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  1. I just finished the latest ep and it was great! If only 0-9 was not arobbot.. i would have wanted a kiss in the last scene..
  2. Hi everyone! I'm still waiting for subs.. although I have seen clips on Instagram. Any news with the rating? Looks like this drama has tough competition.
  3. @cafe99 that is too bad to know.. I was looking forward to it because of Hong Jong Hyun..I'll give it a try once the subs are out. Any feedback regarding the ratings?
  4. I have watched too many Kdramas involving chaebols.. this is the first time that an heir of a conglomerate or a big business is written as somebody who is not arrogant and full of himself..TJ character is well somewhat naive.. he does not even drive his own car.. he is obedient to his dad and IS.. I also feel that IS treated TJ as his own son with interior motives.. so that when the heir will be of- age and will be appointed as the CEO-- she thinks TJ will be on her side.. this is evident in her phone conversations with TJ when she always reminds him that TJ is the only one she's got. I am amazed how the MS and MH treat MR as their real sister despite the fact that she was abondoned by the real mom IS. In the interactions of the sisters MR and MS when they drank togethe rand MR and MH in the karaoke bar.. there was no hint that they did not treat her as a real sister.. In terms of SJ with her love for her daughters despite her nagging. may I say that it is so relatable with Moms and Daughters. We fight, we even say hurtful words, but we know that when the going gets tough- we still have our mothers to run to.. I really love this drama!
  5. Im so so grateful to you for this link.. haha.. really cat get enough of him at this time.. im loving the title of the blog/article..thanks much!!
  6. @jeilopes thanks for the recommendation but I am not yet ready to see him as a villain in Scarlet Heart.. hehe.. I'll try Alice, Boy in wonderland. How about The reason I'm getting married (KBS, 2014), and Her lovely heels (SBS Plus, 2014)? Have you watched those? Do you have any idea where I can watch with eng sub? hehe.. I seemed to desperately need to just watch him..
  7. Hi everyone.. super glad i found this thread.. I am a new fan.. im watching his new weekend drama and was captivated by his eyes and smile.. I marathoned the " king in love " and am so into Wang Rin.. too bad i came in 2 years too late that I have no one to spazz about his portrayal here.. Im wondering if you can recommend a finished drama or movie of his that i can binge watch? tried watching clips of his WGM with yura but cant find eng subs..
  8. @sadthe1st thank you for the Instagram account, I'm now a follower!, and @Juni Asat thank you for link to the thread!
  9. @larus Thanks for the immediate reply.. tried clicking his name in the directory but an error page comes out.. too bad.. really want to spazz about him which is inappropriate in the drama thread.. anyway, im really liking this drama.. the story and the main cast..
  10. Because of this drama, I am now a new fan of Hong Jong Hyun.. Does anybody know if he has a thread under actors/actress thread? Cant seem to find it.. I have always been a fan of Kim So Yeon since Prosecutor Princess..
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