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  1. Huhu so there's really a problem with my link hahaha,the commercial keeps going on and on lol! But thanks
  2. Has it started yet? I got the live stream but it's commercial and it keeps repeating lol! :))
  3. It's really nice to see Eun Bin and Joo Young goofing around the set, they're like two besties playing around a lot and they got called out I think hahaha cuties And I just found out they were born same year, in Korea they are called same age friends both 92 er's Joo Young is older for she's February and Eun Bin is September kekeke I hope they keep in contact after the drama ends
  4. I think the problem with the Wednesday episode is the editing that's why it seems like the sequence isn't compelling or like somethings's missing.
  5. She's not alone she can still manipulate others and don't forget Jong dae he's under her spell already so anytime she can use him to hurt everyone ottokeee and kill him if he's not needed anymore just like gyeol but I hope no more dying buy we still have 3 eps left so anything can happen
  6. Got it thanks So it's either she will kill sang seob if she's not going to use his body.
  7. What site so you have the link can you share it with me please? Thanks
  8. Will SWH used SangSeob's body? She's bleeding in the preview it seems like she's desperate to get a new body or else she'll die. Thank you @kaedechan for reccaping, TGL is the drama that I felt helpless and annoyed because no update even in twitter lol! And I noticed in youtube the clips are uploaded faster on Wednesdays but on Thursdays it takes a long time. Glad your here
  9. HAPPY 300 pages everyone yeheyyy!!!  Congratulations Lee Ji Eun, Park Ho San, Jang Ki Yong and PD nim You all worked hard, well done
  10. Haha sorry for my randomness but I find it funny well not really funny maybe just wondering, Eun Bin doesn't post pics with Daniel in her IG but He was featured in her Agency Namoo Actor's vlive twice and I find their interaction so cute ahhh my shipper heart, I don't have enough of them and the TGD will end soon ittokeeee
  11. Joy ost from red velvet will be released today, kyaaahhh I thought she sang it by herself but actually it's a duet song so maybe we hope for happy ending for our otp please please drama gods
  12. Lee Ji Ah is doing a good job in her comeback kekeke she always plays a villain twice now but with a backstory not just an annoying villain lol! First she was hated for being the cheater wife in My Mister and now for being the evil ghost if any of you guys didn't watch My Mister yet, please watch I recommend it to you guys it's really a heartwarming drama although it's dark at first but it will get better and better
  13. I don't actually hope for a kissing scene, coz eun bin's last drama doesn't have a kiss scene kekeke but I hope the writer surprised us with a kiss scene with our leads lol!
  14. Just watch the preview it seems like Kim Gyeol betrayed SWH that's why she stabbed him and Da Il wasn't able to stop her, I noticed he was wearing the bracelet that Yi rang gave him. How many episodes left by the way? If gyeol dies I hope he's the last one before the drama ends.
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