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  1. I agree with you! Pink Mago asked for the scissors back so there wouldn't be an opportunity to cut any red threads. Thank you for pointing that out!
  2. What a journey! Thank you to everyone for your posts! Though I wished for a more concrete ending, i.e., it was befitting for this drama. It was all about forgiveness, redemption, and that letting go was the harder but greater love. I’d like the think they’ll meet soon as their words were “you’re early”, “I rushed”. And one more kiss would’ve been nice, but the romance level was appropriate. When your innermost feelings are being torn, a hug suffices and speaks volumes. The Hong sisters gave us real life in an other worldly setting.
  3. No your eyes are 20/20! There is an olden days type house which Chan Sung seems to have opened it’s doors.
  4. I enjoy hearing everyone’s opinion. I have my own thoughts but hearing others’ opinions makes me go “ah ha!” Or “I never thought or noticed that!” And I even thought Sanchez might be Yeon Woo. How wrong was I! I think the Hong Sisters are enjoying stumping us. Never have I watched a drama in which I can’t figure out how it’s going to play out. Usually most dramas we can pretty much figure out how it’s going to end. Not this drama! How fun is this! Thank you everyone for your input! Let’s have a second round of champagne, caviar, and double layer cake! Cheers!
  5. Thank you @Ondine for clarifying the 13 years. I remember seeing the number 13 somewhere. So they attempted in 2013! Glad they waited. YJG would’ve been only 16?!
  6. I agree with @aria26. CMIIW but I read somewhere that the Hong Sisters held onto this story for 13 years. And that this story precedes Masters Sun. So technically they possibly had the scene in mind first. But we the audience is only seeing it in 2019. Almost every drama has some small resemblance from other dramas. That doesn’t mean it’s plagiarism. Pepperoni pizza is served everywhere in the world. It may be a little different but they’re all pepperoni pizza. Does it mean everyone is copying each other? Sorry for the bad analogy. Getting hungry here. And btw Hotel Del Luna has the best “toppings”.
  7. I saw it on a twitter account. I don’t know how to post it. But you can go to melloviciousiu twitter where it was retweeted.
  8. I was satisfied as to how Chan Sung and his mother got a simple closure. By looking at the photos she hid, it looked like she was very young. Just a teenager. She may have come from a well to do or educated family. Chan Sung’s dad may have come from the other side of the tracks so to speak. She may have hidden all of this from her family. Life moved on for her without any knowledge by her family. There was no relationship between biological mother and son. All Chan Sung needed was acknowledgement and an apology from his mother. How ironic that she was a principal (mother figure in the school) of an elementary school (with many children). And Man Wol did have a talk with mom. Maybe made a deal with mother such as acknowledge him and apologize and then you will go to Heaven. Just my thoughts.
  9. I’ve been a silent lurker for so long and just recently joined. Welcome chingu!
  10. Regarding the deity of the water I felt it was to bring awareness to conserve and appreciate the natural water resources we have. Thinking we have unlimited natural resources and not realizing the consequences. Just like the molka issue addressed current societal problem. I feel the writers are weaving these issues into the drama to bring awareness. Just a thought.
  11. The 3 second mark got to me too. It’s the subtle things Chan Sung does that makes him chivalrous n my eyes. He’s intuned to the minute things.
  12. Unlike in most dramas, I’m glad Mi Ra gave up on Chan Sung quickly knowing she had no chance against Man Wol. And she did it matter of factly. Usually the second lead will try to thwart or cause trouble to the leads until the end of the drama. Though Mi Ra is the reincarnation of the princess, their tenacity is actually quite different.
  13. With Man Wol as the guest, and with cake, champagne, and caviar what a party this will be! And if @uglypearl , who was kind enough to post the name of this song, can bring the disc for Amor Fati, we surely will have a party!!!
  14. Brilliant idea! The Chang Sung way is the sweetest. ❤️ Let’s put a little salt, a lot of sugar, some flour and eggs....and bake a cake in celebration for how awesome this drama is!
  15. Pass the salt shaker please! Sprinkle sprinkle! He’s probably a crucial part of Man Wol’s closure. This drama has stumped me so much as to potential plot twists. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!
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