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  1. Thankfully she did! Now we have the most perfect FJ and DH in drama Please note, the author herself had highlighted after TMOPB, she wanted to write a pure romance. The end product was Three Lives, Three Worlds, the Pillow Book. I understand where you are coming from. I think It comes down to personal preference. Like I mentioned many times, ELOD is a pure romance, unlike TMOPB. So for viewers who want an combination of genre, ELOD would not be as enjoyable. I found it difficult to get through TMOPB. The main reasons were I didn't like the scheming and the main
  2. I totally get you. I feel like my life is in balance again! When the forum was down, was wondering how am I going to contact you lovely soomp soompi users! Thankfully the site is running again.
  3. Another old sweet. BTS of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I am always struck by how cute Reba is when she was around Vengo. Reba's whole mannerism she becomes noticeably relaxed and behaves more feminine with him. I doubt we will see Reba hiding under another male co-stars cloak any time soon.
  4. DH may unintentionally start a new trend! Since he bought all the candys, the other males may have to give hand made sweets or flowers.
  5. @MayanEcho that is super cute. It is the first time I have seen it. If DH was a CEO, he would be ruthless and cut out all competition.
  6. And the struggle to come up with some vague answer haha. BGG would probably have higher EQ compare to DH. Considering he will spend alot of time with Ali.
  7. Love it. Typical of DH, not to notice or think about any females other than FJ. It's such a loaded question, it's like BGG is setting DH up to get in trouble with FJ.
  8. It is rather surprising, for someone who seems to be naturally good at everything, be so bad at cooking. I mean he has great memory, pays attention to details, and fantastic problem solver. So strictly speaking, he has all basic skills needed to cook. So I would bet on him deliberately pranking others with his cooking.
  9. Haha, its not too late to release some sexier scenes. I think there were suggestions that sexier scenes were filmed. I am like you, if art book is available, I'd love to purchase a copy. Gosh. Hopefully, you will get sometime to relax soon. Embarrassingly, I fell asleep watching ELOD during the weekend.
  10. I think Vengo is a great role model. It doesn't matter if you can do it well or not, what matters is giving it a try, and enjoy the moment. I cringed the first time I saw the clip of him sing. But the lyrics really make the whole performance worth while. Vengo's height is impressive, but these games they played during Happy Camp makes him look extra clumsy due to his height. Another MC mentioned before, that Vengo would make a great host. Yeah. It is so confusing, when the background colour keep changing. Welcome back!
  11. It's a strange time right now. All old norms are out and new norms are formed. Sad how we need to think twice about physical contact with others. During our Locdown period, my little one was upset when he couldn't go to the shops. Love the beautiful art comparison to the drama.
  12. For us! Not so great for you with the Lockdown. Hopefully you have all the mask that you need. I don't know why this reminds me of Vengo's farewell video for ELOD. If I remember right, he pretty much disregarded all competitions, because they weren't much of competitions. As for SY, he was not included, because he was part of DH.
  13. I would pay to watch that scene! In saying that, I imaginedDH most would have priortised baby fox safety over most people.
  14. I know right. Give ELOD fans the special edition and I am sure Tencent will earn a decent amount. On top of ZH's attempt to deceive DHDJ, marriage is considered a sacred ceremony for them. So ZH's deception was a severe crime. For the life of me, I can't understand why ZH thought DH wouldn't punish her when he realise what she did. If the ceremony did go through, I imagine DH would have annulled the marriage on the spot. Was ZH so in love with DH, that he blindly took the risk, thinking there may be a chance DH would accept her as his wife? Or that
  15. Someone please break into the studio's storage and leak the footages! I would gladly pay to watch the rumoured ELOD 60 episodes. There is clearly a fan base. I don't understand why they don't want to make extra money! Is it because of China's film policy?
  16. Beautifully said. DH is the most attractive white haired deity I have seen in drama land, and the most intriguing in novel. On surface DH seems like the typical emotionless and smart ML in novels, but he is so much more unique and lovable. There are man things he did that was questionable, but the way he says and does it, I can't help but admire him even more. Haha ironically this bedtime story have kept me up many nights. It isn’t a easy promise to make and I love it too. DH knows FJ's and loves her as she is. He has no desire to change her, but to watch and b
  17. They just click! Even though DH is much older, he has that inner playfulness in him. No wonder he saw through FJ's mask, the mature and Queenly mask. He recognized a follow prankster instantly
  18. On top of being manly, he is more confident and relaxed. It's like he is finally comfortable in his own skin. I think he is charming when laughs whole heartedly and have these shy moments during interviews. I really do admire him and those who make it in the entertainment industry. It isn't easy. The constant criticism can take a huge toll on anyone's physical and mental health. But Vengo made it, he kept going and continued to improve his acting. If all the rumours are true, I admire him and Reba even more. Being the silent partner is not easy. It is easy
  19. I was abit startled when I first watched the scene. How can the majestic DHDJ be so normal?! But it made sense, Vengo, like you mentioned, wanted to show how relaxed DH is around FJ. Haha can't wait to see how Ali and BGG will out smart their superior fathers in the future.
  20. Lol I dare say some people will speculate that DH was getting a verbal thrashing from his beloved wife. To spare his embarrassment, he put up the forcefields haha
  21. Phoenix is definitely swoon worthy! I only wish there were more Phoneix and Jinmi time after they reunited.
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