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  1. next week, we will see Eun Sub and Daegi reaction when their girls especially Yeorum " dating" with Soo Yeon and the security girl likes Soo Yeon. I find it's interesting to see Daegi reaction when he finds out his boss girl has a feeling to other man xD
  2. i haven't watched episode 9,10 yet i still watched some clip on Instagram like where he couldn't move his right arm. Gosh , i feel so bad for him. and Eun Sub, yes, he officially likes our Yeorum, he wanted to meet her but Yeorum wants to meet her mother or maybe Soo Yeon. and someone mentioned about the security girl has an interest to our Sooyoenie, i doubt her interest becomes a feeling. I prefer her with her sunbae instead the rating for this episode is pretty good and receive many good comments along from Naver. ( 6,9 and 8 percent for episode 9,10) and our Yeorum mama finally met her future son in law with a good impression <3
  3. The security girl is obviously a boss in their relationship. They are so adorable beside our OTP
  4. YAY ! THANKS GOD IT'S MONDAY ! i can't wait for new episode and my OTP relationship getting more deep and deeper~ am i the only who think Yeorum's friend, Eun Sub reminds me of Junho 2PM ? They could pass as a sibling Our hottie Soo Yeoniiieeeee, i can't wait for him falling hard over Yeorum and yes, he will have a privilege to meet his future mother in law after the accident. Hope everything goes well <3
  5. i guess we will get another love triangle between Soo Yeon, Yeo Reum and her friends from Ramp Management. am i the only who ship the girl in security team between her friend ? I like their interaction and the writer has a good background with the supporting actor with their story. Like in Romantic Doctor haha. Rating for episode 7-8 : Nielsen 9.0 %
  6. source : sport chosun new still for episode 7-8 There's a preview for episode 7-8 and In Woo and Soo Yeon finally meet each other in elevator.
  7. no preview for episode 4 ? gosh, this is an agony to watch on going drama. I should have not watched it T____________T but the magnet is too real since this drama brought my weakness in aviation. Yes, she said she is a married woman in paper and i am curious about it. Her reaction every time the security chief around her is pretty noticeable. She seems uncomfortable around him and yes, they use banmal when they talk
  8. wow, finished episode 3 and yes we have a broody winter soldier here in a drama there are so many question yet it's still episode 3 and we have to wait until episode 8,9,10 to know or maybe until episode 20 ? Who knows ? I need to scratch my head first and bite my collar to handle my self from the distinguish of self minded informed well~ what is Soo Yeon relationship with Manager Yang ? The Security Head Team and Manager Yang, were they a couple or maybe we have a left over triangle love between In Woo, Security Head Team and Manager Yang ? In Woo and Soo Yeon, what happened with them in the past yet In Woo already knew who he is. and for our OTP, gosh, this winter soldier needs to smile every time. He might be stiff yet he is so soft inside like a puffy molded chocolate cake. I like this kinda typical male lead and the female lead is itching me much. Not so much in first two episode, i feel like i have to pull her hair out because she is so stubborn yet ignorant. I like her character but if this girl exist in real world, she might the enemy of the women in this world i will call our Soo Yeon as Winter Soldier hahahaha sound good
  9. hi, like the first episode and yes, i also love the writer in this drama. Since Gu Family Book, Romantic Doctor Kim, What's Wrong with My Family, i like the writer. The way she wrote her scrips was different than others. She has a same vibe like MFLAS writer, Park Ji Eun. for me, the fact that i like the first episode was the main male lead reminds me of Clark Kent but in broody way He has a tsundere vibe. I mean he knows her but he pretends to not recognize her just because she always be the witness of his weakness. If he has a bionic hand or maybe super power, well i definitely declare this drama will become my favorite. First episode got me hooked up. How i wish this drama wasn't on going drama because the agony for waiting the new episode is killing me
  10. Beside our OTP, i like to see more interaction between Yoon Jin ( The Cafe Guy) and The Satoori Girl. Also Mirae's BFF with Woo Young. I found they looking cute
  11. the new still is so heart fluttering yet can make my stomach feel so tumbled <3 TGIF ! i can't wait to watch it online later
  12. oh my giddy aunt. episode 3 and 4 are amazing and i need more. their chemistry is amazing yet they still can reach the peak of their chemistry. I have ton of butterflies in my stomach and i can't stop smiling i have soft spot for Kyung Suk despite his harsh word for Mirae but he shows us his jelly beanie side when Woo Young comes around Mirae and i am waiting when he will show his possessive side to Mirae and might be kicking another guy who have interest for her. Woo Young, gosh, how i wish my TA were handsome like him but yeah, my TA wasn't handsome and nice like Woo Young. Since his background is different from the original webtoon, i don't mind at all. They also put Mirae's BFF has a crush for Woo Young and i can't blame her thou I am also rooting her relationship with Woo Young For Soo Ah, she enjoys people attention for her but she despises people who have attention for Mirae. Gosh, this girl is problematic in so many ways.
  13. i haven't watched episode 3 and 4 with sub but i have to say many positive comment they got and Knetizen praise their acting ability and chemistry. Their chemistry is so good yet they can make us smilling like a goof The rating is increased and the problems of boycotting didn't give any effects for the drama i am waiting when the school festival and Mirae wearing that sexy dress Talk about how insane Kyung Suk will be
  14. YAY ! TGIF ! @Mau_Cherry unnie, the special chapter also we got the kiss LMAO. In webtoon, Kyung Sook treat Mirae very different than other. He looks like he respect her and don't say anything about her plastic surgery. Same case in drama because Kyung Sook treat her no difference than other but he has his own interest for Mirae like her smell that already proved her was Kang Mirae from his middle school. Man like him know your smell well, hmmm should i say it's good or creepy ?
  15. @Mau_Cherry @bebebisous33 yes eonnie deul, it's in Indonesia and i have read it all the chapter last month after they announced the schedule of this drama. Looks like they made the Kyung Sook's mother would be the reason why Mirae didn't do suicide in Han River. It's different from the webtoon thou but it's okay. Seems like they will entangle much than anyone else.
  16. There's 80 chapter including the special chapter eonnie. Looks like the writer took a part in writing the script.
  17. The Master's Sun vibe ? Lmao, i already get the TMS vibe in this drama. Gonna leave my foot mark here and patiently waiting until 13th ^^
  18. it's not the main PD on listed. People are angry because the drama has executive producer who was listed on the will of people that assaulted the late Jang Jayeon. He is the executive producer. I read somewhere in Naver.
  19. wow, the news do travel fast. i feel bad for the cast and crew. they better change the PD for sure.
  20. Hi guys been missing for a couple weeks and finally i could watch the two episode and it's great so far. Although many people praising Eun Woo face rather than his acting in this drama. I see his acting finally developed much better. He nailed the rock stone Do Kyung Sook so much and Kang Mirae, gosh, she really like a carbon copy from the webtoon i like how the story running right now and finally, Mirae has best friend in her side since in the webtoon she does have no one in her side and gosh, Kwak Dong Yeon as second lead already setting in my heart. Damn, he is so fine~
  21. i am still curious about his acting based on those two highlights. I read in youtube jtbc drama and tv naver, all the comment by korean netizen were all good despite they just complain the fashion of Mirae.
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