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  1. Just checkout this drama and I can say this is my no 1 favorite drama right now. Normally, I hesistant to watch school type of drama as mostly rookie / idol actors are part of the main casting which is hard to appreciate/ watch at times. For this 'BS's back, YSH & JBA are the best pairing in term of quality acting & visuals. The other supporting casts are exceptionally good too & blended in perfectly under the guidance of Director & good storyline by writer.
  2. Happy to say I'm watching the 1st Episode on TVN Asia now!! I've seen all GQ from S1-S4 and happy to see our OTP are together in GQ5. Love Dr Jo and all the new supporting characters. Will be lurking around to read everyone's input.
  3. This is probably the BEST craziest KBS drama this year! Baek Jin Hee is superb! I do think she deserves a DAESANG for this character. There are many entertaining annoying characters and moments which made this drama funny and a must to watch! (The last KBS drama & character I was impressed with was Nam Goong Min as Chief KIm)
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