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    Hi everyone my name is Sarah.
    I really like the Got7 group especially their leader JB. He is my ultimate bias and he is the only reason that I became I Got 7, but generally, I don't have enough information about k-pop groups.
    Moreover, I really like Korean dramas so, when I have free time I went and watched Korean dramas and made a lot of pictures, MVs, and gifs from them. You can also say that I like working with Photoshop.

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  1. omg I love your avatar you like yuri-yuri too:wub:

    I just love this drama and love this pink head boy

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    2. Silver Fall

      Silver Fall

      OMG I just love this drama this  is so sweet and heartwarming. yeah I just check my friends profile and suddenly I see your picture and become super happy. I didn't know that you like the J_drama because I really like them I also really like Kimi Wa Petto. That drama was so cute and bubbly too :wub:

      No Chingu don't say like that i know you busy. I Just so excited when i found out you also like this drama :wub: 

      Do you see any drama lately? I start watching Angel's last mission : love. this drama is so sweet and emotional if you like it come and check it :wub:

    3. evie7


      Wow, I was going to ask you if you are watching it. I'm am L trash since Shut Up Flowerboy Band. The last drama I watched was Doctor Prisoner. I need something to get into.  My Mom's visiting but I will try to catch the first episodes out soon.  I'm watching Yamapi's drama too.

    4. Silver Fall

      Silver Fall

      really wow me too i really like L his smile just killing me:wub:. at first i want to see this drama just because of him but after i saw it I really fall in love with this drama and L's acting skills improve a lot. I think if you see this drama you will like it for sure:wub:.

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