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  1. Yes When I saw the horse said that I was a bit mad .. I think ES is Aramun and because he was so disheartened by the Wahan tribe and so lost out of his element he didn't have the strength to find ... just like all heroes they go through hell before they become strong again... I think that the horse will come back again for ES
  2. Was it really Ragaz?? didn't he die before how can he be alive? does that mean he will recognize his sons? I thought they were robit and the other child that Asa Hon left when she went to the lark???? someone help I am confused
  3. I agree I never liked any of the Wahan tribe they were all discriminating towards ES exception Tanya and now after hating on him they were all expecting him to do everything that was so two faces
  4. ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he gets a drama out soon or anything it will be too long if I don't see him!!
  5. yes I only like happy endings if it isn't then I rather not watch
  6. are there any recaps I want to know what episode bailu has the baby and what they do to the baby? and why I don't see tinjianghzi crying or upset?
  7. I agree @tshering12 Everytime I get there I have either a colic or have to stop reading and go to my happy place
  8. I hope not ... I don't know why can HJ go to the policy do a declaration she is the expert in spanish and she made sure to not let Yura find him and that it is a lie - ugh I am going to be stressed out until tomorrow
  9. totally love it still can't figure what happened to GB on the 1st episode wish they get to it fast! I think she is so tiny and cute with him totally adorable!
  10. Ugh guys!! what happened my brain is not working!! I don't get what happened to the girl she got a drug they put her on a bed did the guy abused her or try to and got killed by someone? please help?
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