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  1. Hey guys, well there's rumor Tao filming something in sailor customs so fans are worried she's doing another high school live action. Hopefully it's just a MV or CM...It's about time for Tao to take more dark remorseful and emotional roles...she was amazing even in just 30s-teaser of 8 year engagement.


    I watched P to JK recently and was kinda disappointed. Maybe coz I adore the manga so much and the movie just pales in comparison. The script is weird and tacky, at least Tao and Kame had a lovey dovey chemistry.


    About Ryota, Gene is releasing a new single so I guess he will be busy promoting it :(



    Haha Ryota still didn't like Tao pic with Ryoma...I see u onni :D



    @Transition thanks a lot for the translation. Wondering what made Tao change her ideal marriage age. Maybe she wants to focus more on her acting career or like you gus have said she's dating someone around her age ^^




    You guys are watching GENETV too? The show is hilarious even though I hardly understand what they're saying, but Gene boys are just effortlessly adorkable. If you notice, there's a big change on Ryota in the latest episodes. He seems much more relaxed and easily enjoys joking along with other boys. 




    Tao has finished filming Kasane today, hopefully she will have a good break before starting a next project. Don't know what Ryota has been up to...looks like he's filming something with Gene, maybe their new album videos ~





    Hi guys, seems like there is something wrong the forum, the page is just blankly weird.




    Oh Tao just updated her Insta with a photo with Ryoma...I wonder if onni chan will like it or not :D



    Tao's Tori Girl is not doing well on the box office, but at least she has gotten good praises for her acting as a sassy and energetic girl. 



  4. @Transition My Gene bias is Ryuto, he's the closest member to Ryota since they both auditioned and went under training at the same time. He may have a rough appearance but he's very gentle and hilaious. And Hayato is really cute too, his personality is somewhat similar to Tao's, nice and caring. I remember Ryota once described Hayato as someone who always cares about his surroundings even though he's the youngest one in the group. Ah when Ryota was doing livestream for his birthday with Gene members, he saw Anikoma Acc greetings comment then the boys got excited "Tao chan is watching, right?". Then Ryuto was like "Is it okay?" since he was wearing only a towel at that time haha. Gene members are very close to each other so there's no surprise if Ryota already introduced Tao to his brothers ^^

    I just saw some spoilers of Anikoma movie and my excitement has gone through the roof. Now how I am supposed to wait till next year for the Bluray? T__T

  5. Hi guys, it's been forever since I logged in Soompi forum. But thanks to Anikoma, my shipping heart again found its paradise. I just went through this thread and I'm really grateful to you all, especially Transition and Ryotatao9495 for not only keeping this thread active but also all the inputs and detailed analysis of our adorable couple.

    I've been a fan of Generations since 2015, even though Ryota is not my Gene bias, but I'm always fond of him. When I got to know Gene by watching their variety, music show appearances and BTS, Ryota initially gave me that "arrogant" vibe, coz he looked calm and serious most of the time or he barely joked along with other members. But later I found out he's actually thoughtful, like he always thinks carefully before saying something and I can totally feel the sincerity in his talks. And like you guys have mentioned, Ryota is a very smart boy and he learns things quickly. Akinoma is his first acting project (if we don't count GTO), but he doesn't pale beside Tao. I'm glad Ryota has become more outgoing lately, like how he smiles much more a lot, may be due to the influence of someone special :wub:

    About Tao, she's simply one of my most favorite Japanese actresses. Because of Tao and her genuine acting, I finished Mare even though Asadora is not my thing. I just pre-ordered P to JK Bluray...2 more weeks and I can finally see Tao on screen again *yay*. Tao is a versatile actress and I'm sure she will go further in acting department.

    I think Ryota and Tao are very compatible, from their calm attitude, their care for people around to their passion for works. Hopefully they have chance to cooperate in another movie or drama. I'm thankful that they remain very close after Anikoma, and whether they end up together or not, I will continue to support this couple and their future projects.

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  6. @sia3 Don't worry, your post turned out just fine. Thanks for the fast update as always!!

    @Maja aww love your new avatar. I'm still waiting for full HD photos from KWave, maybe it's time to change my profile pic too ^^

    So excited for the fanmeeting tomorrow even if i will not be there T__T. Hopefully there will be lots of fan accounts and fancams (if they are allowed) kkk

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  7. omo that pic of Wookie and Chigu is so priceless. First time seeing Chigu smiling brightly like that...getting excited in London i guess lol. Those two look like a newlywed couple on their way to honeymoon...couple sweaters :lol:

    Can't wait for our puppy dress up in suits today, just hope they won't put too much makeup for him like Dunhill event in HK

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  8. Wookie is going to London? omo did this boy ever rest? And he still has the HK fanmeeting next week. I lost count of how many cities he's been traveling to in the last few months. Love his airport outfit today, but the tote bag tho :lol:

    @raito1310 Thanks girl. Finally i got to see it video in full. Watching that Gangnam promotional vid had me realize how much i'd missed JCW in action. Hopefully he will pick up a new project soon.



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  9. So happy for those who came to see him, I bet you girls had a blast last night ^__^

    I wonder when he's leaving the states. Since his fansign event on Jun 13 got cancelled, hopefully he'll stay here longer, or consider visiting New York so i may have a chance to see him in person.

    @anaht i saw a pic of him holding a See's chocolate lolly and he looks so happy haha :lol:



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