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  1. Someone mentioned disliking the scene where LQ was Bullied and I agrred with them

    I will agree with you , he was bullied but he put himself in that predicament.  They did start to pick on him very true. I don't think NQ would have done the trick if LQ didn't request to have Sang Sang. NQ 's protectiveness or should I say selfishness roses up like cloud of smoke and made him lose all reasoning.  NQ is not looking to be in the spot  light but just trying to survive.  I agree this trick would fool people in the RL.  I think it happened because of how quickly he answered the question. It 's like he went in trance and just answered it without thought.  You have  the right to dislike this scene.  I think NQ did it because he was also jealous of the fact Sang Sang thought he was cute.  He did it spitefully, which is wrong but for some 

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