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  1. Sleep for a very very very long long long hours
  2. Feeling like my head spinning around and a little fatty fish next to me can not stop to open his pouty mouth
  3. 788 ah frustating. Usually I watch kdramas on drama cool if not available in viu. I really really really want to watch vagabond but if watching from hp Sub can not appear. Shitttt ah I will check tale of nokdu then. Finally i can finished flower crew ep 6 EKWKWKWKWKWKW.. @Ameera Ali Melting me softly is waiting on the line ^_*
  4. Hi flower crews I am just now able to join this forum hahaha (real life is too demanding ) 1. btw I don’t know how but I like this drama. All actors and actress are cute and the storyline also cute 2. My favorite character is the queen hahahah. I love her habit to eat candies. 3. The King is too.. innocent. I hope he will make strong moves on the throne 4. Flower crews are too cute 5. My favorite couple is that handsome flower crew and that girl who is to be wed to the king (forgive me my bad habbit is not remembering character’s named from time to time kwkwkwkw) 6. I hope the king will get a good queen because it is seems imposibble for him to married gae ttong. 7. I hope the storyline will explain to me how come they kill the crown prince and get the other prince. I mean what is the point. What is the different if the late crown prince becomes the king and if the current king is the king. Seems to me if any prince become a king, the ministry will just be like they are now. And why must the late king send the current king to lives outside the palace. For what. 8. Ah I hope I can live like gae ttong and the flower crew in their basecamp. Like doing anything you want and your job is your hobby and staying in a house like basecamp with your friends. And earn money by matching couples hahaha. 9. And the drama also needs to explain how gae ttong brother becomes like what he is now because it seems he was not like what he is. 10. Can not wait for the next eps. I do enjoying this drama so much
  5. Buying nuna leaf bouncer. I need this one to keep my sanity. But how to get the original one in here. I don’t want to spend 3 millions IDR for stuff that does not original
  6. +2 I will watch it too @Ameera Ali sayang wkwkwkwkwk
  7. +2 how come a woman can have adam’s apple? (Oh yeah there was a richard simmons who has adam’s apple too) lucinta luna Indonesian actress has adam’s apple but she was a he. btw I watched Joker and I pity him he has a difficult life. Poor Joker. But untortunately it’s Joaquin Phoenix hahaha. I mean I loves ahjussi but Joaquin Phoenix is not one of them I miss Heath Ledger. He could be a perfect Joker. RIP btw who was Joker in suicide squad? I like him more. He is sexy. That one with atractive eyes.. mmmm I googled him. Jared Leto. Will never forget those sexy eyes.
  8. 650 I want to go to the cinema and watching joker huuu uuuuu
  9. +2 joseon flower crew kdrama is quite entertaining ya hahaha but still Kim So Hyun set my standard of king in the moon that embraces the sun. After him whenever I watch something royal with king theme kdramas I can not see other king than him lol
  10. :blush:

    *hugssssssss :kiss_wink: :heart:

  11. +2 @Ameera Ali *hugssssssss *need to stole some time to sleep. Love you all I am still at joseon ep 1 but somehow I like it. I will stay with this drama until the end ^_* xixixixi
  12. +2 oke wait for me to join drama threads hua ha ha ha ha
  13. Why men usually tend to care when they see you in your worst pain or situation? hahahhaha I mean please.. not that I can not endure pain or what I am a strong woman.. I will be appreciate men more if they care to us in our happiest healthiest time and do not wait until they must to see us in the worst situation
  14. Thank you chingu *hugssssss
  15. I told you to watch bollywood movies and when they cry in the sad scenes you can cry with them too! It is fun HAHAHAHA I am suggesting all of you to try it ^_*
  16. I want to have dogs. 1 or 2 dogs. Because dogs are good for self protections xixixixi.. mmm.. it is hard for me to care because I am usually a very busy woman. Who these days can not cook and eat anything people’s sell out there hahaha. If It’s difficult for me to prepare my food I think It will be difficult too to prepare my pets food. Hiehiehie
  17. SOmething happened but all is well now lurking online when I have time hahaha
  18. 924 good morning! This is sunday in my place hahahaha.. I am waiting for sunlights at 8 AM for sunbathing xixixixi I wish I could watch vagabond soon and joseon kdrama. Hope I will have time today
  19. Can not sleep and thinking too much
  20. +2 I am watching it now. Ep 1 xixixiix.. ok back to watch in viu
  21. +2 miss you too *hugssssss .. xixixixi.. I want to watch that new kdrama with title something joseon. Mmm.. but I must to do something first in here xixixixi ^_* later will back
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