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  1. Start of next week, wishing that Sang Won and Geum Hee finally together and gets married. And before the week ends is pregnant with Sang Won's child. hahaha That will really be punishment for Jun Ho. More than 10 years of being together with Geum Hee and no children only 6 miscarriages. And here now with Sang Won only a few weeks married and she is already pregnant and I hope being taken cared of extremely with prejudice by Sang Won as to not loose that baby as Geum Hee is very delicate and easily miscarries. Wishing for good things to happen from now on.
  2. After watching episode 2, I think that Jenny Jang/Jang Do Young is the real heir of Deo Corporation. After the bus turned over, Kim Ye Ok stole the ring from Jenny's mother when she became unconscious (after asking that woman to help her child) that signifies that she is the woman the Chairman of Deo Corporation is looking for after the accident. So the current people who are supposed to be the Wi family are all frauds. Their mother brought her own chldren who had no blood relation wahtsoever to that family. Jang Do Young/Jenny Jang was deprived of her real family and was sent to an orphanage where she was raped by one of the teachers. Yoon Sun Woo tried to protect her when they were young together in the orphanage. He stabbed the teacher but it was not fatal. Jang Do Young left the orphanage after that. However, I have question: (1) Did the family (Deo Corporation) not know that the son had a daughter already? It seems that the husband did not communicate with his family all through those years that he lived with Jenny and her mother. Her mother died while pregnant with her sibling. It is so sad when these kind of things happen to a person. I want Jenny to get back what is really hers and punish those people who stole her birthright and let her mother die as well as her grandfather. This is Kdrama after all, so I am not surprised that Jenny ends up living and growing up in that house that is hers by birthright stolen by Kim Ye Ok and her children. That may be why the grandfather did not accept her fully. He may have known that she is not the real daughter-in-law and the children that she brought with her are not his real grandchildren.
  3. When Sang Won's father came home and was informed that his wife was back, he got angry but not for long. He went soft after listening to his wife's twisted excuses and allowed his wife to stay on the condition that she does not do anything or go anywhere. But of course, the wife does not take him seriously... and off she goes to Geum Hee's parents house giving them money (in the guise of being thankful for raising her grandson) and demanding that they return him to them. What an awful person! Sang Won's father needs to wake up! Is he also against Sang Won getting together with Geum Hee? Geum Hee ended up in this situation (a divorcee and a single parent) not because of her own fault but because of his daughters' and his wife (tolerating and supporting their daughters' immoral ways). I really really want Sang Won's father to do something right for a change. Geum Hee needs to talk to her parents and give them a backgrounder as to Yeo Rum's and Sang Won's past and how he became an orphan in the first place. They need to understand. Geum Hee's mother eventually gave her permission to Geum Ju and Seok Ho. I believe she will also give her permission to Geum Hee and Sang Won after being given the story of the past and the present situation involving Sang Won, Yeo Rum and Sang Won's current relationship with his family . We need some good news in this drama......
  4. I think he got a piece of the earrings. He might be going to use it to plant in a crime scene to blackmail his wife. Sneaky .....
  5. I suspected that as much, that he is the son of the eldest who had an affair with the actress. He is a director and is in the entertainment/show business after all. He did mention something in one of the episodes while he was talking to the actress threatening her. But that cannot be the only secret of the eldest brother, right? How come he has to beg from his younger brother for funds for his project? He asked Seok Hee but then even though she said she'd help him, her management rights was taken from her. So zero help there that is why he approached his younger brother. Is he the son of the second wife from a different man? And that only the second brother is the son of Seok Hee's father with the second wife? I just can't understand the inequality with the parents' treatment. The second son seems closer to the father as well. They are even conniving as to the removal of Ms. Han. What really is the role of the eldest son in this family? By the way, that funeral for the fish left me speechless for awhile..... the expression on the faces of the funeral attendees (TOP members) was priceless. As one said, it was a business event and not really a funeral. I think the grandfather staged his death. (I hope so). The two assistants of the grandfather exchanged looks (the man wanted to argue but the other woman gave him a look and he stopped ) when they were being asked/forced by Ms. Han to sign the waivers.
  6. From the preview, Kang Il sees CTJ and IMR together. I think it is about time that Kang Il learns who his birth mother is and realizes how deceitful and evil his birth parents truly are. His mother can even stomach living as the mother-in-law of the boy she switched her own child with. And his half-sibling married to him. Mother and daughter living off of him (OTY/KYW). I wonder how OTY/KYW will be able to resolve the issue CKI has done revealing his fake identity through the media.
  7. Sang Won's mother is back at their house. The nerve.... she knows her husband only too well. As mentioned @lu09 However SW dad should have taken her credit cards as well. The nerve of her to say that she is staying at a hotel just ruined the moment. I so agree. The father did not cancel her credit cards! And the uncle still had the car keys!!! Outrageous! He gets thrown out of the house with the car keys and the car, and the wife with all her credit cards!!! tsk tsk tsk. No wonder the wife (Sang Won's mother) does not take her husband seriously. He gets angry but not really angry and determined to punish. Just like when he told her he will divorce her. For her, her husband is just talk and threats. Never a doer. She also still has access to cash. In the preview she goes to Geum Hee's parents giving them money and demanding that they return her grandson. Very thick skinned. Does she not know that there are laws that exist. And that she just cannot barge in and demand to get a lawfully adopted child and give them money for the child's return? She is even talking to Geum Hee's parents who are not even the lawful adoptive parent of Yeo Rum. As the biological grandmother does she even have the right to get her grandson, who was adopted lawfully? and whose biological father is still alive and knows now of his existence? In the first place she made Yeo Rum's mother, Bo Ra leave Sang Won even though she knew she was pregnant at the time. She even ordered the abortion of the child. These circumstances can be brought up to show that she is unfit to be that child's grandmother, right? I hope that Sang Won learns what his mother did and put her in her right place. Under these circumstances, and the taboos that are presenting to be a hindrance to Sang Won and Geum Hee getting together, I don't think they can wait for these taboos to disappear. As it is, waiting for Jun Ho and Sang Mi to divorce as well as wanting Sang Won's parents to divorce to pave the way to a clean slate (without the taboos) is next to impossible and if possible will take a long time coming. I hope Sang Won and Geum Hee will get married despite the 'taboos' and proritize the protection of Yeo Rum. By being together, legally married, the mother of Sang Won and Jun Ho can no longer try to do their thing to get what they want. True the bad guys can still make life difficult for them but together they can be strong.
  8. Wow, finally the revelation! I'm glad Sang Won finally knows Yeo Rum is his son. And then all shall be revealed.... I hope they will all be punished.
  9. My guess (and what I hope happens.... which is wishful thinking only) Everyone is mentioning an airport scene.... so here goes: Sang Won finally learns - (1) from the older boy from the orphanage that Seo Yeo Rum is Kim Ji Seok; And maybe also an explanation as to why his name was changed by the former president of the orphanage (Happiness Chindren's ???); as well as the fact that he was paid to ignore his calls to prevent him from finding the child and a description or identity of that person. Sang Won is intelligent and smart so I believe he is able to add 1 + 1 = 2 and realizes that the person behind all these is his mother. (2) He hears that WGH and WYR are leaving for Canada and the reason behind it. In his anger and disappointment, from which he recovers and thinks objectively and decides to do the following: (a) He goes to the airport not to stop them from leaving but to also go to Canada with them. He loves Geum Hee and adores Yeo Rum. Learning that Yeo Rum is his biological son and Geum Hee his adoptive mother is icing on the cake. What more can he asks for. He already confessed to Geum Hee. He only needs to reiterate his love for her and Yeo Rum. They stay together in Canada for a year. Get married there. Time lapse of 2-3 years. They come back with Yeo Rum and a toddler in tow. Their own little angel together. Yeo Rum having a sibling. OR Geum Hee and Yeo Rum stays and does not leave for Canada after Sang Won tells Geum Hee that he just learned that he is Yeo Rum's biological father. And tells her he will not take Yeo Rum from her. (This is what will happen for sure since there are still 21 episodes left.) And asks her to marry him.
  10. @yamiyugi Remember that drama where the female leads father had cancer (then he didn’t then he actually did) can’t seem to recall said dramas name at the moment. Over there the main leads Aunt and her family did the same thing. All the people that they had handed out those shares were people that they compensated by taking in their children and sending them to school (those kids had mental issues ie autism or something like that not the crazy type) in their gratitude these parents gladly kept the aunts families shares safe. I think you are referring to the kdrama "My Golden Life". In what episode did Oh Tae Yang/Kim Yoo Wol tell Shi Wol about Im Mi Ran being the birth mother of Choi Kwng Il? I failed to catch that scene. I have to rewatch it.
  11. Right from the beginning Duk Shil was already selfish. She knew that Kim Yoo Wol/Oh Tae Yang was yearning for someone else. He was drunk. She brought him home he was saying Shi Wol's name. In his drunken state he thought of her as Shi Wol. Instead of stopping his advances she willingly submitted to him. And the result is she got pregnant. She even tried to run away from home. In truth Kim Yoo Wol/Oh Tae Yang married her only for the reason that she was pregnant. No wonder Set Byul had to die because she was never a part of the destiny/fate between Shi Wol and Yoo Wol/Tae Yang. It is really sad when children are used as an excuse to get what one wants. So selfish. This is also the same case with Choi Kang Il. He is using Ji Min to keep Shi Wol by his side. ** What is the matter with this half-siblings? It must be from their mother's genes - the need for love. They are so hungry for attention and love. Emotionally insecure. Choi Tae Joon is not after love but material wealth. He was ready to give up Mi Ran and his child with her to marry into a rich family - Jang Jung Hee.
  12. By the way, Ms. Yang Nam Kyung, the house manager and secretary of the grandfather bought a lot of Yangji shares in the name of a third person (I am assuming that it is in the name of the nephew? since it would be dangerous to put it in the name of a complete stranger) In finding shareholders of the company to help in order to void the merger of Logis and Yangji it seems that Ms. Yang NK 's shares is insignificant because the side of Kim Yoo Wol/Oh Tae Yang did not even bother to approach the owner of those shares. I thought that no matter how small the number of shares a person has they would approach that person to get his/her help in the lawsuit because if you can get all the small shareholders to cooperate then that would make up some percentage to help with the lawsuit. And in doing so, will they be able to discover that there is a number of shares related to Ms. Yang NK? and possibly get a background check on her? Choi Tae Joon did an investigation on Ms Yang and that is how he found out about the shares and used it as leverage on Ms Yang to do his bidding. (Ji Min's case to go abroad, exiled from his mother and as a hostage). I am so wondering what it is Ms Yang is hiding.... though she seems to be devoted to but not truly loyal to the grandfather
  13. (1) I simply cannot understand Sang Won's father. He has been married to his wife for a very long time I am guessing 30 + years. And he still does not know when she is being untruthful or hiding something, He already caught what she said "Did Sang Won find out?" and he commented "What do you mean, "did Sang Won find out?" , You know something about this.
  14. Well that ending of episode 6 was disappointing. Can you even imagine going against TOP. They have the equipment, the technology, the people and the money ro use. When that woman Ms. Han turned her back on the grandfather and sided with the father, he should have dismantled it..... oh he may have been going to but was in that car accident (orchestrated by Ms Han for sure as well as the Seok Hee's mother's murder to ensure that she does not become the successor of MC Group). That woman really has crossed the line. She is enjoying all that power. The grandfather obviously did not put a limitation to what she can do as well as the funds she can use. It s a good thing they have not deprived Seok Hee of funds yet. But it seems that people are writing that the grandfather has died. Wow, did he die of natural causes or silent murder? That is really sad. Seok Hee needs to create her own version of TOP. How? Where will she get the funds without TOP knowing? Mission impossible.... unless she finds one that already exists and a person to help her aside from the lawyer. The stepmother is terrible. [By the way she is also the actress who portrays Sang Mi and Sang Won's mother in 'Home for Summer'.] Psycho and violent, but afraid of the father. I think that maybe Seok Hee's mother may have been murdered by the stepmother or by the father himself in the heat of an argument that is why he allows Ms. Han to do what she wants. It is still not clear the relationship between these people. Seok Hee's mother is the legal wife. However, Seok Hee is younger than the two older sons. So does that mean that the father was having an affair way before he married Seok Hee's mother? So why marry another woman when he already had children with the current stepmother? Was she unsuitable in the eyes of the grandfather? So does that mean that her mother had an arranged marriage? What was the role of her mother? Was her family wealthier than the Mo's? Therefore the reason why Seok Hee should be the successor is because the funding/money of MC Group belongs to her mother's side of the family and not the Mo's? Maybe this is the reason for her murder? to get hold of the money her family has invested into MC Group? Wow, if this is the case, then her father is really a bad person.
  15. I really really hope that Sang Won and Geum Hee finds out before this week ends. What made the Aunt and Sang Won go to the orphanage? [Sang Won should have investigated thoroughly the circumstances of where his son ended up and the details of his supposed death rather than accepting it at face value.] If his son had died then he should have been buried somewhere.
  16. I hope the person Ji Min meets on the road is someone he knows and is a good person. I will really hate this drama if something happens to Ji Min, too. OTY please be the one to find Ji Min. I hope the person who finds him also explains and enlightens him about everything. The truth not more not less. (That person has to be someone who knows the truth - OTY, or Jang Jung Hee (his real grandmother). So he will understand everything and not be sad or feel guilty. He needs to be part of the secret team, too. It has to be someone he is related to somehow. Chae Duk Shil is really a terrible person. I wonder why she and Choi Kang Il are talking in the preview? Comparing notes? They might even ally themselves or band together in order to get what they want. Duk Shil wants OTY and CKI wants YSW. Half-siblings team up? Please let Jang Wul Chun wake up from the induced coma and analyze the situation objectively. He is an objective person and not an emotional one, right? In the first place, I think the blood sample from Ji Min was taken by the doctor when he was still in the hospital (when he was born). The great grandfather should realize that and that there is no way for Shi Wol to fabricate the DNA test. Ji Wook is a sweet boy. I loved the way he talked to Ji Min. He made Ji Min smile despite feeling bad and sad. There is a bond there, they are after all blood cousins. He gave him gummies yummy!
  17. @dramaninja I cant wait until someone tell DS what her mother did thats going to be so glorious. Who could it be? Who will spill the beans to Chae Duk Shil? When that happens she will definitely go crazy and go berzerk. The only people who knows what Duk Shils' mother did (the actual switching of the babies) are the ff: - Choi Tae Joon - Oh Tae Yang/Kim Yoo Wol (he had a DNA test done between him and Jang Jung Hee with the help of Jung Do In. He then was able to conclude what his mother-in-law did because she was the one who brought him to the orphanage and visited him there until he was adopted. - Jang Jung Hee (she overheard CTJ and IMR say it themselves) - the culprit herself, Im Mi Ran Others who know of the switch but do not know that it was Im Mi Ran who did it: - Yoon Shi Wol - Choi Kang Il (He will be so surprised and angry to learn who his biological mother is) - the best friends of Yoo Wol and Shi Wol - Yang Nam Kyung (Chairman Jang's personal secretary and house manager) ???? not sure if she really knows, but there were hints to it - her teaching Ji Wook of the story about baby bear finding its real dad.... - Jung Do In (the Shaman/Fortune Teller) People still in the dark - - Chae Duk Shil - she'll regret what she did telling the grandfather that Ji Min is OTY's son. It will cost her dearly. She was already warned by OTY to not to do anything that concerns Ji Min. - Jang Wul Chun - I hope it is not serious his fainting and that he recovers from the shock. After all he is supposed to be smart, so I would think that he would be able to add 1 + 1 as regards to Ji Min being the son of OTY. After the shcok he should be able to realize that the DNA specimens were done in his presence and no way the test was falsified. It will make him wonder why SW wanted the test done between him and JM and not between KI and JM. And if the test proved that JM is his great grandchild and OTY is his father then what about Kang Il? I hope he does a DNA test secretly on KI and himself. - the Goof Troop - Hwang Bum Shik
  18. I really really hope the writer will stop teasing us and have Sang Won learn the truth. But of course .... I am guessing that the mother of Geum Hee will be interrupting their conversation as she is still at the salon cleaning up. When she comes out to close the salon to go home she will see that Geum Hee and Yeo Rum are at the restaurant and .... interruption time. Ooooops! No Sang Won and Geum Hee you both are not finding out the truth yet!
  19. My wish: I just hope that Sang Won sees the picture frame that Geum Hee prepared [Bora in one frame and Geum Hee and Yeo Rum in the other frame]. I hope when they do, the truth will finally be revealed and they have a sit down with Yeo Rum. Sang Won and Geum Hee will then need to talk seriously about the future now that they know (I hope the truth will be revealed in next episode) the truth. Since Yeo Rum's as well as Geum Hee's future (finalization of adoption) and happiness is involved. P.S. They still do not know that members of the Ju family knows [except Aunt Yong Soon and the father ].
  20. I am glad that the aggrieved parties are starting their fight against the thieves/evildoers.
  21. @nohamahamoud2002 As always, in the fight between adults, there is always a child/children who are caught in the middle
  22. @stroppyse I think it's a reflection of feelings of a lack of self worth? Something like... "even though I like that person and that person loves me, I think that person is better off without me" kind of thing? Anyway, sorry about this digression. This is just a trope that I've gotten tired of in a lot of kdramas, and I'm dismayed that this drama seems to be into that territory. I so agree. There is a saying that 'it is better to love than not at all'. I hope Geum Hee like her love for Yeo Rum finds it in her heart to realize that she also loves Sang Won the same way and fight for it the same she is fighting to keep Yeo Rum. I hope Yeo Rum sees the photo of his mom at Sang Won's restaurant and tells him that that is his mom in the photo. Then Sang Won will realize that Yeo Rum is his son. This will make him determined to pursue Geum Hee. And Geum Hee also seees the photo too. (Sang Won showing it to her or by accident) Following your parents wishes is not bad and as a general rule this is what old people say plus the cultural beliefs and taboos with regards to relationships and other matters in life, however, people need to be flexible and know how to adapt to the changing times. Even with Geum Hee's personality and the way she adheres to customs and traditions, beliefs, values etc she also needs to find balance with these things. For one, Ju Sang Mi and her mother has no qualms with regards to getting what they want even doing nasty and bad things to get it. They have no values nor adherence whatsoever to customs, traditions, beliefs, values, etc. They are the extreme towards the bad while Geum Hee is the extreme towards the good to the point of sacrificing her own happiness. I really hope the writer finds the balance that is needed in this kdrama. Wow, Seon Gyeong really did it! She is so desperate! She went to the extent of going to Geum Hee's parents" house and told Geum Hee's mother that Ju Sang Won is Ju Sang MI's younger brother! As they say, everything happens for a reason. Maybe it is better that her parents know at this time the relationship between JSM & JSW. Comparing this to the relationship betweem Seok Ho and Jun Ho as regards to Geum Ju, which is more disgusting in the eyes of Geum Hee's mother? I wonder? Geum Hee's mother still has not discovered her son's relationship....
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