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  1. @SilverDawn totally agree with you about Vengo's acting. I wish he got rewarded for his roles in ELOD. He made alot of micro facial expressions and subtle body language, that if you didn't pay attention it is easy to miss. Both Vengo and Reba made DongFeng's love believable because of the natural body language when they are together. I think its different type of learning and independence DH want FH to cultivate. School base learning is often rote learning and have less impact on FH's ability to defend herself against danger. Whereas DH wants FJ cultivate survival skills,
  2. I was wondering who got Vengo to wear such a bright green jacket. Based on his past clothing, he doesn't look like the type that would personally pick such a colour. But it makes sense if he wore it to please someone
  3. @MayanEcho Aranya was so selfless and giving. She never asked for much. Ironic how SY and Aranya was 'fated' to be together, but look at how they ended. I wonder if Su Moye ever felt guilty. How his appearance alone had derailed Aranya's life so much. I know it meant FJ and DH got to be together, but still...
  4. I agree. Su Moye never would have predicted FJ be severely injured. Aranya and SY's is heart wrenching. At least SY knew Aranya loved him. Sadly Aranya died thinking she was unloved. I often wondered what was SY's plan, if Aranya didn't go to the battlefield. Would he have helped to fake her death and they have their happy ever after?
  5. Given that FJ already complained of the taste of blood in her food/drinks, even if DH was willing, I doubt she would be happy to drink a cup of blood. DH is calm and strategic. He always make sure he achives the goal with minimal effort. BQ can be hot headed and emotional driven. So it is likely that a few drops of blood is all that is needed, and BQ over did it. I have no doubt DH knew of the consequences when he laid out the plan. What DH didn't predict was FJ jumping in to save SY and consequently got hurt. @MayanEcho my gosh, Thanks for the gorgeous
  6. It implies even though DH may look calm on the surface, but he was greatly impacted hearing FJ disclosure and he lost some self control. DH is a strategic person. He will patiently lay out the trap and wait for the target to fall. So SMY's suffering is coming. Regarding the fish. I think to some extent it can be seen as degrading. SMY is a prince and also Aranya's teacher. From that perspective he shouldn't be serving her. Realistically, DH could have instructed Chacha to cook and SMY add the blood to the food.
  7. Or she is really stupid! I vote for pettiness and wanting the prestige of being Xi Ze's wife. DH and FJ. They have great values and have a open mind. Also, as their child, even if i get in trouble, I know I have strong backings with DH as my father The main point is, FJ probably never want to kick DH out of her room. Hmm good point. Why does DH attract all the crazies.
  8. The BGM for that scene is epic. 'The girl on the bridge" is another one that pulls the heart string. ELOD have great BGM overall. Changdi's voice is high and whiny. It makes her character even more annoying. This is random, but I found the actress that played Junuo very pretty. The saving grace is Junuo did eventually learn from her mistakes. Not sure if Su Jin and Jiheng will get to that point.
  9. The curse of having a overly jealous father! Oh that was super sweet too. I remember reading that part of the book and got really emotional. Even the drama version, the way DH looked at FJ as the lid came down I was and when FJ was falling and DH was reaching out for her If only I can read Chinese
  10. Well DH is shameless. Regarding the heart, FJ did say she didn't mean it literally. The image of craving out the heart isn't very romantic but the message behind is. I actually really liked that scene, the way DH listened to FJ talk and held her hand. You can tell how much DH enjoyed spending these quiet moments with FJ.
  11. I can understand your initial reaction. Some of the characters decisions aren't the best, but that is realistic. Everyone are highly influenced by their emotions, even the supposedly emotionless DH. What I admire about DH and FJ is that they take responsibility of their own actions and move on. They make mistakes, they accept it and make changes where needed. Megan, you too have the choice to focus on the positive, instead of drilling on past wrongs the characters did.
  12. Key part of the story was DH's emotional development. If he didn't have strong feelings for FJ, he wouldn't be jealous. Yes, the way he delt with it was not great, but we must take into account how DH never experienced this type of emotion before, so it is understandable how he reacted like a little boy. I am unsure myself. But what I know is knowledge is power. So age does not automatically equate to power. Wisdom is gained via experience and knowledge. Mediation helps a person focus and filter out unnecessary thought or information. So meditation helps to stre
  13. DH probably wouldn't react much. He did his part to help JH already. SY. XY may have FJ's attention and affection, but FJ clearly sees XY as a family, whereas FJ's feelings and behaviour towards SY seemed more ambiguous from DH's POV. I haven't noticed LOL. I will need to go back and check That would be interesting to see. I doubt think he would be as willing to die with Miao Luo and try to think of alternative options.
  14. It's DHs way of getting attention from FJ. DH most likely would have calculated it all in his head. He knew FJ was angry with him, but he needed to spend time with her to resolve the issue. It also stops FJ from spending time with XY.
  15. That was a shocker. He was so jealous, he misinterpreted the whole FJ and XY situation. The peach is probably not a bad price, but it wasn't what FJ worked so hard for. Yeah...I thought some of the XY and FJ's theories weren't too off track. They were all blinded by their emotions to be objective. I am eager to read how badly Lian Song messed up. But seeing how he is always the mediator, he must have had a difficult time juggling hus responsibility and emotions.
  16. I read in a fanfic DH was shouting. I felt that was so out of character. Even when FJ was in danger, he kept his cool and in control. So I can imagine DH jealous, but not murderous rage. The worst thing would be DH sending XY off on a tricky errand. If FJ asked, DH will calmly state XY is off on to do a serious job! His inner child comes out when he is with FJ. It's quite endearing. DH look majestic in white! I definitely prefer his styling in ELOD. Vengo's make up as DH is good. His make up as SXR is questionable. I have to keep reminding myself that. Poor SXR tried
  17. that is beautifully written! The best thing about their relationship is that it feels equal and so compatible. DH wants to take FJ everywhere with him, FJ will accept nothing less. @Bai Gun Gun I felt the same way as you do while watching TMOPB. YH had many expectations and responsibilities to juggle, but I couldn't accept the way he "protected" BQ. I know it was not YH's intention, but due to his actions, BQ suffered psychological and physical trauma. It's no wonder she needed to forget their relationship. Bai Yi loves FJ dearly, but he have questionable parentin
  18. I can understand your frustration. Somehow I thought Cang Yi may not have known how FJ was against the marriage, given that she signed off the agreement. Overall, I think Cang Yi came off as a decent person. He asked for FJ's hand in marriage and let her go when she refused. This is based on the drama version. I forgotten how he was in the novel. Poor SXR. Not surprised how he got depressed and gave up on life. He seemed like a decent King before things went down hill with Xiao Jiu. Thinking back, SXR didn't ask for much and he had so much to give. Agree w
  19. Me too! But I think it reinforce how DH does not care what other people think. His actions were a means to an end. If it was another male, he would most likely be upset, thinking how others would gossip and say he was left at the alter by the bride. If DH wasn't around, Cang Yi may have been a charming male lead! He did seem to get FJ's free spirit and forgiving to her aggressive way of trying to solve the problem.
  20. Lol I will die from allergies. At least I will die happy. Seriously, who can resist furry animals? I was rewatching ELOD episode 6. FJ was so innocent at that time. I wish we had more of FJ in fox form during the later part of the series.
  21. He can one up the kneeling! He'd cut half his heart out and turn it into a ring for her. Hmm having it written like that sounds gruesome 1. Tail silver fox cub 2. Red fox FJ 3. Human form to see him expression. Just like DH. I have a thing for furry animals
  22. Go ahead is a good drama too. No political theme. Drama and romance. Also make sure you have tissues ready if you want to give it a try. I tried Google translation. I was unable to pass the forth chapter. My brain couldn't interpret what it was trying to say. I may give MS translate a try. Cheng Yu sound like she had a rough mortal life. I wonder if the book is finished yet? Empress played her role well. I think the way she think and behaved was understandable. Xiao Jiu may be kind, but her background is unknown. That means she can potentially be sent
  23. I feel like we will have to wait until HBO release the drama later the yeah for English subtitles. Although I don't understand 100% of what is said, I find the drama is captivating. The acting is on point, storyline is interesting and funny, the sets and clothes are a visual feast. Most importantly, Vengo look so good in this drama!
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