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  1. 484 I watch dr John ep 1.. seems good ya. my friends said it is good. but I am a bit nervous because seems I must to watch many blood in this drama I was scared watchinng 1st scene in 1st ep xixixixix
  2. 484 too sad. My friend just passed away. After a very long time battle with breast cancer. 10 years. She was a very good fighter
  3. 474 @Lawyerh she said that name from her hubby middle name zyl + vechia but I see that she seems a bit freak about her daughter he he he.. like she insisted to give birth naturally and no baby sitter because she wants to feel how her mom feel when raising her. so when she protest about her baby's name, I was like.. oh.. no wonder.. btw ottoke if I want to name my kids example, Jesus? kwwkwk ha ha ha ha ha will I get banned? sometimes people is too lebay. ottoke with people in Toraja all Jesus's disciples are there. from Petrus Markus Yohanes Andreas etc Hua HA HA HA HA Torajanese usually will named their kids from the bible. ottoke if Jesus's disciples protest them all about their names? hahahaha... I remember one of my mom's student. so 10 years ago mom taught in the 1st grade of elementary school. and there was an exam. the question was, write 4 names of Jesus's disciples. and mom's student write: Matius, Markus, Andreas and Budi <~~~ HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
  4. +2 Crazy circle. a kind of life that we would never imagine to live for we can do legal action in here only for legal married. Legal action can only be done for legal couple. @Lawyerh @cenching have you read celeb gossip about franda’s baby girl name? That she won’t let anyone to use her daughter name? too lebay. Hahaha there are many people in this world how can we forbid people to use any name. Apalah artix sebuah nama. The most important is behaviour
  5. +2 I don’t know what happened to his 2 pregnant women. But what I know he is broke now because the court decided that he must to pay some ammount for his son. Because he didn’t give him any allowance since he left his wife and son. And during that time his girlfriend kept his debit card. But now even though she is keeping his debit card, he still must to pay some amounts for his son, monthly. And it cost as much as his monthly salary that is why he is now stick to his pregnant aunty because that aunty give him much money. He is really beyond right wkkwkw.. another level. We can never get the way he thinks wkkwwkkw.. btw I have never seen him at office these weeks. (And this country still pay his salary).. Perhaps he found another money pocket. Crazy man hugssssss @Ameera Ali
  6. @ktcjdrama messy mind since yesterday I need to manage my mind huuuuuuu uuuuuu .. it is better to go walking. perhaps my thoughts will dissapear +2
  7. +2 @Ameera Ali thinking about something.. can not sleep yet but I try to close my eyes because I need my good energy for tomorrow
  8. 308 my whatsapp texts with our new employee. I have a uniform that Mom bought for me but I am not really like it because it is pants. I am not really like to wear pants Usually I prefer skirt or dress to work. Jetri is her name. She asked me if my uniform small or what. I said to her a bit big for me. And with confident she said if it’s big for me thEn it is bigger for her because he is smaller than me. She said. Hua HAHAHAHAHA I then send her my last year pict and said “darling, I was XS. Of course I am smaller than you. Nobody slender than me in here 47kg. As the prettiest lady in this entire office.” And she replied me with sick emo and type “HUEEEKKKKKK..” HUA HA HA HA HA HA ok fix. I love this girl. She is officially the member of shining squad start from tonight because she is the first who gives me huekk as a junior hahahah
  9. Watching john travolta movie in the theater
  10. 654 Too bored hoayemmmm -0-
  11. I am agree with rossie. Ask him to give you a baby
  12. We know each other well..
  13. +2 @cenching if I am a director or a producer or a screenwriter and must to work together with her, I will be can not help myself to not think about her nipples when doing the project it will haunting me
  14. I want the finished line come soon
  15. Waiting for the real cramps wkwkwkwkw
  16. Why a person, a guy, or a person, send you this ~~~> and red lips emo ?
  17. Traditional song from my country and they remake and rearrange it. Love this creative version
  18. 966 pria sexy dan kurang ajar itu tdk mempublished. He was just a victim too I need update about cat lady drama hahahaha.
  19. 954 I got flu because of the weather change drastically and almost die in the movie theater watching a very romantic couple that @Ameera Ali and my mom would love to watch I think now I will try to find something I can watch in viu or apple tv btw it is difficult for me to see KHS in a light way after she texted her husband about how he pinched? Pushed? Pressed? her nipples and without a shame published it and now everybody in this world know about her nipples. I am a conservative lady. This is still shocked me. We have many crazier celebs in Indonesia than KHS LOL wkwkwkwk ehem.. but no one published about their nipples
  20. 942 this is disaster. Mom is wanting to watch something romantic so she choosed the movie for us and we ended with Indonesian movie twifortiare apalah gitu I don’t understand about a couple who married 2 times after divorced once I told mom I don’t want to spend for Indonesian movie hua HAHAHAHA. I feel like I want to vomit in the theater whenever they talk like “this is why I miss you..” and everything melow romantic ikhhhh or like “did you miss me?” Or like “can I kiss you again?” OH GOSH.. I WILL BE DIE IN THIS THEATER. I CAN’T I CAN’T THIS IS TOO DISGUSTING
  21. 952 @Ameera Ali this is my type for young namja xixixixi. Physically he looks cute and innocent but when he sings, his manly rock voice will eat everyone around him. even his duo partner seems just like his backing vocal. Hahahaha the themes of the song is affair hahahaha
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