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  1. @wolfie26 I would say that I already warned that you should not read my spoiler box if you don’t prepare your mind. second, for me everything we are talking about (including body language analysis, bts, etc) is also what we want to think (that they are very close as a couple). There’s no solid evidence either as what rumor says. But, I have to say that TYH itself is not that popular in Korea (based on the rating), at least popular enough to cover for the scandal of Yg. Unless the couple is real and Yg wants to reveal it soon, because the names of LDW and YIN are undeniable popular.
  2. Hi everyone, after the drama I am a bit off because there’s too little info about our ship, but I’m still following the thread I’m very surprised with the bts that YG did to us, but after reading some comments, I decided to give you my thoughts. I really don’t want to upset anyone, so I will put it in the spoiler part. So please don’t read it if you don’t prepare your mind just one more thing, I really like the fist bump between YIN-LDW because it reminds me of Songsong couple.
  3. Talkingg about YIN relationship with her ex, I don’t know that YIN received so many criticism about that. I did watch the drama and if I remembered right, the effect after the drama was very good, and people congratulated for her relationship. I also can predict that they would breakup because her ex just served the army not so long after the confession. That’s why I a bit surprised when smb mentioned that YIN and SHK have the same feeling. Of course YIN will be more careful but her situation actually is much better then SHK I would say. I understood SHK’s situation and also joined the ship, but back then there are so many much more clear evidences between them (Songsong). But about YIN and LDW, I have no info except from bts and their press interviews.
  4. For me I’m thinking the opposite about 3 years. Because as I see now there are only few actors who can date for a long time before marrying. Usually it’s 1 year or less. When YIN said 3 years I was concerned that LDW cannot make it actually you know marriage is the problem of timing.
  5. God the kiss is reallyyyyy deep and sexy!!! I might be crazy but somehow I think that’s the kiss of real LDW and YIN. Cuz it’s so passionate I repeated it a hundred times and still feel it’s soooo hot!!! Help me!
  6. i agree. I mean if we compare this drama to other dramas, it's way much more bright. The couples in TYH is very simple, few hugging scenes, even very few holding hands scenes. So I believe the story itself is not sad and deep enough to cry that much. there are 2 reasons I can think about why LDW cried that much. First is maybe he's embracing the time of shooting this drama (because it's so happy time) and being sad because the shooting time will reach the end soon. Second could be at that time he's thinking not only of Oh Yeon Soo but also YIN, that he had to say goodbye to her. Well of course I hope it's the second reason :)) But maybe i'm just so wrong with LDW because I dont follow him and don't know his character. In fact, there are also men who are softer than women
  7. WOW I was shocked with the newest bts it's really rare that the lead male cried like that, and also it's not that much heart-breaking scene compared to other dramas. LDW you're really suspicious
  8. haha it reminded me of SongSong when SJK tried to put the blanket on top of SHK's legs during the fan meeting. At that time it's like the only thing that SJK concerned about is covering SHK's legs. I kept doubtful to LDW's action and being low key with the relationship, but when I read all the comments about the Jajjangmuyn (or whatever it is) and the stuffed animal, I more believe that there's something here. Not regarding the heating fan issue and the selca because they are too obvious.
  9. sorry to bring this up again, but am I the only one or one of few people who feel that Ep11 lacked so many skinship (both for the sake of our couple and the drama plot)? I wanted much more skinship because it's 1 way to bring our cople closer in reality. Some of the couples from reel-to-real dated also because of this reason. about BTS, I love when LDW bowed his head down to YIN, like they have some secrets together LDW seems to be truly quick-witted as YIN said because he noticed every camera angles, so maybe he's very cautious about his behaviour and gestures toward YIN in front of the camera?
  10. If this is true so maybe his type is much more younger than him? Hmmm a bit worried here..
  11. I just found this pic, the subtitle is what Gong Yoo said to LDW lol I didn't follow LDW so much but now I understand why he was invited to some TV shows like Roomate. He's really humorous and about bts when LDW and YIN shared the biscuit it's really like normal couple
  12. Your post is so cute ahahaha @o10orio actually SongSong had quite the courage to be the guest of each other’s fan meeting because they, at that time, almost reached the point of marriage. for Lee Jun Ki I don’t know but I hope they’re just closed friends ahaha But I like the idea of them together to the award event at the end of the year, just from now that’s a bit long but I can wait as long as they’ll be together <3
  13. I’m also in for the hair gesture!!! So sweet and I’m shocked to know that LDW said it’s the gesture for someone he likes, omg I want to believe that it’s not adlib ahaha
  14. I agreed with @LurkerNoMore :)) even I still keep low expectations, we should not care too much about bts cuz it’s edited, and you know the editor can make it be anything she/he wants. I used to join another ship and failed very painfully (lol) because the bts are very sweet (that the actor cared about the actress a lot) and many people were sure that they had the feeling toward each other. Finally after the drama just 1-2 weeks, Dispatch revealed the real partner of the actor ahaha
  15. @Cherrine Kim I’m scared that 3 years later could be too late, because by the time they will be busy with their own schedules and start forgetting how they feel about each others. I think most of the reel-to-real couples dated after or even during shooting. 1 more thing, i actually think for LDW now dating is not big deal (to his career) because he already has a stable amount of fans, and he’s reaching the age of marriage haha. Also after Goblin, the only drama that he chose is not even a romantic drama (not his typical style), that’s why I think he wants to try the other types of drama (maybe because of his age too). Therfore i think he can do what he wants.
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