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  1. haha what a mood. this is literally me! Anything on Long ge is interesting to me...
  2. @siobhanne wahhh he does look young like this, I even thought it was a picture taken years ago hahaha, I need to trust in zyl more. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s old at all and what is this princess is back zyl suit u talk about? Is it really that bad?
  3. @lemsainei also looked at the rumoured actor who will play the other lead... and he really does look way too young... i don’t really know what to expect with that hahaha. He looks like someone who just walked out from Produce 101/ or whatever the Chinese ver is called
  4. Wow they really are beginning to do shooting? I’m so excited, the cast looks great and despite me not having watched many c-dramas, I can already recognise Hu Jun and Chen Chuhe. Then of cause, we have main lead YiLong ge... I mean what else do I have to say. Wonder who will be playing that other dude tho, u would think it’d be announced by this stage
  5. @siobhanne yea sounds like he sure has a lot of antis and people trying to bring his image down ... but i suppose thats what u get along with a sudden increase in fame. but lmao these people really have nothing else to talk about. im glad u didn't back down and showed them the evidence. its nice to know that chinese fans know there are international fans who love our long ge <3 i think we're both on the same boat in that our chinese are both very limited, but not limited enough that we cant use them once in a while hahaha
  6. @siobhanne I also thought it was a boy until someone mentioned it was a girl hahaha. I bet our long ge was happy since he straight up answered he wanted a daughter when asked XD... and then apologised to the possibility of his future son. and wow, these fans are so dedicated and have so much brain power lol!
  7. @katthy aw sorry I thought there was. I must have been half translating it in my mind. but someone did post a rough translation of the lyrics. credits to op on ytube
  8. @katthy I think this is the rehearsal for the Phantacity performance. If u watch the YouTube episode, you will get the translation for this song
  9. Omg I watched his performance and im in tears. I literally tried to put off all spoilers for his performance, just knew that he was going to be dressed as a clown, so that I wouldn’t be spoilt. I agree with @siobhanne about the part where his singing wasn’t very synchronised with the music. At first I was like ?? but watching the scene, whether it was a mistake or not, I felt like he pulled it off so well.... although now that I think about it I think it was rather intentional haha. the ending... I don’t even know how to say it, but it’s so beautiful! the child actor and zyl obviously formed such a cute friendship as well
  10. They uploaded the YouTube version. I'm so glad I made it home on time haha. So excited!!
  11. I am so excited to watch his Phantacity performance. I even started watching the previous episodes because I’ve also been really into ‘The birth of an actor’ recently and after finishing all the latest episodes I wanted to watch something similar and found Phantacity sort of(?) similar so way to go zyl for introducing Phantacity to me lol. anyone else watch birth of an actor too? I think our long ge’s best friend Peng Guan Ying was in the latest episode, even though he didn’t go as an actual contestant (I think they had limited spaces) but it was nice to see him as a side in the performance. Great performance nonetheless i originally thought zyl was actually going to be in “The birth of an actor’ instead of ‘Phantacity’. I wonder why he didnt go for that one instead if his friend was going too
  12. “Thousand year old zit” hahaha I also realise he’s had it for a while. I didn’t know it could last that long? Anyway, hope the treatment for it goes well hehe. Wow it sounds like he really doesn’t know how to rest. Finishing projects and continuously going to the next one, and on top of that he’s doing all those photo shoots and commercial, now that he’s more recognised. Yea, I really do hope he gets enough rest! But I also understand he probably really wants to put out new stuff for his fans cause he’s at that stage in his career where everyone’s zoning on him.
  13. U know what I was just thinking about this today, haha. Yea, when are the rest of the cast announced or has it been announced already and I’ve just missed something? I feel like filming in October is too early? I thought zyl just finished filming and now the next filming will begin next month?! Wow this man.
  14. Anyone saw the cut of the alternate ending of Guardian? not really sure what to think about it lol but it was cute, still rather sad though perhaps I’m used to the broadcasted ver because I actually prefer the original ending hahaha
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