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  1. Last minute arrival to say hi and bye ^^Coming in a modern pirate style clothing0c3aac637608650f2a2eda7502316436_zpsa47d
    And bringing with me one of GG's favorite sweets as an apology for being late...Takorons_zpsbe74d250.jpg

    And for those that still have a sweet tooth after the mini macarons, I recommend these that looks kind of macarons but a little bigger version, alfajores de maizena...they are yummy!!!  Enjoy!!!  There is enough for everyone!  patagonia-23390330_zps2b962fc8.jpg
    cr:  to owners

  2. http://www.weibo.com/n/%E9%AC%BC%E9%AC%BC%E5%90%B4%E6%98%A0%E6%B4%81?from=feed&loc=at' rel="external nofollow">




    Translations: Wa @GuiGuiWuYingJie had sign so many! The unique part is that, every single one of them is different, waiting for you guys discovery! haha tired hand ghost...


  3. cannakat said: angelangie said: Gui Gui just updated her FB again with a longer statement towards Peppers
    GuiGui FB - 7th May 2014 - 12.31pm (+8GST)
    謝謝 PEPPER'S.cubestyle對我的支持,因為我的失誤導致你們不開心!很不好意思...事發當下我們立即處理並道歉,也馬上撤下我自己的品牌停止販售,馬上向你們道歉...你們可能沒有接受所以沒有回我。那次的活動,我是帶內地媒體介紹臺灣東區,其中一個是行李箱店家,這也是跟你們解釋過的。變成這樣都是大家不希望的結果,不知道你們想要怎麼做?P.S.我也是很努力讓大家知道你們的品牌...用心為你們宣傳,無論如何...謝謝你們在合作期間的用心。

    Translations: Thank you Peppers for the supports that you guys had always given me, you guys are not happy because of my mis-handling! I'm really very sorry...when things happen I had apologize, and also immediately stop selling the backpack and take down the pictures too....however maybe you guys did not accept my apologies which is why there is no replies from you guys. The event that day actually it was to introduce Taiwan and it just happen to be one of the venue was where selling all the luggage bags, this had actually been explained to you guys previously. Turning out this way is not something all of us wanted too, do not know what do you guys wants?
    PS. I had always works hard to promote your brand too...with all my heart, no matter what....thanks you for all the cares you guys had always shower me during the terms of co-operations.

  4. packmule3 said: @cryjingle, 
    Awesome research as to be expected from you!!  Thank you! 
    But I hope you haven't been skipping our conversation here in order to do this, okay? There's no rush. :) Somehow, I've this image of you seriously pouring through all of Guigui's posts and the other posts on weibo, while we're out here in the forum chatting about vacations, and forks and chopsticks. Just join us when we're all gathered here and then do the work later. :)
    Do you know the flavor of this soft-serve ice cream that Guigui recently posted?  Is this pistachio ice cream? Or some Taiwanese specialty?

  5. mikoshine said: angelangie said: mikoshine said: packmule3 said: mikoshine said: packmule3 said: Helloooooo? Anybody here with a Facebook account?  
    I heard that GG "liked" a question on her FB. The poster asked her whether she was going to come and support her oppa TY should 2PM have a concert in Taiwan.  Will somebody please screenshot that for the forum?  Thanks. :)
    Me-the last person on earth without FB. 

  6. packmule3 said: @labbit, where you the one who posted that video of Guigui going to different restaurants after her visit at the DDC on March 14? Do you think you can pull that one up again for me? Or was it @chinlylin? 
    Do you remember if she was eating snacks at that time? Her childhood snack, in particular? What do you call that ice cream concoction that she was eating? 
    Thanks. :) 

  7. 69012dbdjw1efleq4cnd9j21hc1hcnkc_zpse721
    @packmule3 total of 8 clubs she thanked but I couldn't place them all in the picture.
    #1 @百度翊潔吧  (Gui+Prince)#2 @鬼纶吧 (Gui+Aaron)#3 @鬼王吧 (Gui+Prince)#4 can't really tell#5 @吳映潔吧 (Gui Gui)#6 @吴映洁环球後援会  (Gui Gui)#7 same as #3?  Name also shows Gui+Prince
    The following 3 clubs can't really place them on the picture:@鬼鬼吳映潔粉絲同樂會 (Gui Gui)
    @吴映洁正能量之家 (Gui Gui)@绿宫_TAECGUI后援会 (Taecgui)

  8. packmule3 said:





    GuiGui Weibo on Sun, Apr 20 at 1.19am (KST: 2.19am)Caption


    謝謝你們@吳映潔吧 @鬼纶吧 @鬼王吧 @吴映洁环球後援会 @百度翊潔吧 @鬼鬼吳映潔粉絲同樂會 @吴映洁正能量之家 @绿宫_TAECGUI后援会 你們最棒了ee808e.png我收工了...晚安囉!啾啾。 

    @cannakat @sophora @cryjingle  

    Appreciate it any one of you could translate this.  I think you gals does a better job than I do.
  9. BiruAngel said: GuiGui Weibo on Sun, Apr 20 at 1.19am (KST: 2.19am)Caption :  謝謝你們@吳映潔吧 @鬼纶吧 @鬼王吧 @吴映洁环球後援会 @百度翊潔吧 @鬼鬼吳映潔粉絲同樂會 @吴映洁正能量之家 @绿宫_TAECGUI后援会 你們最棒了ee808e.png我收工了...晚安囉!啾啾。 
    @cannakat @sophora @cryjingle  Appreciate it any one of you could translate this.  I think you gals does a better job than I do.

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