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  1. Lol. You have convinced me! You are right, there is a 200 day wedding, to show off FJ's 200 wedding robes. For anyone that may be interested here is the link https://elodsoompie.wixsite.com/home/post/the-pillow-book-one-shot-6-wedding-reception The ELOD soompi translation team work of art! They are also in the process of translating Lotus Step. I always have fun envisioning Vengo and Reba as DH and FJ, while reading these extra stories.
  2. True. DH won't care because it isn't his issue! Although I wonder if he may be privately amused by the whole situation.
  3. I am poisoned by their beautiful love story. I am finding it hard to move on. I get confused if it is DH and FJ, or is it Vengo and Reba that I love. Sigh, no matter what, I appreciate Vengo and Reba for bringing DH and FJ to life.
  4. I will throw a tantrum with you. Seriously though, the book isn't finished. So it may take years before the book is filmed. Vengo seems like a loyal person. I imagine IF Lotus Step is produced into a drama and the production wants him back, Vengo will most likely do it if he have time. I doubt DH and FJ would be in many chapters of the book, so filming shouldn't take too much time. Now it would be weird if Reba is cast back as FJ and Vengo is replaced by someone else or vice versa. That just wouldn't work. They would have to replace DH and FJ as a pair.
  5. The bickering! Only FJ can bicker with DH. DH most likely stay silent or walk away if it was anyone else. I actually like the book version, when he turned the flower to pink.
  6. I take comfort in knowing ELOD have 8 billon views and this shows how popular it is, even though it had near 0 promotion and is only available via online platform.
  7. It probably extend to whatever FJ makes! DH is smart. He most likely pieced it all together, after he found out what FJ did for him in the past.
  8. She is a serial hair player! That is a sweet habit with people she is close to. I can imagine how it may have an calming effect on her and the person's hair she is playing with.
  9. Lol all he needed to do was to say it out loud. Poor DH. He must have been silently seething away in that scene. Wow. 1. That is ridiculous. I can see why TMOPB is appealing to a wider audience. It is fast pace, more action and drama. ELoD is emotionally driven and a true romance, it is solely focused on the main leads. I have read some complaints that there are too many dialogs and not enough action. I laughed, because these viewers obviously did not read the drama description.
  10. The artist captures DH and FJ's relationship perfectly. A picture paints a thousand words. The food and fox mask reminds me of how attentive FJ are to DH's needs. Their hand holding, gentle gaze, smile and relaxed posture reflects their loving and affectionate relationship. That DH would be perfectly happy and content to stare at FJ for a whole day. FJ is flat on her back, she looks just as content to lay around doing nothing with DH. DH is in his classic hand to head posture. He leans slightly into FJ and is holding her hand. His sole focus is on her. It suggest
  11. DH is definitely quick to learn and adapt, plus with his over flowing confidence, DH looks like a pro even with newly acquired skills. Just look at how quickly he found FJ's soft spot for the weak and exploit it to the max! With DH as a partner, FJ will up skill in many areas in no time.
  12. I enjoyed the beginning of the drama. It set the scene well. It demonstrated how FJ's love for DH from the beginning was pure and selfless. When FJ lived in Taichen Palace, FJ may have been impulsive and naive, but she never over stepped the boundary and was respectful of DH's choices. Yes, she dreamt of being with DH, but ultimately, FJ just wanted to make sure DH was well looked after and physically safe. Although DH did not realise his Baby Fox was FJ, he too showered FJ with unconditional love. He made sure she got the best medical treatment for her wound, that she was we
  13. I think it's more for comedic effect. It is suppose to be a special handkerchief for Ali, but he used it to wipe his nose.
  14. Like you, I prefer the viki version. Some sentences do no make sense on YouTube. However, I do watch it on YouTube, just so WeTv know how popular ELoD is.
  15. I definitely prefer DH and how he openly showed his jealousy. It's appealing to me because he only show this side to FJ. I don't think DH can hide it, even if he tried. FJ learned quickly to pacify DH, this is another reason why I think they are so cute together. They just naturally 'fit' in so many ways! I didn't watch YH and BQ's story so I can't say much. But based on your description, YH would had more luck with BQ if he was as expressive as DH.
  16. I know right? The intensity and passion seems abit out of proportion. I do feel for the actors and actresses. There is no winning with fans. When the drama goes well and chemistry is off the chart, the fans get into fan wars over that. When there isn't enough chemistry, they complain too.
  17. DH and FJ's love story is just beautiful. They are equally selfless and priortise each other before their own well-being. I loved how DH couldn't resist FJ in all her forms, as a fox or human, he couldn't take his eyes off her, did everything possible to keep her close, and indulge her in every way. I find it sad how some viewers couldn't see how much DH did for FJ. The sacrifices and decisions he made pretty much demonstrates FJ is his everything, like you have mentioned. FJ's love for DH is just as beautiful. Whenever DH was in danger and FJ knew about it, she
  18. I can't believe how angry some viewers were! On the flip side, they may have loved TMOPB too much and had high expectations. Hopefully the drama will get plenty of love from the Korean audience. Do anyone know if ELOD is officially released in Japan?
  19. JH had it all planned out didn't she? She wanted to demonstrate to everyone how she knows DH well and that he cared about her. However, the outcome was not in her favor. DH didn't care much for her soup. He only had a few sips and used it as a weapon. On surface, it may seem like DH cared for JH, since he was quick to notice the allergic reaction on her hand and made a comment on it. But I think DH was deep down annoyed he may have to spend more time and energy to make sure JH doesn't get too sick. That scene highlighted how different FJ and JH are. FJ was generou
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