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  1. 934 @nrllee since long time ago her smiles always give me some chills. and if she socialized around, I feel like she is in her own world and can not connect to others around her. she is a psycho. not a normal human. just watch her behaviour
  2. +2 @Ameera Ali she really has mental problems. remember when her dog die and she must to consult to psychiatrist because of this? I really loved my dogs. and they were very useful. they followed me everywhere if I walked around my neighborhood or if I went to the stores near my house. if stranger tried to talk to me they will be ready to pounce, they were really protecting me like my personal bodyguards. and they were very smart never eat if strangers gave them food. when they die I cried the whole night and I can not have other dogs again until today because I feel like I betrayed my beloved dogs but I didn't need to consult to psychiatrist
  3. +2 The list of rules for Ahn Jae Hyun reads: If drinking outside, drink only until 11 p.m. <~~ even my mom never thread my bros like this Don’t drink to the point of losing consciousness (be moderate). <~~ is AJH a toddler? Don’t be stubborn. <~~ she is also stubborn. why make rules that yourself can not follow too? Don’t cause harm to others. <~~ AJH really a 5 years old kid for her Put away your clothes when you take them off. <~~ she can help him to put his clothes into laundry machine Clean up your food and dishes after eating (don’t pile them in the sink). <~~ she thread her husband like this. scarry woman Put laundry in the laundry room. <~~ I am really freak about laundries but she is totally a psycho than me Even if you’re feeling good because you’re drunk, don’t yell or slap or use other forms of violence. <~~ this woman do never enjoy her life Come home by midnight (apart from filming). <~~ she is a psycho Clean up after the cat once every seven days. <~~ she needs a house helper not a husband Be careful what you say (especially what you say about others). <~~~ THEN HOW ABOUT HER???? WHY SHE ALWAYS MAKES RULES THAT SHE HERSELF CAN NOT FOLLOW IT TOO?? Put away your shoes. <~~ SHE IS CRAZY
  4. Cramps leg huuu uuuuu uuuu cramps everywhere huuu uuuuu
  5. want to ask something but too shy xixixixixix
  6. 886 she just simply doesn’t respect and honor her husband. If I was there when she was texting him like that, I will slap her. She needs shock therapy at least once. It is useful than go to a psychiatrist she doesn’t know what love is. She is better stop talking about it the whole time. I am already do not really like her when she posted about she bought air conditioner and washing machine for her in laws. What’s the point? To show public that she is a nice daughter in law? Or to show public that your in law can not buy ac or washing machine? She doesn’t even respect her in law parents. This girl has no empathy. Her EQ must be very low. She can’t feel what others feel. She has mental problems
  7. 872 I think GHS does not respect her husband as she should be actually. Even though he is younger than her, he is still a husband. That is why she is seemed, to me, can be very vulgar or harsh to said anything she wants. By texts or we don’t know how she talked to him face to face.
  8. We are soompiers. GHS fans must know that if this drama has a thread, in kdrama sections, she will be die there. Or suicide her self I can imagine how mods will be busy between discussions LOL and will be busy to read reports and everything. Wkkwkwkwkw Too bad we have no thread for this drama yet hua ha ha ha ha +2
  9. 842 my friend dinni is currently in a relationship with her long time friend since elementary school. that guy is an internship doctor. taking his internist? a kind of.. so dinni took her current pict, with her rolling up bang, with caption 'I love you." and he replied her with his current pict. with his OR dress and mask with caption 'I love you too." they both are too sweet AJH and GHS must to learn from these kids
  10. 832 K: After you pinched my nipples all those times, you want to divorce me because they aren’t sexy? If you want to be respected, respect your wife first. This lady is too crazy. she needs to go to the nunnery to pray I am shock just by reading her texts to her husband. how come a woman can type/said those words to her husband. HER HUSBAND. we need supergal99 to take her to the nunnery. they can pray together there
  11. +2 if he is already taken I will be hate him more wkwkwkwkw KJW forever mmm.. Im si wan height is 175cm. I think he is taller than me 160cm. 175cm is enough btw my grab send driver is testing my tension. I ordered sushi at a restaurant and it is on the 2nd floor. he said he works with rules. his taking point is on 1st floor. I told him so how will you take those sushi? must I told the waiter to throw it to you from 2nd floor? *sighhh... sometimes people are not normal enough to work seriously
  12. +2 short is okay too.. easy access to kiss xuxuxuxu.. it is too tired for our necks to kiss a tall man sometimes
  13. 820 that is why making love skill important for man. And their ability of making money qeqeqe.. We don’t need they talk too much. It is women task. To Talk much
  14. +2 Thank you xixixixi btw my new profile pict is for @Ameera Ali .. amiaa *hugsssssss
  15. +2 she said once that she was the one who introduced a psychiatrist to AJH right? My friend dinni said “fixed. Mmg dy yg gila duluan, syg..” hahahah
  16. +2 I think That Indonesian indigo has a point. kHS is a type of a woman that AJh can not talk to in the mature level. That is why he left her. Seems her brain capacity is limited
  17. +2 I think KHS is really sick and having mental problems
  18. 780 I am agree 100 % !! making love skill is the most important and looks too. xuxuxuxu
  19. not sleep yet? :kiss_wink: this to make you  sleep xixixixi



  20. +2 Kim Jae Wook creates high standard of making love and kissing in kdramaland. I can not turn back now only to watch kdrama boys actor press their lips on some noonas actress. No. Kim Jae wook never just press his lips against someone’s.. he bites them sometimes I hate him so much
  21. +2 lee minho fans club hahahaha but I am not as dedicated as them. Wkkkwkw btw mom is having scouts camping at her school now.. tp yah namax sekolah swasta cina. Scouts campingx at the school yard and they bring their vampo aka house helpers with them to cook for them hua HA HA HA HA what kind of scouts camping is that? they eat spaghetti and there are many cakes like fruits pie and brownies and bakeries hua ha ha ha.. these kids won’t survive at the jungle but I like it because they pack cakes and all delicious foods for my mom and I am the one who enjoying all the food. And I don’t know how in each tent for class 1 and 2 of elementary school, all moms are in cooking war hua ha ha ha they are showing their culinary skill and compete there. Really. What kind of scouts camping is this? And while their moms cooking in tent, the kids bring their baby sitters with them HUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I love chinese they taught me the new meaning of scouts camping and I am really enjoying the food
  22. +2 yeah I think that is the place. I have many minoz friends from the Philippines. She send me some pictures.
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