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  1. Happy Birthday for Me. Happy Birthday for Sukkie, mya love and hate relationship actor lols. Hope we do a good thing in the future lols :lol:

    1. evie7


      happy-birth-day1-onion-head-emoticon.gif I hope you enjoyed your day.

    2. jadecloud


      zAwiIMq.pngHope you had a fab one! Oh, another year 'older and wiser'. hehe.:wub:

  2. Happy Birthday Lee Jong Suk. Happy Birthday for me. 오래오래살자고요 그리고 행복해측해서요. 잘 먹고 잘 사라. 걱정하지마.  

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    2. zurah90


      Happy Birthday! ;)

    3. Mau_Cherry


      HaPpA BiRtHdAy (singing!!!) love-balloon-raccoon-emoticon.gif?130277

    4. ruzikie


      Ah, thanks for all my sisters and friend in Soompi. You are awesome. Gruesome <3 


  3. Why you mentioned me in Moon Lover's thread ? I can't look at your post

    1. kaiskloset


      when??? i didnt remember hahaha


  4. JiWon first shower scene - 26 august 2016 xD 

  5. JiWon = Kang Ji Woon and Eun Ha Won meoowwww :3

  6. kai, i miss you my bloody sister <3

    1. kaiskloset


      bwahahaha bloody H! sister :) ameesyuh too. aigoo, when are we gonna

      enjoy those bloody convo in some hot sora drama again, im dying yiiks

    2. ruzikie


      not really sure when will be spazzing again if our ddal is having so many CF in her hands but i demand for a drama in Quack Couple as the main lead  *crying in the corner*

  7. the revenge is here. for people who treat me like a piece of richard simmons.

  8. i'm not bulletproof when it comes to you :huh:

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