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  1. @rori0711 hi to you too....:smile:


    There could be many reasons for October release...Maybe that’s the time slot that they got for the premiere in max cinema halls. They might look for other MVs being released at the time? One can only make a guess with limited knowledge of the steps involved. But, at least it’s this year..


    i think all all of us realise that she has reached a point in her career where she can go for layered roles portraying richness of character with a good team. Call MV seems to be one such project and that’s why I am not only excited but have great hopes from it....The PD seems to be a young but accomplished one with great talent recognized on international scene with his 1st & only MV ransom. The other co-star and lead actress also is good. Let’s keep are hopes up and fingers crossed 


    Meanwhile, let’s hope for a good script, character and team for her next drama...ideally this year...

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  2. On 3/30/2019 at 8:29 PM, alcides14ahjumma said:

    I am looking forward to her movie “Call”, she has been working very hard ,  I hope she will


    take a good break to enjoy herself and her family , and comeback with another great project, my preference another movie. Maybe in 2021( lol! Do not kill me). :blush:


    PS= Chingus, when comes to stand up By Shin Hye side, remember this motto said by a smart lady “ When they go low we go high!” :heart:



    Hullo everyone!

    Looking forward to seeing her in the lead role in a female centric MV ...

    She has plenty of time to pick aproject later this year...with 9 months remaining 

    If we keep 3 months for leisurely paced Fan meetings starting May 11, we still have 5 months left in the year...Aug-Dec

    There is enough time to relax, travel, do MV promotions AND go through scripts....AND pick one. 

    So, I feel very optimistic of seeing her again later in the year in a drama..:blush:






    I would like her to do a drama because...

    1:We waited 2 yrs for her drama and didn’t get to see her enough in MOA. Fans deserve a gift of drama from her.

    2: She just finished filming her first lead role in a MV for projected release in October sometime...( Timing with Halloween? ). I feel gradual transition to movies would be good 

    Also, a drama which would be a good promo for it too.:thumbsup:



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  3. @Kasmic ...hullo there...

    Been ages since came here and it seems I’ve been missing a LOT :D


    since it’s going to take some time to catch up so will first answer your questions..

    1: Yes

    2: Emma


    Though knowing SJJ who follows the rule of unpredictability & path least trodden...I should choose a different option..

    but I will be going against what I think..

    Most probably its a zombie profile pic as my fate

    But what the heck...

    The followers of this drama have to rise above the mundane stuff


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  4. TV / MOVIES

    Park Shin Hye To Star In Upcoming Thriller Film “Call






    The upcoming thriller Call will star Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo. This duo has been gathering attention through the “Concept Visual” which has added expectations to the movie.


    Call depicts the story of two women living at different times and are connected through phone calls. Park’s character, Seo Yeon, lives in the present while Kwon Sang Hye, played by Jeon, will be the woman who lives in the past. Unexpected events begin to arise from the telephone calls the two leads receive.

    Kim Sung Ryung will portray the mother of Seo Yeon. Lee El, Park Ho San, Oh Jeong Se, and Dong Ki Ri completes the powerful lineup that will bring life to the gripping story.

    Lee El will take on the villain role in the film, acting as the mother who watches every move of Young Suk.


    Final confirmed lineup 

    Filming to start in January 2019

    Park Shin Hye

    Jeon Jong Seo

    Kim Sung Ryung

    Lee El

    Park Ho San

     Oh Jung Se

    Le Dong Hwi





    We have all witnessed the transformation of Park Shin Hye in different genres so this will be yet another feather on her cap. Her new film calls attention because of the intense visuals and will be undoubtedly the most remarkable thriller of 2019.

    Rookie director Lee Chung hyun, whose debut film swept the world’s leading film festivals through his short film ‘Ransom’ will direct Call. They are scheduled to start full-scale shooting in January next year. 

    The film Call will be released in 2019.




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  5. I liked and tend to agree with dramabeans summarising JW-HJ relationship progress from beginning to the end of episode 6...

    sharing with you all...











    Also, look at things from Hee Joo’s Perspective too...

    1: JW has been the first saviour in HJ’s life at a young age of 27. For many years she has just singlehandedly taken care of 2siblings and grandmother. By no means sign of a weak person. SJ realises that fact which inspires him into creating Emma after her. Grandmother acknowledges her hardship through the years as she hugged HJ...Min Joo lays it straight to JW that HJ is too good for him. Her family knows!

    Still waters run deep couldn’t be more true for HJ. There is a underlying strength that cannot be seen in her outer veneer.

    ( Though at some subconscious level I think JW realises that...)


    2: JW is also the first one who appreciated HJ as a classic guitarist since her becoming guardian of her family and encouraged her more than once to take it up again. 


    3: We all agree JW was charming in his dealings with HJ since his about turn realising he needed her for his gain. If we find him charming despite knowing he was not being upfront with HJ...we can surely understand her liking him..:D


    3: JW falls in her hostel...in that single moment his personality changes from the assured, confident charming suave self to one with irreversible handicap, hallucinations & seizures having undergone surgery.... diaganosed with ‘stress related paranoid ideation’ seeing/fearing a dead person with a sword like a ghost of his ex friend. Now on sedatives to keep him calm.

    All these events are quite a lot to absorb in a single day by any standards. We know why...but HJ does not! 

    HJ also feels burdened by the fact that accident happened in her hostel leading to JW in this state...Her emotions were stretched to max in series of events within a short period time. Therefore, it is not surprising if she gives in under all the stress & sheds tears when HJ held back in JW’s embrace pleading to stay there a while; final straw being when she hears him utter the words

    “ I’ve gone crazy”


    Do we call that weak? Unreasonable? Out of place?


    Do we see another good side of HJ...?

    The empathy, compassion, pity , concern for someone she considers as her saviour, for one who brought a ray of hope for a future for her whole family and their happiness ....

    now reduced to obvious physical and mental challenges/ handicaps


    There is much more ...but one thing is for sure...

    HJ has a silent strength, admirable loyalties, ethical values, empathetic, loving and loved by her family and people she comes across in her daily life...

    That’s something that we cannot say for

    JW, females surrounding him and his life.


    JW & HJ both provide each other what each is lacking....we can see that through the multitude of events involving them

    I think ...At subconscious levels they do register & appreciate what each brings in each other’s lives..

    i look forward to the development of their story together...which though headed for love but not there as yet !


    Sorry for the long monologue....

    .... there is still a lot left to say..:D



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  6. Hullo everyone!

    These were such exciting 9 hrs with Press Conference, Pre-Premiere event at CGV and related info in form of video clips, pics, articles and personal accounts.

    Thanks everyone for all for the contributions :blush:


    The 4 min new highlights of the drama further raised the expectations and excitement for Dec 1 ( though trying hard not to in case of being let down. Can it really live up to what it promises? Praying, finger crossed, & putting faith in the writer, PD, CG works & the cast should work...shouldn’t it? :D


    HB-SH easy camaraderie, chemistry and visuals in the events and the trailer bowled me over today leading me to feel as if 16 Ep of them may not be enough for me...24 at the least for me:love:


    Looking forward to Dec 1 ...watching and sharing the joy and woes together 


    lastly have to express my joy at seeing some very old familiar faces back for her drama @NileRose...among my 1st friends at Soompi Shinhye thread. @rori0711 and @alcides14ahjumma...old timers...

    @lducwith priceless endless contributions in updating wherever Shinhye is present....& I am sure more SH fans will appear soon.


    @Kasmic....from different threads during Doctors etc....

    Really am looking forward to having fun with all old and future new ones in this thread








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  7. [Showbiz Korea]

    Park Shin Hye and Jeong Joong Seo cast for a new female led movie titled “Call”

    Actress Park Shin Hye shows rich acting in various works on the big and small screens and she is working together with actress Jeong Jong Seo who shot straight to the top with the movie “Burning”.

    Call is about two women living in different eras but receive a mysterious call that connects their lives

    Call is garnering attention not just for its talented two lead actresses but also for being Korea’s one of the first films led by actresses without a male lead actor





    credit to uploader...Angel Shinhye



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    @Kasmic...you’re very welcome! But it’s more fun when you all are here..enjoying your inputs. Hope they will be many more ( still remember yours from Doctors:thumbsup:)

    Yes, the trailers, script reading videos all are exciting. The script reading moments does show a good rapport between the cast. It sure will translate well onto the screen as well.

    I’ve been watching the SR video on repeat...specially the “elevata” part and everyone’s epresponse. It never fails to bring a smile each time :D







    @alcides14ahjumma..Yes, everything looks very promising from all fronts. It’s 16 ep drama. I think its highly unlikely to be extended because of it’s AR theme that requires lot of post filming work too. Let’s just hope to enjoy exciting 16 ep of an outstanding drama.:D


    @jongski....It’s anybody’s guess as to how many scenes we’ll be seeing from Spain and other places.


    Logically, it does seem a possibility to see a lot because of the name of the drama, filming in 4 places in Spain ( Granada, Barcelona, Terrassa, Girona) for more than a month there.

    But, they’ve been to Yoguslavia and Slovenia too. 


    They’ve been  filming in Korea (Paradise city, Golf courses etc) since returning from abroad filming...It is expected to continue until November so definitely we will see scenes from Korea too.


    maybe outdoor scenes would mostly be from other countries? These would all be conjectures. :D

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  9. Hyun Bin, Park Shin Hye and Chanyeol show off Their Acting Skills At “Memories of the Alhambra” Script Reading


    Note: I’ve taken the liberty of putting the conversation between the characters in the script in spoilers who do not want to know what they are talking about...

    i know there are some who just want to watch the drama..]






    On October 7, tvN released the first script reading for upcoming drama “Memories of the Alhambra” on their official YouTube channel.

    The video starts with all the actors and crew gathering in the meeting room. Park Shin Hye jokingly tells Hyun Bin that Chanyeol is her younger brother. The cast introduce themselves and their characters. The director, Ahn Gil Ho, addresses the cast, “I hope this can be a drama where we help fill each other’s difficulties.” Writer Song Jae Jung says “I hope we won’t lose our strength and keep pushing till the end of the drama.”


    The video shows Hyun Bin getting into character as investment company CEO Yoo Jin Woo, looking fierce and assertive.


    His character seems a bit arrogant but charismatic as he says “ No need to thank me. I bought it at that price because it was worth that much. I’m a businessman; I don’t waste my time.” He then gets angry, shouting “ If I lose this, it’s all your fault!”


    Park Shin Hye shows off her character, Jung Hee Joo’s clumsy and unique personality as she makes the whole cast burst into laughter through her lines.


    Her character seems flustered as she says “You’ve seen me perform? Where?” She shows her character’s honesty, saying “My dad’s been through a similar fraud situation.” Her unique charm shows through the way she talks to herself, saying aloud “Calm down. Don’t get worked up. Don’t make any mistakes. Stay calm.”


    EXO’s Chanyeol plays Jung Se Joo, Jung Hee Joo’s trouble making younger brother. The mysteriousness of his character is shown through the way he slyly and subtly delivers his lines.


    His character calmly asks, “Is this Yoo Jin Woo’s cell phone number? You know CEO Cha Hyung Seok right? You guys are friends.”


    Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye reveal a moment where their characters are talking to each other, with Hyun Bin asking


    if there’s any empty rooms and being flustered at Park Shin Hye’s response that there are no rooms except for a single room on the sixth floor, with the catch being that the elevator isn’t working. She then recommends him to find another place to stay. The two characters bicker back and forth and their relationship slowly progresses as they start wondering more about each other’s strange personalities.


    The rest of the cast also get into their characters as they read their lines with passion.





    @snowhninpyae...the translated script reading between the characters of Yoo Jin Woo, Jung Hee Joo and Jung Se Joo and PD’s comment is here ....if not for the whole video...


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  10. Auditions are being held for the cast for the movie these days....

    as per IG post below...understandable since the filming for ‘ Call’ starts in Nov for premiere in 2019 sometime...







    via Lolastarlight1











    Park Shin Hye, Jun Jong Seo to costar in thriller “Call” together









    [OSEN = Reporter Kim Bo Ra] Actresses Park Shin Hye and Jun Jong Seo have confirmed their participation in the thriller "Call" (director by Lee Chung Hyun, distributor NEW, producer Yong Film).

    On October 2, producers and distributors of the film revealed, "Park Shin Hye and Jun Jong Seo have confirmed that they will star in the thriller "Call."

    Park Shin Hye, who is showing various charms in both movies and television dramas, and Jun Jong Seo, a rising star in the movie industry through "Burning" (2018), will collaborate in this new work. "Call" is a horror movie that revolves around the story of two girls who live in two different times and are connected through a phone call.
    As a Hallyu star, Park Shin Hye has shown her excellent performances in many aspects such as drama, CF, etc. Over the past period, she has held the position of a charming actress and proven her steady acting ability through "Culano Agency" (2010), "Miracle in Cell No.7" (2012), "The Royal Tailor" (2014), "My Annoying Brother" (2016), "Heart Blackened" (2017), etc.

    In the movie "Call," Park Shin will play Seo Yeon, a woman living in the present. Although Seo Yeon encounters unexpected events after by chance receiving a call from the past, she is always strong-minded. Park Shin Hye is expected to show a more mature and deep performance through this role.

    Jun Jong Seo made a splendid appearance when taking on the role of the female lead in "Burning" by director Lee Chang Dong. She received critical acclaim for her unique charisma in acting as well as her prominent presence. In the movie "Burning," Jun Jong Seo showed her fresh and outside-the-box acting style, making the audience expect her to join in the next work as soon as possible. In the movie "Call," she will play the role of Young Sook - a girl living in the past.

    Jun Jong Seo plays the role of Young Sook, who believes that the phone call accidentally connected to the future is the only hope to save herself and does not hesitate to make a risky choice. It is expected that Jung Jong Seo will have a passionate performance and bring new images to the viewers.

    Lee Choong Hyun, who directed “Call,” is a brilliant young director who has surprisingly emerged as a promising factor in the movie industry Chungmuro. He swept the world’s leading film festivals with his 14-minute short film “Bargain.” This new movie will be his first feature-length film.

    "Call" is produced by Yong Film, the company that has produced movies in a wide variety of genres and contemporary scripts such as "Beauty Inside" (2015), "Luck Key" (2015), "The Handmaiden" (2016), "Heart Blackened" (2017), "Believer" (2018), etc. The movie is invested and distributed by NEW. With the production stage and casting having been finished, the movie is expected to start filming in November.

    "Call" has raised lots of public expectations after the news on both actresses Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo's confirmation of starring in the movie. Moreover, the fact that this film is the first work of the excellent young director is also a topic of interest in the movie industry. The thriller "Call" is scheduled to premiere in 2019. /purplish@osen.co.kr

    [Photo] Provided by the management companies
    Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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    Park Shin Hye & Jeon Jong Seo cast as the two main leads of thriller film ‘Call’








    Titled 'Call', the upcoming production is garnering attention not only for its talented, two main actresses casting, but also for being one of Korea's first films led by actresses without a lead male actor. 'Call' tells the story of two women who are living in different time periods, but who receive a mysterious call that connects their lives together. 
    Rookie actress Jeon Jong Seo, who rose to fame through director Lee Chang Dong's 'Burning', plays the role of Young Sook - a woman from the past who is willing to make dangerous decisions in order to save herself in the future. Opposite her, Park Shin Hye is Seo Yeon - a strong-willed woman from the future willing to help the woman in the past. 
    Marking rookie director Lee Choong Hyun's first ever full-length movie production debut, 'Call' is set to premiere sometime in 2019. 
    Credit : allkpop 
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    Thanks all for the shares and comments...makes the waiting for Dec 1 more bearable. Do understand many who avoid the thread in case of spoilers.....but....none available! The production team has been very successful in keeping the secrecy....:D

    I am counting 5 weeks instead of 7 because I am sure we will have lots of goodies to speed up the waiting in last 2 weeks before Dec 1...Press Conference etc




    @Kasmic...below is another comment of interest from the same account  you posted above that throws some light on the feel, mood and environment at the filming scenes...


    There is dearth of one of a kind plot but SJJ can always be trusted to come up with a totally unique and creative one. With AR theme thrown in ...it becomes totally pioneering. The comment below reaffirms that.


    Also, the words “Bellismo” and “ Beautiful” checks out for all.....the cast, the setting...and the trailers released until now ...:thumbsup::love:






    via lolastarlight




    @jongski...Yes, HB with dimples and all...his pics from MV promos and latest ones from BIFF are :love:


    ...one does not need to be a big fan to enjoy a drama. Maybe, this one will bring you closer to liking her more than before and MOA will replace STH and TOH as her best drama for you ? :blush: ( cried a bucket but great performance and yes she was 16)

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    Excrept from Park Shin Hye’s Vogue Taiwan IV....relate to the drama..




    Please share with us the character of the role in the tvN new drama "Reminiscences of the Alhambra"? What kind of play is this play? 


    Now shooting the tvN new drama " Memories of the Alhambra". It is expected to be aired on TV by the end of this year. ( Dec 1)

    This play is about the fantasy story of the character played by the actor, Hyun Bin, who happened to live in the old hotel I operated. In the play, I am a girl who is very strong in life and willpower. This is a little different from the role that the audience has seen me in before. The character "Jung Hee Joo “ I play is a very cute girl. I am working hard to shoot, I hope everyone supports and loves.




    One of the happiest or most moving things recently? 

    No matter where I am always supported by my fans, I am most moved and happy! I used to see there were fans watching me in Spain.They heard the news that I went to Spain to film...the fans, or the Korean tourists who happened to meet me. I am very grateful to them. Because of them, I feel that my heart is very warm.



    Note: please excuse any errors in my understanding in google translation of the article..






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  14. Call




    Genre: Thriller

    Release Date: 2019

    Director: Lee Choong Hyun

    Produced by: N/A

    Distributed by: Next Entertainment World

    Screenplay: N/A




    Seo Yeon is a woman who lives in the present. Although she encounters unexpected events after receiving by chance receiving a call from the past, Seo Yeon is always strong-minded.


    Young Sook, is a woman who lives in the past. She believes that the phone call coincidentally connected to the future is her only hope at survival and does not hesitate to make dangerous choices.


    credit: Soompi




    Park Shin Hye as Seo Yeon

    Jun Jong Seo as Young Sook

    Lee El as Young Sook’s mother

    Kim Sung-Ryung as Seo Yeon’s mother

    Park Ho-San as Seo Yeon’s father




    Don't post any requests for subs!

    Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. 

    Don't quote images.

    01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, Youtube, etc.. should be reported to their respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the Soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the original subbers and doesn't have copyrights like  Viki, Viu,Dramafever, ) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions.


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  15. Hyun Bin, Park Shin Hye matching from the first collaboration





    OSEN = Reporter Kang Seo Jung] The scene of the script reading with the main cast of the drama "Memories of the Alhambra" was revealed.


    tvN's "Memories of the Alhambra" (script: Song Jae Jung, production: Ahn Gil Ho) scheduled to be aired in December is a suspense romance drama. It tells a story of the CEO of an investment company Yoo Jin Woo (Hyun Bin) when he encounters strange events at the hotel managed by Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye) on his business trip to Granada, Spain.


    The drama "Memories of the Alhambra" started filming in May to enhance the quality of the work by producing half of the drama in advance. The drama's script reading featured most of the cast members, including scriptwriter Song Jae Jung and director Ahn Gil Ho, along with the main cast such as Hyun Bin, Park Shin Hye, Park Hoon, Kim Eui Sung, Kim Yong Rim, Chan Yeol, Lee Seung Joon, Min Jin Woong, Jo Hyun Chul, Lee Si Won, Han Bo Reum, Ryu Abel, Lee Hak Joo, Lee Jae Wook, and young actress Lee Re, etc. The scene on that day was prominent with the realistic acting skill of the actors and the script with a coherent structure which arose the curiosity right from the beginning. The reading began with the special determination of director Ahn Gil Ho when saying, "Finally, it started. So far, everyone has been making efforts to make something so dream-like come true. I want to give the viewers a good work with high quality."




    Hyun Bin has perfectly transformed into the role of an investment company's CEO Yoo Jin Woo - who is extraordinarily talented and originally was a doctor of engineering with innate competence in game development. He grasped the core of the drama by skillfully adjusting the pace. Hyun Bin constantly depicted two different images as his character is someone who is, on one hand, fearless and adventurous to the point it's reckless yet cold and sarcastic on the other.


    Park Shin Hye played Jung Hee Joo, the manager of Hanin hotel in Granada, Spain. She is somewhat clumsy at the sense of practical economy and on the contrary, full of diverse artistic sensitivity. With her bright and bubbly charm, Park Shin Hye portrayed Jung Hee Joo in a way so lovely that the whole studio burst into laughter. In particular, Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye have depicted an image of a man and woman connected by a special fate right from their first meeting in such a realistic manner that everyone in the filming studio got immersed in a blink of an eye. The romantic suspense taking place in Spain's ancient city is also an element which arouses people's curiousity.


    In addition, the enthusiastic acting of the actors - those who helped the dramas shine with their strong presence in any of the works - contributes to increasing the tension of the work. In the drama, Park Hoon plays the role of the competitor Cha Hyung Suk who has made a deep rivalry with Yoo Jin Woo (played by Hyun Bin); Kim Eui Sung takes the role of Cha Byung Joon who is a famous teacher and Hyung Suk's father at the same time; Kim Yong Rim is Oh Young Shim - Jung Hee Joo's grandmother, who lives and cares for her grand children in the unfamiliar land of Spain; Chan Yeol plays the role of Jung Se Joo - Hee Joo's troublemaker brother, etc. All actors who appeared at the scene not only completely transformed into their characters but also attracted the public's attention when showing the impressive collaborations at the first script reading.


    Production crew said, "This is the scene of the script reading which left great impressions with the coherent script of scriptwriter Song Jae Jung, who has never failed to meet the expectations of the audience, along with director Ahn Gil Ho, who will direct the drama in a precise way, and the harmonious combination of the actors who worked hard and lived with the character with a special personality right from the first practicing. This romantic drama will make the viewers' heart flutter with lively content that catches people's eyes in just a moment. It is expected to make the audience unable to take their eyes off the television screen. Please looking forward to it until the first episode is broadcast."


    In addition, "Memories of the Alhambra" is also a work with a large-scale casting when featuring the trustworthy actor Hyun Bin and actress Park Shin Hye. This is also a drama under the collaboration of scriptwriter Song Jae Jung - the one attracting the public's attention with her special imagination through "Queen In Hyun's Man," "Nine-Times Time Travel," "W," etc. and director Ahn Gil Ho - who showed off his thorough and emotional directing through "Stranger." The drama has received much attention right from its production



    [ So very excited to see the pics and the articles about the script reading....finally ...if I may say so! I believe the script reading took place a long time back in May just before the MOA took off for Spain for the drama filming....

    To see it 2 months before the airing of 1st Ep on Dec 1 was unexpected but very much welcome. It seems the promo for the drama has started. Let’s see what other forms of promo will be seen in the coming weeks. :blush:]

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    Rough translation.....Hyun Bin about Park Shin Hye & Memories of the Alhambra














    MOA uses a lot of new elements so he is very curious about the outcome. He need to wear spectacles and enter the game which is not easy. Each scene uses several kind of filming methods.


    So it’s very challenging for him and he wants to film with good sense of responsibility. He wants to meet audience with new kind of story but he is very curious about it too because the drama needs a lot of post production works






    About working working with Park Shin Hye...It’s very good because Park Shin Hye herself has a very good personality so he feels happy filming with her...


    credit  HeeJoo @ice_macchiato on twitter



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    Hyun Bin on working with Shinhye...


    ”Park Shin Hye herself has such a good personality that we are filming well with fun.”

    translation courtesy @PUTitrightthere_ on twitter


    [ My Note: That’s the universal opinion expressed by all who worked with her. It’s promising for the anticipated chemistry between them in the drama when the costars are on the same page with good equation, fun and understanding ...

    really looking forward to it even more after the released trailers..]









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