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  1. i think it's not too much for DY and MIL to asking DR help to stop WDR.. since they realize their mistake and their horrible attitude toward DR.. because this is a family drama i think it's teach us to forgive ur family member no matter how bad they treat u.. also DY and MIL is sincerely apologize to DR and DY also admit her jealousy toward DR.. it's a good thing even though we all know that how nasty her attitude.. but everyone deserve a forgiveness especially if they are family. as for the grandmother i think it's okay for the grandma to clingy to DR since DR also loves her grandma in law and also grandma has a condition for that.. and i still disagree for TP with DR ending.. because DR and WDR broke up and divorce because of their family condition.. TP might be there to console and be with her DR in her worst moment and sad moment but WDR also trying in his side to cleared mr.Kang name from being a convict murderer so DR will not be labeled as Daughter of murderer. so to me it's a good ending.. though what a shame is DR not pregnant.. but i also found it funny if DR pregnant with her little brother only in his 2 or 3 years old and already becoming uncle.. hahaha...
  2. well at least it's a beautiful ending though such a shame that DR not pregnant but at least she will able become a prosecutor since she on law school.. well i know some of us not satisfied with DY not getting punishment for her bad attitude.. but since it's a family drama and it's also about how DR has a big heart to forgive her rude and nasty lil sister in law i think it's well end with both of them to reconcile and DY change her attitude. well it's a good journey with this drama and the ending is also good. hope you guys have a good day.
  3. hy sorry to disagree with you.. but i don't think it's a good ending for this drama.. because this drama also about WDR and DR love and hardship.. if the drama ending with DR with another guy i can only tell that this drama ending is worse than Korean Odyssey.. when we already fall in love with the hardship DR has to endure and how WDR always try to take care of DR with everything he's got.. dont forget DR's father can't be prove innocent if it's not because WDR trying to convince mr. Yang and touch his heart.. all i hope that this drama end happy ending for DR and his father.. hope DY got a nice payback for her malicious and greedy heart.. and i also hope that DR carried WDR's child..
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