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  1. So what you’re saying is there’s a lot of psychological analysis involved..... hehehe....
  2. LMAO!! It took you almost 2 months to come up with this version of the plot, which i find pretty interesting and we are all supposed to believe that Hyunnie was able to read and analyze an entire script backstage and select which one she thought was 'good'? Ummmm...ok, whatever Wook!
  3. Agreed! And why is the fear of him falling in love only limited to co-stars? Lol. It is their job to generate chemistry and I’m sure his life partner will completely understand and support him...whoever she is.
  4. A player who mentions one name and one name only on national tv before and after his enlistment is the worst player in history! Lmao
  5. I guess if your friends and former classmates confirmed his “partying” habit, then it’s true? At least come up with valid and accurate sources if you are trying to make a point.
  6. I’m having a hard time understanding your perception of W being a “smooth player”, because in his 10 years of being in the industry, he has not “played” anyone. This is a guy who single handedly sinks his own ships and makes it crystal clear when addressing any rumors. When reading his past IVs, which I suggest you do before you make any assumptions or judgements that could defame his character, he has ALWAYS been open and brutally honest about his views on love and relationships.
  7. Yeah I don’t see how much he can talk about his favorite foods when Melt Me airs, but in typical jigoner fashion, it depends on the amount of self control he has (which in my opinion is ... very little! ). Please refer to the Marie Claire IV where he wasn’t asked any questions regarding love or relationships, but mentioned romance anyways. LMAO!
  8. And just a friendly reminder for those who are still unclear....Nara is the girl in the white shirt.
  9. @JJFirstMate Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you witnessed blazing hot chemistry with Wook and Nara, you should really create a shipping thread for them, but I wouldn’t expect that thread to pass the first page.
  10. Even the Bachelor’s Vegetable Store drama got mentioned. I thought I’d never live to see the day that drama and his bad perm ever got brought up again. The questions are getting screened and Bangchigu is running out of screening material! Lmao!
  11. Here’s my two cents regarding this. I really think Hyunnie is trolling us. So many fans are pressuring her to come out of hiding so she’s probably like “Here’s a little puzzle for you to keep occupied while I try to finish school, get my degree, while in hiding and speed reading confidential scripts from my former co-star (who isn’t even paying me because he’s been on a soldier’s salary for 2 years)!” Lmao, ok maybe those aren’t her exact words. We were able to wait 20 + months for our captain. We should be able to patiently wait weeks for our co-captain to achieve her milestone.
  12. It was never the question that those with rotten hearts had a problem with. It was his answer and the way he answered it.
  13. Lmao! Same expressions but different degree of goner level.... He also looked like he had no problems with that question being asked by the reporter.
  14. JSM and LJ got outed by Dispatch and no two relationships are the same even though she’s friends with NJH so it’s not a fair comparison. Anyways, we should stay on topic. I think this thread gets ARCHIVED when it reaches 2000 pages and I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not ready for this thread to get the A word!
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