago in rinsan forum I imagine a scene that rin will dragged san to a wall and give her passionate kiss in a broad day light wkwkwkwkwk.. this scene is closest to my imagination WKWKWKWK he talked about ‘kill a scene’ then talked to the director that he hoped the director will take it appropriately. If I’m the director I will take it appropriately Wkwkkwwk has he done a scene that he feels it’s too hot? I am really really really excited. I am bored with usual pattern of a romantic comedy drama I want hot scenes plus they both are at the age that is very understandable to acting hot Wkwkwkw.. I mean this is not gangnam beauty kdrama. Not a teen drama. I wish..
  5. +2 is my gif for signature too big? I don't know how to resize it. HAHAHAHAHAHA... @Ameera Ali help me please I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK AND BACK AND BACK AGAIN. SARANGHAE @Lawyerh uhhhh any handsome oppa who loves to sneak onto a girl bed is my favorite oppa LOL
  6. 624 fixed. not only 1 friend, my other friend too screamed like this "OHHWHHWWWWWW " when I mentioned Kim Jae Wook. They knew him long before me because I have not watched coffee prince. They said he starred as a Japanese in Coffee Prince. hmmhhh no wonder he looks like my dad. LOL I mean papa had Japanese blood HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ktcjdrama I love pretty face and handsome oppas. but in drama, I love to watch more of the main leads chemistry. mmm.. like I love Lee Minho and I watch Faith because it's a good chemistry with Kim Hee Sun, but I never finished the blue sea because I feel no passion between him and Jun Ji Hyun. can you get it? HHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH btw I am looking for more of their hot scenes together in Her Private Life than this. I am not Kim Jae Wook fan, but I like to watch his chemistry with Park Min Young @Lmangla it's about an ordinary fangirl who suddenly became extraordinary when her idol fans are interesting about her private life. hahahaha..
  7. 616 I mean this 'pressing nose scene' WKWKWKKWKKW I found this gesture is too sexy. passionate nose HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH we can not directing actor for this kind of body language. this happened naturally following their insting for the scene and I love this insting HAHAHAHHAAHAHH note: OHH he is an aries namja!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no wonder he is too passionate LOL ..the hottest sign of the signs.. hmmh.. I am waiting for more passionate scenes and body language ^_~
  8. 604 my question is why must he opened that bathroom door? For checking is min young still wet or not anymore? WKWKKWKWKWKWWKKWWKKW suddenly I miss super gal99 red skirt who is already changed her username wkkwkwkw where are you baby? You don’t want to watch this hot drama with me?
  9. 600 too hot! I watch a video clip of tonight HPL ep on IG, where they were wet. In the bathroom? In front of the mirror.. oh GOSH -_-! .. they both wet but I feel temperature is hot I feel like I want to slap that guy. Why is he too good in acting hot? (I don’t mean about showing abs) I mean the chemistry. Wet, he opens her mouth, a half lol, touching min young’s wet hair. Difficult breathing... it’s the bathroom!! O.M.G.. I can’t My weakness is whenever the actor having wet scene I will need oxygen tank tomorrow. brb: brush my teeth and wash my face ~_~
  10. 562 love you all busy to moving to mom’s room and she is moving to my room LOL (I just can not understand how can a woman can has 30s bags and about 40s shoes in her 59 years old.. I can’t understand (my bags only 5. 5!!) I am decorating both of our room now bit by bit everyday. Btw so happy HPL is today. So tomorrow I will have something to watch at work wkwkkwwk all boses are in business trip again. I am so happy HAHAHAHAHA
  11. @Ameera Ali I am listening to this song now xixixixix
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