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  1. Glad to know I’m not the only ahjumma here in the group. I have 3 sons and depending on the K-Drama they’ll watch it me. Sometimes if I’m lucky I’ll even get my husband sucked into it was well. He does likes them vixens. Lol. But what really gets me about LSG & OYS is that in all the years I’ve watched K-Dramas I haven’t come across a couple with such dynamic intense chemistry. It’s in all the small gestures when you’re watching the episodes that you get this hint of “something” between the two. For example in episode 5 when Mawang & JSM enter the film and SOG and Secretary Ma are waiting/watching in the Theatre - LSG gives this cute little smile when he sees OYS. Maybe it good acting on his part but it doesn’t quite fit into the scene and you get little butterflies just seeing his smile. Well in my opinion I just love it. And then of course all of those *ahem* vitamin kisses. It’s like WOW...Really whoa...I’m speechless.
  2. Hi All! Been lurking for some time and honestly checking in daily. Our OTP makes my day. Thanks for all the info, gifs, etc. I’m always at the edge of my seat waiting for the next hint, the next whatever we can find to share. It makes me frustrated and sad that this forum is being reported again. Some people aren’t happy unless they make others miserable. *back to lurking mode*
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