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  1. @rori0711 : It made my day, dear friend! Finally! Our OTP together!!! Hats off to the fans who captured them together at Incheon, Seoul! Thankyou .... They look absolutely fantastic in one frame...interacting as well! HB laughing as he talks to SH November wait now feels extremely long ....nearly 4 months still !
  2. According to his Aug schedule, Hyun Bin is to leave for Hungary on Aug 12 for further filming of the Memories of the Alhambra. HB will be shooting for Vogue Magazine on Aug 9 before that... cr bini.love Needless the say Park Shin Hye should be leaving too at that time or around that..
  3. @alcides14ahjumma sure you can always post anything of mine at Shinhye’s forum! No permission needed...ever! Yes, hope the news is out soon.... Here is another related tweet...
  4. in Spain ( Granada, Barcelona, Terrassa, Girona), Korea and now it seems filming in two more countries from early August....Hungary , Slovenia.....according to news in DC . Someone also came across in Weibo....
  5. Ex Lee Jae-wook joins ‘ Memories of Alhambra Palace' on tvN ...as Marco Han is a Spanish international student who is involved with Chanyeol. Song Jae-jeong and An Gil-ho,....were actively involved in casting new actors.... "Lee Jae-wook is a friend who has a charm of the day like an unfinished gemstone,".... Lee Jae-wook is currently enrolled in Chung-Ang University's Department of Theater and Film, and despite his young age, he is expected to be armed with intense eyes and unfamiliar freshness. Meanwhile, Lee Jae-wook, who concluded exclusive contract with VAST Entertainment... https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003074191
  6. [Official] Lee Re confirmed as Park Shin Hye’s sister In Memories of the Alhambra http://v.entertain.media.daum.net/v/20180706101550192 In the drama, Lee plays the younger sister , "Jeong-minju" of Park Shin-hye (Jeong Hee-joo), and dreams of a girl group member. A junior high school student character who only focuses on entertainers. In particular, she is going to reveal a special chemistry in the form of friendship with Hyun Bin (Yoo Jin-woo) through his cool and straight personality... Lee, who recently appeared on KBS2 'Radio Romance', has been working on SBS 'The Chaser’ (2012), 'Hope' (2013), SBS 'Six Flying Dragons' (2015), KBS2 'Witch's Court' and 'Seven Years of Night' (2018), she has enjoyed a wide range of acting skills and rich emotional performances. Re has recently returned from filming abroad in Spain, while TVN 'Memories of Alhambra' will be broadcast in November. ( google translation)
  7. In addition to Granada where filming ends on Friday, June 1st, the series will also be filmed in interiors of Barcelona and Gerona.... from the article below via kx_s79 https://www.eldiario.es/cultura/Granada-acoge-rodaje-coreana-Netflix_0_776573175.html [My Note: Gerona is a beautiful walled city dating back to the Roman Period, NE of Spain near the French border. One gets the real feeling of history just by walking through it’s ancient streets. The city is not very big and can be seen by walking too...The churches, cathedrals, museums, Arabic baths, Jewish quarters. The interior of its province is made up of mountainous quiet villages... Barcelona does not need any introduction so will not say anything here. With each news the drama looks exciting and worth looking forward to... i can understand now why HB and SH opted for this over others. 5 months seem a very long wait..] @verit ...by now getting the feel that we should not expect many/any photos about filming. They are keeping it strictly under wraps wherever possible. Today they were filming in Alhambra and.... @Celi67 ...Right there with you alongwith fans of all stars in rooting for them and wishing great success for the drama. HB-SH make a great OTP that I can get behind
  8. Filming in Granada started today.... First pics from Plaza De Nueva, Granada....... The historic and the oldest square. The hub where one passes more than once when staying in Granada. From here one can also walk to Alhambra.
  9. Arrival in Barcelona, Spain....just now... Park Shin Hye with her manager... Maybe a connecting flight to Granada or a layover before going there... I believe, its just an hr flight from Barcelona to Granada if the tweet was posted right when they arrived ...it must have been after 7:30 pm Hyun Bin is said to be there too..
  10. ssinz7 IG update Friday 25th, 2018 Already inside the plane.... Off to Spain Looking beautiful and blooming Related Article.....below! Memories of Alhambra's Palace 'Park Shin-hye http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=081&aid=0002918026 Park Shin-hye (29) reported news of departure to Spain through SNS on the 25th. Actress Park Shin-hye left for the film "Alhambra Palace memories" shooting car in Spain. Park Shin-hye posted a picture on his instagram with an article titled, "I am going to Spain." Inside the picture was Park Shin Hye, who was on the plane. She is wearing black sunglasses with a white t-shirt and comfortable clothes. Park Shin-hye left for Spain for TVN 'Memories of Alhambra Palace' filming scheduled to air in November. In the drama, the representative of the investment company, Yoo Jin-woo (Hyun Bin), visits business in Spain to Granada and is caught up in a story about a strange incident in the old hostel run by heroine Jung Hee-Ju
  11. The filming of a Korean series for Netflix will leave a million euros in five days in the city http://www.europapress.es/andalucia/noticia-rodaje-serie-coreana-netflix-dejara-ciudad-millon-euros-cinco-dias-20180515135226.html Note: More or less the same news in this article too as the one posted earlier except a new point that... “....Granada has been chosen as ONE of the main venues WHERE THE PLOT WILL DEVELOP. “ An indication of other places ......like Barcelona and Korea being important too vis a vis the story. ( “ “ google translation so do hope it was done right! Please feel free to correct if interpreted wrong ) Very excited as 28th nears....when filming starts Should have the team leaving soon in a day or two ...latest! Hope we get to see some airport pictures. somehow, have feeling we should definitely see it when they arrive in Granada...
  12. CJ E & M announced their project line up for this year and picked two most anticipated dramas for TvN in the second half of the year. Mr Sunshine premieres July and Memories of Alhambra premieres in November. http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=111&aid=0000521134 via @pearl0024 on twitter CJ confirmed their 2nd half line up and they stated that they have very high hopes for Mr Sunshine and Memories of the Alhambra and how it will create a new Korean wave in the overseas market. Anyways it’s confirmed that Memories of Alhambra will be after Mr Sunshine in November. http://mm.joongboo.com/?mod=news&act=articleView&idxno=1253462#cb via @Lolastarlight1
  13. @sal2 ....Agree there about it being next to impossible as far as I am concerned to film all locations mentioned ( Alhambra not included) in just 5 days....for 6 episodes ( more than 6 hrs of footage...there is editing to be considered). They will have to be extremely well organised to mobilise a huge team. Just the extras being ~60 as per the article from Granada. It will also be the week of the biggest festival there...Corpus Christi....day and night celebrations. Even with the Granada’s civil Mayor, services, tourist and transport departments help....it sounds impossible. we haven’t heard from tvN as yet As you say let’s see....28th May not far away.... I believe that’s how it’s going to be...Netflix airing after MOA ends. There was some news of Chinese being interested too.... @k_xs....Definitely! Lots of connections...making Memories of Alhambra name significanct to the plot. It’s connected to the actual music by the name......besides Jung Hee Jun being the classic guitarist and the video game is also based on Alhambra too. The order of importance of each remains to be seen. Again, it’s assumptions based on whatever info we have from various sources.... The thought crossed my mind too that the first 6 episodes may not all be from Granada wait and see seems to be the way to go... @somethingitr...hullo ! We hope it does well too. We have waited two years for SHinhye to make a drama comeback. Excited to see HB-SH together....great pairing, Spain / Korea setting and the production team raises high hopes for the drama success
  14. It’s a wait and see game right now.... Due to lack of enough data we can only assume about the remaining 10 episodes out of the 16. The plot and the budget for the drama will be the deciding factors.... Was wondering why they didn’t name Alhambra as one of the venues for the drama filming? Not allowed? Not possible? Or not announced? Application/ video game mention makes me think that AR ( Augmented Reality ) maybe involved....To what extent it plays a part in the story remains to be seen. Feel starved of news so much so that I feel like grasping at straws to get an idea of the plot. Don’t think there will be much news before September by tvN ( after MrSunshine ends since it’s their other big project). Our hope for news will remain the fans/ people in Granada/Barcelona etc and Shinhye IG updates.
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