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  1. lol can't put that past Dong Hua. He most likely find some way to avoid eating the fish. What would be interesting is, if Feng Jiu cooked badly, would Dong Hua soldier on and eat his beloved's food?
  2. I pick the third option. I suggest Bai Qian and Dong Hua try each other's dish It's rather endearing how these supposedly perfect deities have weaknesses.
  3. Depends on how you define bully and the way you interpret his actions. I wouldn't say he is a bully. DH seldomly seeked out to interact with others.
  4. Yang Yang is visually attractive but I think Mark's acting has more substance. ELOD aired 3 years after TMOPB, and still managed to be the top viewed web drama of the year. If the producers are smart, they will keep the original cast.
  5. The way FJ unleashed at DH when he first showed up in Fanyin Valley was so amusing. The cherry on the top was all her sassiness made DH love her more. And he had the audacity to say to say .."what difference of my saving you half a year ago and half a year after that?" DH certainly deserves a beating.
  6. Vengo portrayed the characters so well. Even though there were limited appearance of SY before Aranya death, SY mannerism were haughty and unapproachable. The SY after Aranya's death, he appeared more human like; with a touch of despondency and melancholy. So beautifully written. I think so too, that DH's anxiety over the thought of losing FJ pushed him to do things he never did before. The following comment is directed to the DH in the novel, I think if FJ did not have strong feelings for DH, a lot of his actions would be highly questionable. However, it is easie
  7. I can imagine DH just walking off without answering Hao De! So happy that the drama is getting awards. It only struck me how recently, how well the background music and sounds were incorporated in the drama.
  8. That is such a adorable story. Thanks for sharing what your friend is experiencing. Vengo and Reba are a powerful combo. It is hard not to fall for them.
  9. I think FJ may be playful and at times stubborn, she is innately a kind person. So I doubt she would behave as extreme as ZH. These love trials are suppose to help deities boost their cultivation before they are qualified to ascend to higher god status. Living as mortals, the deities would experience and understand life; to suffer through ill health, love, old age and lack of family etc. If the deity end up having a smooth mortal life, that would mean he had not experienced the suffering mortal life can bring. In ELOD, Dong Hua descended to mortal realm, beca
  10. Yeah. That was not a smart move. Considering how they of all people should realise a fox love for life. Bai Yi was so desperate to help her sort her life out. Wish he actually had a decent conversation, instead of doing what he thinks is right for her. Sadly, Bai Yi represent alot of parents in real life. That was so funny! DH and his fake face! ZY totally knew and was waiting to see what happens. I think DH and FJ need to thank ZY for all the support they have recieved from him. To be honest, DH is probably the only one who saw FJ's full potential. Everyone else loves her a
  11. DH instinctively knew FJ is special. He naturally wanted everyone to know he is interested in FJ and all other males need to back off! I think DH finally understood that love is a powerful emotion and it can not be quantify. Whether it was worth the pain or not, is not for others to judge, but for the ones who experience to decide.
  12. Love your analysis. In BTS videos, when Vengo and Reba are together, they seem to let down their guard. They become playful with each other, there is no personal space between them and they make heaps of eye contact.
  13. I like both, but lean more towards the drama, thanks to the leads. I felt like the actress had a fun time playing Miao Luo. I think j would choose her role. Pranking FJ seems fun. Some how pranking a child feels wrong, so BGG is out!
  14. Sad but true And in the new drama. He still feels like the second lead. Poor guy, must think Vengo is his unlucky star.
  15. @Wuzetian I rewatch parts during the week. It's my default drama. I sometime just put it on the background while I am cooking. Congratulations to ELOD, the series was the top show for Tencent in 2020
  16. @MayanEcho It's moments like these that makes Dongfeng's relationship so sweet. I have been re-reading the novel. So glad Vengo and Reba put in the extra tender interactions. The hand holding, nose kisses, touching the hair etc makes Dongfeng's love extra tender and believable.
  17. I can't imagine anyone else as FJ or DH. Good point regarding Vengo and Reba. The director probably saw the natural chemistry between them, and decided to give Vengo a chance. The role DH was definitely the break he needed to take his acting career to another level. It seems like DH likes to be around individuals that test boundaries and playful, yet have good morals such as Shao Wan and Lian Song. Going by his past preference in friendship, FJ fits his criteria. I think in her early acting career, Dilireba was type cast to naïve characters. Many of her roles included her
  18. I think DH is imagining when SY and FJ are alone, SY says nice things to her. Jealousy can make the most logical deity become illogical. Regarding Aranya and her clan not knowing the sacrifice she made. I can see why you would be upset. It isn't fair, but her story reflects real life. Many people make sacrifices daily, whether it is big or small, and most people don't even know about it. Furthermore, history is often twisted to some degree, because records are never 100% objective. Also keep in mind, even though it would be nice to be recognized, Aranya wasn't looking for rec
  19. Me too! DH doesn't say much, but every word he says counts. I doubt their husband's will respect their decisions. YH was barely functional when Susan died. Whereas DH lived miserably without FJ when she disappeared. I love their reactions. Both try so hard to understand each other.
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