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  1. Gosh, haven't been back in this thread for a hot minute but the new drama is just piquing my interest so much I had to drop by. Can't deny KJW and PMY have a lot of chemistry...BUT! Guyssssss she's wearing a BLUE dress!! Hello!? Have we forgotten that's the official color of this couple? Lol!! It's like a big shoutout to all the PPC shippers to stay calm and not fret. haha! Agree with @minmangfan, I'm not a fan of her styling altogether for this one but I can let it slide because of the color selection. I see what you did there stylist unnie!
  2. Wow, it's been a long time since I visited this thread... It's good to see a few familiar faces still keeping folks up to date. Just dropped by to see how the shippers of the Brown-Eyed Couple are doing due to Lee Jonghyun's recent scandal. I don't know much. Hearing things here and there. But it's sad and quite disappointing to know he was involved. Interested to know how the shippers are dealing with it. Hope you guys are all okay!
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