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  1. After everything they went through, to see DH and FJ happily together with BGG is pure bless. So glad the rest is negative. Hopefully you get some decent rest for the next 14 days and have family to drop of delicious meals. DH would probably put a force field around FJ and his bedroom
  2. Oh he looked majestic in white with a abit of purple. I was thinking in modern setting DH would make an amazing lawyer Translation: FJ: I don’t want to go yet, I still want to play. DH: Let's play together at home. That sounds about right!
  3. Apart from that, the way FJ was written in TMOPB really put off some people. Which I totally get. If FJ wasn't so cute and pretty, she could easily be classified as a stalker in TMOPB! It is rather disappointing because FJ is so much more in The Pillowbook. Of all the FL's in novel and dramas, I find FJ's character to be the most admirable and charming. The slow build up in ELOD most likely didn't help. Most viewers judged the drama within the first few episodes. However, I believe this drama's fan base will continue to grow. This is beautifully written!
  4. I use Twitter and usually international fans translate their weibo posts. It was interesting to read on YouTube and Viki, how some viewers find it difficult to accept the more emotionally expressive DH. I wonder if JH or ZH would continue to love DH, if they knew about his childish side?
  5. I think many viewers didn't get pass the first 10 episodes. Those who watched the whole drama obviously loved and rewatched it many times. ELOD storyline may seem superficial, but it actually have many valuable messages. I don't think many viewers took the time to analysis it. Most importantly, majority of the voters are younger, so the teens would naturally be attracted to the more simple and fun drama. Regarding ELOD production. It isn’t perfect, but the superior acting and storyline is enough for me to overlook some questionable editing and makeup.
  6. Love it! These Bai's are scary powerful. To be able to attract some of the most powerful deities into the family. I am amazed by JH's positive self talk. It is not an easy skill to develop!
  7. Jumping in to this conversation. I totally think he will! I think he will say it with a double meaning. Kind of like what DH does sometimes.
  8. True. FJ have strong protective instincts. So strong it often over rides her logic and self preservation instinct. FJ is innately kind and soft hearted. I don't think she can ever intentionally cause serious harm to another person for her own satisfaction or revenge. However FJ will attack to defend people she cares for. I admire FJ for having strong morals and stand by her values. DH may be possessive and clingy. But he does it just enough, to be cute and elicit the protective and care instinct. Also, DH may verbalize his displeasure but he does respect FJ's
  9. DH certainly make his dates with FJ memorable! It's interesting how DH only realised he was in love with FJ during the pimpo fruit competition. That meant, everything he did before hand was based on instinct. Some how he knew he had to chase away FJ's potential suitors and stick close to her at all cost. DH was unconsciously showing off his manliness to FJ! Too bad she was focused on XY's beautiful facial features haha. That made my nose bleed! I find Vengo and Reba more handsome and beautiful compare to the drawings. It would hav
  10. Excellent point. DH needs to be especially when his wife can ramble on! I also admire how articulate DH is. He says just enough to get his point across. I think DH fell in love with FJ at first sight. When FJ, Ali and Siming were talking outside the the gate of Heavenly realm. What initially triggered DH's curiosity was how FJ seemed to know him well. Most would not know that DH likes to prank others, but there she was talking to Siming being bullied by DH. From there DH's interest grew and as soon as they made eye contact, that was it for him! From there onwards, FJ turned
  11. Lol...well she walked off for their 'first' date. DH literally could not keep his eyes off her from day one of making eye contact with her. Their dates are all memorable! I am a Guagre too! Their eyes are always full of affection when they look at each other, for in or out of drama. I may be delusional, but I believe Vengo understand DH's character because he experienced the same feelings - the unconditional love, the desires to pamper and care, and of course the jealousy!
  12. I normally do not like sappy lines, but something about Dongfeng make it less cringey and more lovable. Their banter amuses me so much. I love the idea how Dongfeng together would have a lifetime of love and laughter. They would keep each other on their toes and daily life interesting.
  13. 1) I can't cook and have no understanding on the topic of Buddhist sultras. I will probably end up getting lectured instead. 2) Food from FJ. If she finds out I am starving, she would cook me a feast! 3) Qingqiu. The clothing seems beautiful and practical. The pastel colours are so gorgeous to look at.
  14. The way they look at each other makes me believe in love! DH doesn't normally make eye contact and almost seems like he looks through people. FJ is the one person he seems to have this insatiable desire to have eye contact and physical touch with. FJ certainly can do no wrong in DH's eyes. As long as it does not involve another male, I swear DH thinks everything FJ does is cute.
  15. I think its a mixture! But if it is strictly in one category, DH's love towards FJ is steady. He said alot for his standard, but not enough for FJ to understand. SXR's love for Xiao Jiu is more passionate. Not that it wouldn't turn steady if he was given the time and opportunity. SXR did and said alot to prove his love for her. To the point that his people thought he was mesmerized by Xiao Jiu. He wasn't really. I thought he just knew Xiao Jiu is the right one for him and she would never intentionally harm him. What do you think? BGG
  16. All her life. He barely acknowledged her! But from DH's perspective, he probably thought he was being caring enough but providing her basic needs, like food and shelter. Great points. It is the best punishment for her situation. ZH clearly thought by going through with the ceremony, she would be DH's wife forever. Do you think she is too simple minded or she thought DH may have some affection for her, or she didn't know DH well to assume he wouldn't divorce her right away? Hmm perhaps she was too desperate and blinded by love for DH, she made such a rash
  17. That Tianjun appear to be bad at reading people and situations. Makes me wonder if he would be respected, if he did not have a title. I can't believe how long DH just ignored ZH. I mean, DH isn't responsible for her life, but would ZH be like this if DH did sent her away earlier on? But I guess he had no solid excuse to do it.
  18. 1. Dancing from Feng Jiu. She seems like she will be fun teacher. 2. Tea lecture by Jiheng. At least Jiheng can pretend to be civil. Plus, I don't eat fish 3. Sorrowless cake. The cakes look mouth watering. Although Vengo mentioned how the food props tasted questionable. 1. Cooking. I have yet learn to cook, to my husband's dismay. FJ wouls be a great motivator. 2. Gossip. There would certainly be some interesting gossip floating around! 3. Educate Xiao Yan. Lian Song is more than capable of wooing Cheng Yu with no help. What Zhonglin said to
  19. hmm I am not sure of I will survive DH's sweet and sour dish. I would babysit Gun Gun, just because he is such a cutie! I would rather eat FJ's. I love desserts and she seem to excel at cooking sweet food.
  20. Haha I love that description. So clinical, so DH. I know DH did not realise he is in love with FJ, until she won the competition. Everything he did to get FJ' attention prior to that seemed instinctual. But I wonder if he realised he was more expressive around FJ? He smiled and talked more, and seeked physical contact. I guess he put it down as her being "interesting" and that in turn made him happy.
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