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  1. 772 @Lawyerh nowadays k actors draw eyebrow too. Also my love One Day and my love lee minho and all of my loves wkwkwkwk hong jong hyun draw eyebrows too for his character in scarlet drama. He was the most handsome villain in kdrama history tsk.. I hate it @Dhakra sweet? hmmhhhh .. Added: oh yeah I forget. Heath Ledger was also my love since his movie ten things I hate about you. I love love love love him to the eternity he was an aries. Why aries men are so attractive and sexy like my love Kim Jae Wook and my love Heath Ledger sighhhh I have so many loves
  2. Because it was my routine for years.. hahaha .. now I change it a bit evening skin treatment: 1. Wash your face : I use garnier facial foam 2. Put facial mask before sleep: I use garnier sakura facial mask or Laneige water sleeping mask do this 3 times a week 3. In the evening that you are not using facial mask, put essence on your face. I use for now, Laneige white dew essence 4. After brushing my teeth I puth vaseline on my lips day treatment because I live in the sunny place. I decided to not use too much cream for my face. 1. Evian water spray 2. Vaseline for my lips after that I put make up. My make up routine is too simple. 1. Put face powder. For now I use bodyshop face powder. I want to try to use Chanel poudre too. I don’t use compact powder because I feel it is too heavy for everyday makeup. So I only use face powder. Compact powder only if I will go to party or any.. oh ya Laneige BB cushion is good too. I have it and only use it for special occasions 1. Put eyebrows pencil 2. Eyeshadow. Only one simple color. Sometimes I use a kind of terracotta color or light brown. I use any products. Now I use bodyshop. I will try to buy christian dior eyeshadow palette later 3. Put eyeliner. I use black liquid eyeliner from NYX. 4. Blush on. Sometimes I put blush on sometimes not. Depend on my mood lol. I use bodyshop blush on 5. Lipstick or lip liquid. I use anything. Usually I use bodyshop tuscany but I try to buy christian dior lip tint and kylie jenner lip matte. Later will buy Mac lipsticks too. And of course christian dior lip liquid wkwkwkkw this was when I use Laneige cushion. I love it. Glowing on my face Oh don’t forget too use body skincare too. body skincare: 1. Every 2 weeks I will scrubbing my body. I use local product from my country. Mustika ratu olive bodyscrub. 2. I use british rose body yoghurt from bodyshop after bathe. 3. Don’t forget deodorant roll on 4. And body cologne. I use baby cologne from local product zwitsal hahaha.. I share this cologne now with my baby. Lol 5. I use eau de toilette british rose from bodyshop.. I am considering to buy miss dior perfume. Used to be I use marc jacobs daisy but now I will try another fragrance. And any eau de toilette in my bag and on my desks at office and inside my car. HAHAHAHAHAH. I love to have good smell so I put perfume or eau de toilette everywhere lol. For easy access ^_*
  3. @Sushimi you let others to touch your handphone? Even my husband can not touch my handphone without my permission lol or we will have world war 3 qeqeqe
  4. 760 you mean Joker movie? It is sad and dark. I will not watch it again. The type of a movie that will make me sad and tired when watching. I will not watch. I watch movie or dramas for relaxing my thought not to make me think and sad hmmhhh.. @Dhakra it was you. If not you then who will be? We all in here are sweet.. you are the one who is grumpy. or perhaps my memories are bad ok go back to my handsome general. General and I I only hold to watch this strange series is because of that handsome general
  5. Morning.. back to sleep again Mode +2
  6. Oh perhaps to my ahjussies I am in love everywhere in kdrama land. Many oppas and ahjussies
  7. When was I in love? HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHHHHHAHHHHHAAA I am in love to my baby boy
  8. I should be sleeping but I don’t want to..
  9. 746 @triplem we have same taste about oppa guys do you have any nickname.. so my name is A... lol well kwkwkwkw my name is Astrid and my friend called me atid but strangely my neighbors called me atid tud ted tooodddd my aunties called me atilong long longgg.. my dad called me putri in Indonesia means princess lol yeah he was always called me that (miss him).. dinni called me mama tid even before I have my baby, my boss called me trid.. my niece called me mamitid.. but strangely my friend’s daughter called yoona’s pict on my pc sceen with my name atiiiddd.. WKWKKWKWWKWK she is so smart.. and honest lol
  10. Her sentence “hang on to something that is even wasn’t there..” what is this?????????? and she changed her name on the phone as her real name.. ???? I never put dinni name and alief name on my phone like my baby or my love or anything it is always ding dong for dinni and shanen anissa for alief LOL kwkwkwkwkkwkw I don’t even know where was she get that shanen name for her that she wants me to write her name on my phone like that. Oh my hubby name in my phone is his name too. And not my husband or something like that. I put his real name like in his identity card
  11. Of course she should talk. Husband and wife is like 1 body 1 soul. Anything should be discussed with each other. Each other must know about each other more than anyone else. If one have problem than the other must help. That’s the meaning of bone from my bone. The bonding is special.
  12. 734 I think Jung Hae In is not my oppa hahahaha.. I don’t watch his dramas too.. His face is too baby. I like face like Kim Jae Wook rather than baby face type. KJW face is very man. And his kisses too. That’s how any man should kisses any woman. That is why I hate him lol. I like oppa with strong face. But of course face like lee minho is handsome lol.. like hong jong hyun. Manly bone face.. face like Jung hae in.. mmm okay.. just ok for me. Sorry Jung Hae In fans lol..
  13. Please Give recommendations about your favorite lipstick brand and colors and why.. I have never put too much attention about brand and colors on my lipsticks but since I will back to office from my maternity leave, I need to be pretty lol. And to be pretty we need good lipstick colors
  14. +2 dhakra protested about our +2 but he also posted +2 so I can only post +2 too btw anyone wear dior liptint in here? I bought one yesterday Color natural beige if not mistake. Also I try kylie jenner lip matte ginger. Can’t wait for my package btw if I want to use mac lipstick what colors are good? I want to try kinda sexy and velvet teddy. Anyone tried it before?
  15. Why do you need a break from reality?
  16. Then we are the opposite!! Hahahaha *high five! I love dream but I also love reality. Like I love watching dramas but I also enjoying my things in office and changing baby diaper lol sometimes I am torn between what must I do first, feed the baby or watching drama or washing the dishes or doing things in the kitchen but not that I like one thing more than other. I love to do all those things. If I am not mistake once dhakra told me like can you just sit for a moment? I said I can not. Hua ha ha ha.. I am always on the move lol. Doing this and that. Even when I was 9 months pregnant. I still went to the market doing homeworks go to hang out with my friends and everything. Lol
  17. You mean you are a pisces who loves to live in a dreamland than going back to reality? 718
  18. 722 @nrllee you can be psikiater that is what they do. Listen to people. Most of people with problems they just need to be listen because nobody listen or someone who should listen do not listen. In modern society people not fight with viruses anymore or need antibiotics. They will go to psikiater instead and talk ^_*
  19. +2 it is so good right? I put it 3 times a week (facial mask) or sometimes I put Laneige water sleeping mask. My skin face is normal to dry so if I put facial mask it will glowing xixixixi.. love it.. put it at night and the next morning we will be glowing and ready to be pretty again lol
  20. +2 @nohamahamoud2002 that guy seems fits with me. We have same interest. Lol
  21. Then chat.. what so difficult to chat? .. I want to chat with my friend too but seems she is busy so I rarely chat now but I know she will always there. Good times is we create that. btw may I ask why you looks so broken hearted to wanting to chat with her? Is she lively or funny or serious or loveable or anything?
  22. 706 oh so you are shy to open up to people.. hmmhhh.. me too. I am not too open in facebook or IG.. I just posted good picts there but yeah they are edited. But I really open up in soompi because no need to share picts open here HAHAHAHAHA plus most of soompiers are international people xixixuxu they do not know me so even if I shared they will not care too much. That is why I feel comfortable to posted anything in here hahahaha.. in fb or Ig if I posted something feels like whole people in this country will give reaction so I rarely posted in fb and IG. Not comfortable to share too much there. Just some edited picts lol. I post in fb like 2 or 3 times a year and same in IG. They keep requesting friendships and I can’t denied because I know these people in real so the more friends I have there (fb and IG) the more I will not share there LoL hahahaha
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