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  1. That's right. He did, didn't he? In the mortal realm, at least he was loved by his father and step mother. That is probably why he had a positive mindset and bravely set out to win Siu Jiu's heart. Even though SXR had the weight of the king's responsibility on him, he had alot more freedom to do what he liked without life threatening repercussions. Whereas poor SY, had hardly any parental love and was limited by political issues. No wonder he was such a negative and cautious character. Looking back, Vengo and the makeup crew did a great job. The SY post-Aranya's death looked depressed an
  2. They probably thought it's a bad combo and DH will extinguish FJ's playful nature, because FJ will need to change to be compatible with the serious DH. Haha never in a millions years would they have imagined how childish and spoilt DH acts in front of FJ. And how much DH love the playful and sassy FJ. And everyone give FJ crap for being impulsive and make decisions based on her emotions. She most likely inherited the trait from BZ! @MayanEcho ah back to school again? I remember trying to do that when I was in primary school. Regarding other dr
  3. I love how the Bai family are so close and always have each others back. Although some of their methods may be questionable. I wonder if they'd be shocked, if they found out how DH pampers FJ? So I tried watching other dramas the past few days. DongFeng definitely set the romance level bar too high. I now have unrealistic expectations of how a couple should behave in dramas!
  4. Yang Yang and ZS are both very attractive in their own ways. I don't think you need to worry too much about Vengo and Reba being tempted. Vengo is almost DH like, when it comes to treating Reba vs other females. Same for Reba to other males. Vengo and Reba seem to be good at putting clear boundaries with the opposite sex.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check it out. I am rewatching ELOD. Currently at episode 48. No matter how many times I watch this SY and AY's story always get me all teary.
  6. "You're My Glory" is a great novel. If that is what the drama is based on. There is a English translation available online. Gosh, Reba and Vengo seems to be totally packed for the second half of the year. I look forward to their individual dramas. @rainyday293 Super happy to hear Vengo have 10m followers. If only oversea fans can also use Weibo, i am sure he would have alot more followers.
  7. I think Meng Shao is very innocent and idealistic. I doubt he had much experience with the opposite sex. His expectations are probably based on what a good woman should be in his culture; a lady who is gentle, have no vice and is a vegetarian. oh any good fanfiction? I have read some, but sadly the really good ones are incomplete.
  8. DH may be the only immune to GG's cuteness. Especially when DH only have his eyes on his gorgeous 9 tailed red fox.
  9. FJ's fox from plus her coquettish is a KO combo! Look at that cute fox! Who xan resist that face. Even XY, when he couldn't help and pat her fox form. I wish the included that scene. That would have been funny to see. I also wanted to watch DH ditching his wedding, to find baby fox. Oh well, can't ask for everything!
  10. True. She behaved like a teenager while she was in Tai Chen Palace. I suddenly remembered at Fan Lin Valley, FJ confronted DH for deceiving her with the fake handkerchief. DH smiled as FJ walked away. He seemed to fell more in love with FJ after seeing her sassy side. ELOD deserves more love!
  11. No wonder. It all make sense why she is neglected and the prince's actions are over the top for a sibling. I wonder if the princess know the truth?
  12. DongFeng have the sweetest love story. No actual emotional triangle. If fate was not against them, I wonder if DH would have married FJ during the time she was a maid, or waited until she was older? Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  13. Sorry I can only understand abit of Chinese. Thanks @omiki for the explanation. I am really enjoying the drama so far. The princess isn't too naive, she is smart, positive, loyal and empathetic. I have a feeling the Princess's brother be edging onto the wrong side and may be come the bad guy in the future. Episode 7 and 8 are available for Mango TV Vip members.
  14. Prior to the SY incident, DH knew FJ loved him in the past and that she backed away because he had unwittingly hurt her deeply. So at that point DH was not 100% sure FJ is still in love with him. When DH saw FJ and SY together. I think his insecurities surfaced, in that spilt second he was enraged, due to his fear of losing FJ and he was losing control. DH disappeared quickly or else he would hurt SY. So DH's rage from surface, may seem to be directed at SY. But I think deep down it was triggered from his insecurity and thought of losing FJ.
  15. The first two episodes were really fun. I liked the pacing, acting, sets and storyline so far. So glad Zheng Ye Cheng is the main lead. I like him as an actor, but never got into any of his dramas. Based on the 6 episodes, he seem to have good chemistry with Hu Yi Xuan. I can't wait for episode 7.
  16. In all fairness, DH has the skills to back up his confidence! The fact that he didn’t care for what other thinks of him, also helps his shamelessness. His self confidence took a knock though, when he thought FJ liked SY. Hmm, I wonder if DH shuddered because he was losing control over his emotions? I am guessing at that moment, DH's mind went blank for a while. He never had problem solving any issues he encountered. But to see FJ and SY together, his heart must had broke and he wasn't able to solve the issue swiftly like he normal could.
  17. She lived a luxury life! I was reading on Reddit, how some viewers didn’t like it when the ML tell the FL "Don't worry, I am here" and how it is such a common thing for ML in Chinese drama to say. I realised DH said that to FJ a few times. After thinking it through, I think it is a loaded comment. Especially for DH, who do not like others to depend on him, he is basically declaring to FJ, he want to look after her and she can depend on him. Haha, also DH is obviously confident enough to believe he can sort everything out for FJ.
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