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  1. Hehe I was mostly just playing around with what I said about the interrogation scene. Yeah but you want to break my bubble and tell me they spent years apart? I like to think it was only one year but I admit you make a good argument as well. *goes back to convincing myself it was one year*
  2. @tiger457_stv Yeah I agree with @ccl82. It couldn't have been more than one year. Also the movie KH was watching with Yura in it was the same one she was filming in earlier episodes. Movies take time to be released but 3-4 years later seems like too much time. One year seems more reasonable. Also, I've been thinking about JA's confrontation with JY in the interrogation room. You know how she calls him out for looking down at her feelings for DH? Is there a possibility the writer was also calling out viewers who said a romantic love would downgrade their relationship and make it unpure? I can totally see the writer feeling 'hurt' by comments saying it takes away from the beautiful relationship she wrote. Hehe just random thoughts I have during my withdrawal.
  3. Dong Hoon: When I think of you being in pain because I'm not happy I'm also in pain and can't live. So watch. Watch how I become happy. Everything is not a big deal. [...] I'm not broken. I can be happy. I'll be happy. That first part. Edit: Okay so I don't consider me a hardcore shipper. I can have it ending without the ship sailing but I just can't fathom how to dismiss the things DH says. I mean 'I can't live seeing you in pain?' I understand those are words that could be said in many types of relationships but but..but I see the attraction there. Idk what to think anymore.
  4. Ahw guys let's wait for the subs and see what's up. I'm just crossing my fingers for no fatherly relationship. That's weird lol. Here's a bit I 'translated' from the hospital bed scene. Such a powerful scene. I love Jian to the moon and back. I was in tears as she spoke. Annnddd I'm no where near fluent in Korean so it may have some inaccuracies. XD JA: Do you really not hate me? DH: When you get to know a person, and get to know them more, it doesn't matter what you hear (?) about that person. I know you. JA: Ajusshi's sound, I liked it all. Ajusshi's words, thoughts, (the sound of your) footsteps, all of it. I saw what a person was like for the first time.
  5. Hello fellow soompiers. I've been MIA from Soompi for a while but here I am for WOL. I mean Junho, Jang Hyuk, and JRW in ONE drama? Seriously guys they're three of my absolute favorite actors and now I get to enjoy watching them together. Is this that moment in life where you wonder if you saved a country in your previous life? I don't think OTPs are really coming into play quite yet? Well except CS's adorkable crush. But Poong and SW are both in situations where the last thing they're contemplating is falling in love again. Poong...well we know how his relationship is. And SW still seems to like her husband because she is married! She doesn't want her father speaking ill of him. (Which I wonder if they'll go the Smile You route with her husband where the guy does love her but his parents pulled him away from her...which I mean so much for your love I suppose but it'd be interesting if they didn't make him into a complete jerk.) Anyways I got off track. My point being that I think SW said she liked them just ya' know, like people. It's too early me thinks for any liking-->romance connotation. And omg! @MrsSoJiSub you really don't like Poong! Which well we're all entitled to our opinions. I admit Poong is very arrogant but I also agree with other soompiers here who agree the gang is not very humble either. I applaud the guys for surrounding him to see him teach them and I shake my head at Poong's arrogance. But I mean we can't really expect for Poong to just jump in with glee and embrace the gang like long lost brothers. You said they were angelic (I think loyal is how I best perceive them) but how is Poong to know that? We know they're ex-gangsters who are trying to get back on the path of good but in Poong's eyes they really don't have a lot going for them (I mean I admit I couldn't stop laughing at the tattoo scene but I'm sure that didn't set them off to a good mentor/apprentice relationship) just like Poong doesn't have a lot going for him in their eyes. Whatever the case, everyone has a lot to learn and they all need to mature a bit. I'm eager to see that happen and then uniting in bromance for sweet revenge!
  6. Hiiiiiiiiiii! Okay so talk about being late to the party..or to be more exact, to the Soompi MA party. I should have come sooner! I absolutely love love love this drama though. It's near perfection in my eyes. I don't have time right now to read all the posts in this thread but I've read the past 40ish pages. Soompi always has such a wide range of comments and POVs. It's truly a delight to read. @40somethingahjumma This comment of yours (in the spoiler) is so on point with what I think. The notion that their relationship is that of a father-daughter/mentor-mentee is one that never crossed my mind as I tried to understand the nature of their relationship. Jian is extremely mature and in many ways seems to have a more clear understanding of the 'real world' than DH. Or at least knows how to maneuver her way through society so she can keep going forward with more ease than DH. He sees the hardships of life but isn't as straightforward as Jian is when it comes to tackling situations/conflicts.
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