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  1. 2 hours ago, taecgui4real said:

    @taecgui4real   When u r at GG's Facebook, click on the pic.  A larger pic will be opened, then u  just need to right click on the image/pic, then select copy image and paste it here.  Give it a try .... 

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  2. 15 hours ago, angelangie said:


    this was the series 'Tassel Earring Girl' the story lines started alright but went down hill for me....and also the writer of the story blame that GG popularity wasnt good enough which was why she was having bad rating for the drama when it was re-run again on the public channel of 'AnHui TV'

    i posted into my thumblr on my thoughts of the story....

    Thanks @angelangie for the info.  

    If the storyline is no good, not even Nicole Kidman can can raise the ratings of the drama! 

    That aside, GuiGu'si reaction in this pic is just too funny ...  


    cr: as tagged

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  3. 1 hour ago, mikoshine said:

    i also do it that way, 1:1... at least that's what my family taught me to do and the rice comes out just right :) 

    I also forgot to add water before cooking the rice when I was young... good thing my mom caught on that... hehehehehe

    Me too!  I do the 1:1 ratio which is just right for my liking.  Anything over is a bit mushy in my opinion.  :D 

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