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  1. - egg rolls monde strawberry cream and chocolate cream - napolitein - choco cheese d’crepes - chocolate fondue in pizza hut - anything sweet with chocolate - mocca pudding from holland bakery with vanilla sauce
  2. 740 I am going to watching angel ep 17 18 seriously just took shower. It is time to relax a bit before dinner
  3. 730 @Ameera Ali I have not finished ep 2 of one spring night yet. Everyone there are having messy relationship I need more romance but that guy is too flirtatious. He is a sinner WKWKWKKWKWWKKW btw why that girl is not just break up with her bf? She doesn’t seem love him enough and they are not in a legal relationship. Hmmhh btw you asked me about Kang Ji woo in angel? Lee dong gun? I hate him he is too good KWKWWKKWKW I hate it when Yeon Soo danced giselle and touched his cheeks and he couldn’t see her. That scene is too intense. Agghg love him! L infinite is nothing if compared to senior oppa wkwkw.. my friend dinni asked “why lee dong gun is not the main lead?” And I told her “his presence is too strong to be light for kim dan character.” btw everyone in here are love lee dong gun oppa than L wkwkkwwkkw L is too cute.
  4. my office become more and more un clear? not clear? ahhh stresss.. friday will be a national family day in Indonesia and we must to wear traditional clothes for the ceremony. but to be honest people like me, we need stimulation. like contest. KWKWKWKWKW.. example the best dress will get money or what wkwkwkwk ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh +2
  5. +2 @Ameera Ali today at office I will
  6. 644 in one spring night the girl’s heart is not weak. She seems needs a fire to be burned she stays in a cold relationship for so long but that lead guy is too flirtatious. Of course not as flirtatious as supergal99 but he knows that the girl was ride the same car with her bf but he can still said “so I can see you one more time like this.” And they only meet twice. I am agree with her dad. We must dating people we want to be married. If not there will be many problematic issues. When date I always looking for a long future that was why my dating experiences are too few
  7. Is lying on my bed and lurking food picts on IG and feel hungry
  8. Hi chingu!! I am your friend in here btw right now I want to eat delicious chocolate ice cream with wafer and waffle with cheese cream and nutella. Oh gosh I am too fat. 11 kilograms in 3 months
  9. +2 *cupssss your scandalous beautiful cheeks thanks!!
  10. 644 @Ameera Ali I can’t with that brain gif feels like want to vomit. So disgusting
  11. 642 this guy in one spring night really needs to be slap for once. I just finished ep 1.. ini drama mmg so te betul dari awal. wkwkwwkw
  12. +2 since the first time I knew you, you looks so scandalous because you fall in love to every lead in every drama wkwkwkwkwk.. from priest to museum director and now angel ckckckckck ... there is this scene in one spring night ep 1 "why didn't you text me your acc number?" "so I can see you one more time like this." ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH "supaya aku dapat melihatmu sekali lagi seperti ini. " feel like I want to slap this guy
  13. 634 cheeting happened when people do not satisfied. Human needs satisfaction
  14. 626 after her bf asked her to get married then it is a kind of cheating. But that doesn’t mean that she losing moral. They are not husband and wife. I am just curious why she just did not reject his proposal. Btw I save that drama until tomorrow at office wkwkwkwk edit: why they are keeping that relationship when there is no desire anymore? Wkkwwkkwwk.. they looks too cold to each other. No holding hands in the car, no ‘darling’ to each other, no kisses on his cheeks. I mean it is different if you are married. Many things must be considered but they both are a kind of free to break up and start somethig new with other people. I need to watch more
  15. 612 I am try to watching one spring night. still at ep 1. it is interesting when her bf asked her about getting married. wkwkwkw. curious about this drama that lwyerh and dhakra are watching. btw I just know that you guys are serious people
  16. 608 everyone in here are like bad angel too it is dangerous to acting beside senior actors. their experiences are scarry. L looks like an amateur beside lee dong gun. plus shin hye sun acting is too good too. hahaha. my friend asked about L "what is he doing there?" WKWKKWKWK
  17. 604 @Lawyerh hahahah yes when I heard the song after you posted in here I remember now this song btw angel last mission is funny sometimes. hahaha. at ep 13 after yeon soo announced she will performed giselle, bad angel came and hugged her. dan angel only touched her shoulder but lee dong gun angel hugged her. my friend commented, "rasa memilikinya terlalu tinggi." KWKWKWKKW his sense of belonging is too high? HAHAHAHAHAHA .. btw why do they paired lee dong gun with L infinitive? this is too bad. lee dong gun's charm is too powerful plus his acting experiences. L looks plain beside him. WKKWKWKWKWKWK
  18. morning my chingus for everyone here.. my song this morning OMG I forget to put number 602
  19. 544 @Ameera Ali you don’t pro one night stand? Wkwkwkwk @ktcjdrama I need to watch another drama beside angel last mission. That drama is a bit serious for me btw even lee dong gun is a bad angel we in here are still like him. He is handsome xixixixi
  20. 982 too bored.. my soul is still in vacation but my body is in office right now
  21. 958 you are my angel oh you are my angel alwayssssss aishh too few scenes of the girl doing ballet. Most scenes are for torturing her I hate this kdrama but I keep watch it.
  22. Lie on my bed. Feeling lazy half sleepy. Heavy stomach and body
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