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  1. 3 hours ago, vangsweetie637 said:

    @mrsj3n you are missing out on the extreme thirst here! Hurry onto this world and see the goodies we are getting! :joy:

    exactly how we are feeling! Episode 12 must be PG 18+++ as someone mentioned it :joy:


    @bebebisous33 do you think the YoYo boy’s conversation with TE officially proves that he is a deity? When he said “There is only one of me, I went to the other world” and “I am restoring the balance. There are too many enemies”, it proves to me that he is indeed a deity, no more doubts from me. I wasn’t expecting to get such a clear and direct explanation, either. There was a scene too when Luna ask why his thread is red and he said he did it himself. I now believe that he is Fate. Before, i was stuck between him being Fate, Death, Time or a Grim Reaper. But I forgot that even Fate can handle time, too. If Time is manipulated, Fate will try to restore it as it doesn’t like to be thrown off balance. 


    alright. Even with my FOMO, i must go to sleep or else I may miss out on live recaps! Noooo!! Can’t happen!! Lol. 

    Yoyo child has a red string on his/her yoyo. That red string is the red string of fate. Luna asked the child about the string “by the way, that string why is it red” The child said “ I hooked it up myself” then Luna told the child to fix it because it looked like it might break. I have seen the red string of fate used in other K dramas and C dramas. The string is always used to tie lovers together and it's the red string of fate that keeps the lovers together no matter what.  Wikipedia says “The Red Thread of Fate ,,,is commonly thought of as an invisible red cord around the finger of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation as they are "their true love.”  The Yoyo child has by his/her own words “hooked up the fate of our couple”.  They belong to the child and now the child will help protect them. Luna gave the knife to the child to “protect what belongs to the child” and the child did just that when he/she gave it to JTE . The child is stepping in because it looks like “the string might break” and the child is just trying to restore the balance that the universe needs.

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  2. Some question the King's actions at the end of this episode. Why the fight on horseback? Why the blood bath and will his people accept it?  From my point of view the ROK and KOC have two very  different social/ custom / historical systems so the viewpoint of its people  is going to be very different. Let's start with history. ROK is a democratic country. It is also a divided nation always on the brink of civil war who only recently became economically stable. Recently there has been political turnover due to scandals. In ROC what he did might not be expected so not acceptable. The KOC is very different, It is a true monarchy. While there is a Prime minister, that person serves at the will of the King. Unlike ROK, KOC is a very rich country whose only true enemy is Japan, a foreign country. Over and over we are told of the power of the king and that his people love, respect and honor him. He is rich beyond measure as the mineral wealth of the country is held by his family. Given these facts how can there not be palace intrigue.  That is why the family of Prince Lee Jon-in can not live in the country.  It was to avoid fighting over succession to the throne. Think of all the historical dramas about Korea and how most of them are about the absolute power of the King and the battles over who has the right to lead. Today's battle was so like the epic battles we have seen in almost every Korean historical drama. As to today's fight. It played out as only it could. The modern instruments of a battle were present, SWAT teams, police, helicopters, but to fight with honor there is a protocol. Remember that in the sea battle with Japan, the king puts on his uniform, boards the lead ship prepared to fight. While he asked the admiral if he wanted to stop his battle plans, it’s clear that when it comes to a fight it’s the King who has the final decision. In that battle the ship raised the king’s flag and the king in the lead ship sails into what might have been a war. Today the king did the same thing, He has all the modern tools of a fight but when it comes down to it, it’s the king who must lead others into a fight. So this time he and his palace guards do what custom and honor call them to do. They have the backup of the modern tools of a fight but it’s the king who must lead in the way that only the honor and office of a true king must lead. It’s his country, his world and his woman so it’s his fight. Anything less would have called into question his honor and right to lead.

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  3. 11 hours ago, madmad min said:


    Ah ! you ruin my prudish mind :joy:. JTE is injured let her rest. They can carry on their scandalous activities after she recovers or can get onto the flashback when they did the deed in ROK (I assume so) ( cue commentary to the first part of episode 11)




    MAJOR CONTINUITY ERROR!! Daymn and this week was about to be the Least controversial (shakes head)

    She knows yoyo kid from R of K He/she ran into her making her lose the ID and even offered to help her get it back. Losing the ID was a very important turning point. If JTE had not lost the ID she would not have needed a new one and the new one is what proved that the King is who he said her was.

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  4. I don't have any analysis to make because I am speechless. This episode took my breath away. The last 15 minutes of this episode all I could do was yell at my laptop.  After I calm down and watch again maybe then I can really say something that makes since but right now all I can say is it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  5. 18 hours ago, Orientalfan said:

    I realised that JTE was wearing a different kind of earing during the last kiss...it's the first time i see her wearing it. Is it a clue?

    At this point just about everything in this show is a clue. There have been so many that I keep backtracking to see what else I have missed. I'm studying this show like I am preparing for a final exam. And as for Americans and what we watch, well it's mostly trash, I for one mostly watch C dramas, K dramas, and guilty pleasure Thai lakorns.  I like story lines, love stories and dramas that have a beginning middle and end something that is missing from US shows. But that's just me.



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  6. This drama is one very big jigsaw puzzle. With this type of puzzle you have to first lay out all the pieces before you can fit them together to see the big picture. Well folks we have most of the pieces so lets start putting them together. One very important piece is Luna. This character has always been very mysterious. While her face is the same, her look,hair and physical condition are different from her counter in the other world. At first glance Luna is the moral opposite of her counterpart in the other world. However, we need to remember that Luna’s back story is almost nonexistent. We don’t know her real name because in this episode she talks to the cat revealing that she got her name from the cat and that she has build a new identity for herself. In earlier episodes we find out that the people who were after her also didn’t know her true identity or name. We know she was  sent to prison  for Special Larceny a serious crime that is punishable by a prison sentence off 1 to 10 years. We know she is running from a “boss” who she “stole from” and who is doing time in prison because of her. So again other then being told that she has committed thief and assault we don’t much. Our short glimpses of her in actions shows a strong women who trust no one but pays her debts to those she feels she owes. ( Remember she helps a young boy as payback and feed the cat for the same reason). Luna or whoever she is really, seems to be on a mission. Despite being terminal she is determined to do what needs to be done. My question is what is her real identity and what is her mission. If Luna symbolizes the “white rabbit” in Alice in Wonderland then she is indeed very central to this puzzle. Many sources state that the “white rabbit” “is the spark of curiosity that activates Alice's spiritual awakening. It is a symbol of her quest for knowledge.” What knowledge does Luna hold that will help the king awaken to his true destiny? In finding Luna will the king find knowledge that will help defeat his uncle? Luna is dying so her character’s true identity could leave an identity for JTE  to step into should she decide or need to stay in the kingdom. Luna might just be the missing puzzle pieces that will turn this whole story around so that our king and the women he loves come out victousis in the end.

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  7. 15 hours ago, nana4ever said:


    In episode 10 YoYo boy was so cool .. he was not fazed speaking to LR...It seems he was more perplexed  by the boy.    When  YOYo said he  wanted to see how the story ends....I shouted me too YoYo...please give us a hint (so happy with social distancing,  no one could see me cry and shout at the TV) ..smh


    Anyway have safe and great rest of the weekend and week.  Please take care.

    @nana4ever I am with you on this.  With social distancing I sat in my car in the driveway of my house yelling at my laptop. I had to give my husband a break he thinks I've finally gone crazy and I have this story is making me nuts.

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  8. I read most of the live stream playbacks before it went on line in the usa but stopped to watch with subs. This episode broke my heart.As I predicted someone we liked died. I didn’t expect it to be prince Lee Jong-In but it makes sense that LL needed to eliminate the next heir as well as make his nephew suffer.  Many of our cues were verified. There are at least two gates between worlds. The child who keeps showing up at key moments is like a greek chorus or deities of some sort. They observe, make comments but do not usually intervene.That’s not to say they can’t. The child who bumped into JT causing her to lose her  ID helped to change the course of the king’s fate. When the child offered to retrieve the ID had Jt accepted his help then things would have gone back to the original fate. In this episode the young boy draws a parallel between King Arthur’s  sword in the stone and this king’s sword. In both stories it is the sword that reveals the density of a king. It is the sword that holds the power to control the fate of a  kingdom. Fate and the struggle between good and evil are the heart of this drama. I think that the children are more than casual observers who in the end may have some power to tip the scale in favor of good over evil. This time the child questions LL on his actions and says he doesn't like blood. When LL says it’s “The sword must be drawn by those who know how to use it” the child says two important things. “What happens if a villain draws the sword?” and after LL replies that Justice doesn't make the sword. The sword decides what is justice.” The child says “It seems that things in your world keep changing”. Which just might be a reminder that when LL thinks he has things going his way the world can change on him turning victory into defeat. 

     I was not expecting a happy ending to our love story. In this episode Jo Young voiced all of my concerns to JT and more, He asked “Can you handle it” laying out all the reasons why she and the king can’t be together. JT doesn't push back because she also knows all the reasons why this will never work. The final scene had me in tears. He appears only so briefly flowers in hand just to say how deeply he loves her. They kiss and you can see a tear trickle down his face. It was heartbreaking. Especially when he is gone and she falls to the ground in tears. I would have lost all hope at this point if our  king’s final words had not held out just a little ray of hope. We hear his voice say “There will come a moment when it seems I’ve disappeared. I don’t want you to worry too much when that happens. It just means I’m walking through the frozen moments in time.”  This is a foreshadowing of things to come and a ray of hope that just when it looks impossible time will right itself. Good will win over evil and love will make it through the frozen time to come out the other side. For now I will believe the King so “Don't worry”

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  9. Like many of you have already said, today's episode was so hard to handle. I love it but it tied my stomach in knots.  First the feel of this love story is beyond sad. You can feel how much they want and need to be together but so much stands in their way, It’s more than just the two worlds thing. It’s the fact that as king he can’t abandon his world. He is a real leader and has no heir. She has ties of family and career so it would be hard to leave her world and what would she do in his. Also I believe that all the traveling between worlds could destroy both. We keep seeing signs that there is instability for the people who are out of place or have a double who is out of place. The introduction of the time slip and the fact that time stands still in the between is so important. Not only is there no time in the between space but it looks like it is a portal that can lead you to different times.

    As the king masters traveling between worlds and what the possibilities are in the between I think he is gaining tools to fight his uncle. Both are aware of the other. They know when the other is moving between the worlds. The king also knows about the time slip that happens and how that can affect the lifespan of anyone who knows how to use it. We are getting the set up for a battle that is surely coming. We need to be prepared for one of the main characters to die. When I watched “The King 2 Hearts' ' the king's best friend and chief bodyguard died. I didn’t see that coming so it was heartbreaking and this setup has the same feel as that drama. I also keep hoping for a happy ending but we are running out of time and the vibe is just not a happy one. The pieces are beginning to fall into place but again be prepared for more than one of our favorite people to die.

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  10. 22 minutes ago, Heretorant said:

    I’ll take the Pulse Checker Savior. Can’t tell if he’s hot but i’ll put faith in my luck. Fair enough? :lol:



    I agree, Heirs was so badly written and until this day, I am bitter towards Writer Kim. The King may not be perfect in so many ways but it is far better than Heirs in every way. It’s a pity the directing and editing is off because it could have been so great! Regardless, I’m still enjoying it and will probably walk away liking the drama a lot. On the other hand, Heirs was a drama I watched to support lmh but walked away never wanting to watch it again. 


    I agree with both of you while I like most of Lee Min-ho's dramas Heirs just didn't work for me. He is always great eye candy but now days I also need a story line and even with it's faults and what drama doesn't have a few, this one is a great story.  I took a break from the K drama world because the stories started to be to routine and boring. The King brought me back to the K drama world and soompi. 

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  11. I love a puzzle and this show is a very complicated puzzle with lots of clues. LR is replacing people and moving them around while it's clear that he wants to take over the kingdom using his replacement people who he controls, there is also a much bigger game involving both worlds. It’s beginning to look like all the crossing between the two worlds is causing a problem that may endanger both worlds.  I have a few questions that clues are pointing to.  Kang Shin-Jae is clearly from the kingdom but was swapped as a child, why? Was that just to control his mother in the kingdom or for some other reason. We see a clip of his real mother in the kingdom and know that his mother in Korea only knows her son was in a coma as a child ( I think that’s when he was swapped). The prime minister of the kingdom sees a brief shadow of something from the other world and is given a newspaper that is not from her world. Whose side will she be on and who is sending her clues? Her mother also knows something she remembered who LR is. What will she do with that information? It’s clear that the worlds are beginning to leak into each other. What is Luna’s roll in all of this? Is she more than just a thief who looks like Jung Tae-Eul ? There is someone who is helping the king behind the scenes, who? Has all the travel between the two worlds started to cause an imbalance? Could this destroy both worlds? Now for my last big question. Can this story have a happy ending? The set up is beginning to make a “happy ever after” less likely.  I think we will need lots of tissues. I am prepared for a lot of tears. 


    ps side note

    It's time for the writer to stop introducing new clues and start to answer some of the questions. Everything is now in place. It time to start to put the pieces together so that the story makes since.

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  12. 7 hours ago, Deepakmahajan said:

    One line caught my attention in first ten minutes. He said King's every moment is recorded in Corea's history and he want it to last forever.......


    also ice tea scene. Was really ice tea hot or Woo hwan's character in korea felt the same heat , like his character felt in corea with hot coffee! That was interesting

    I also caught these 2 scenes and think they are important to the conflict ahead.  First we see lots of hints that being king is a great responsibility.  Responsibility can also mean great sacrifice. I hate to say this so early in the game but I as much as I want the king and the Lt. to stay together in his world don’t count on that. The tea scene shows that when a character is hurt in his/ her  world the parallel in the other world might also feel the pain. I think as the line between the 2 worlds weakens more and more stress is placed on the people who live in both worlds.

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  13. I haven’t read any of the comments about episode 4 yet because I wanted to watch and react without the input of other views. Having said that all I can say is that today's episode lived up to all my hopes and then some. Everything was just perfect about this episode. The music, the action, the acting everything kept me on the edge of my chair and my heart in my throat. For those who complained about Jo Eun-Seob's character being boring and not wanting to waste time on him. Well in this episode how could you not want to cry for him and the position his mother put him in. Watching what happened you can see all the internal conflict his character will probably have to face in the future when he will be called to make some very tough moral choices. Also more clues like breadcrumbs are left to point the way. Time seems to stop for the king and his evil uncle. Why and for how long and does it affect the stability of the two worlds. The other reasons this episode kept me on the edge of my chair are the subtle ways the music set the mood. There was also the rapid fire way we kept switching back and forth between the two worlds as the writers began to knit together some of the clues we already know. Now all the little things that Jung Tae-eul made fun of and questioned in the first three episodes are answered in ways that make sense only if this  guy is who he said he is and there is indeed a parallel universe. Now Jung Tae-eul knows that the world is “indeed round’ because not only her head but her heart says it's so. She crosses into his world. What comes next is the true start of this rollercoaster of a drama ride. I can’t wait for next week.

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  14. 3 hours ago, kiklaminHo said:

    I was disappointed in the beginning but thinking again the whole episode maybe knowing  Shin Jae's past will explain later his actions and choices in the drama.

    I admit I did not pay enough attention to his scenes but I got the impression he was a thug before.Is not there also a scene that he asks his mom why she did something?

    I think that we ignore stuff like this scene at our peril. It may seem boring now but if he ends up betraying the king later then this was your basic foreshadowing of stuff to come. I think there may come a time when he has to decide whose side he will be on. Whatever his choice this shows he has reasons that make what he does difficult. It also sets up what just might be the cause of tension between  Shin Jae and the King.  In the world of the Kingdom his character has money and power but in this world he has lost all of that so his view and motives are going to be affected by what has happen to his live in the world of Korea.

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  15. While waiting for tomorrow I am beginning to develop a few questions. We know or at least I believe we know that the child who would have been the king’s double was killed in our timeline. We also know that the body of the double for Lee Jung-Jin was brought to the parallel kingdom of Corea. We know that the bad guy Lee Jung-Jin travels between the two worlds.  He seems from what I watched in episode 3 to have a lot of followers who refer to him as “”the king” in both worlds.  So here are my questions. 1. Can doubles from the two worlds really last for long in the same universe? Just how many people can exist in a universe that is not their own and how many can travel back and forth before they threaten the balance of both universes? There have been hints that there is a power in the flute, so what power is greater than being a King in Corea? Lee Jung-Jin is not ageing so is the power linked to immortality or something else? Is the Lt going to go to the Kingdom of Corea in the next episode and if she does what will happen if she does? She has been there before but doesn’t seem to know that so why not? Is it because she will do that later when she understands what will / did happen when the King’s father was killed? And finally my one big question if Lt. goes to the kingdom of Corea and meets her double what will happen. Can her double and her meet and exist at the same time? Her double goes by a different name/ is the double like her or polar opposite.  So many questions I can’t wait to start to find the answer to this puzzle. Tell me what you think.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Heretorant said:

    I finished it just now :D. I’d say episode 3 is somewhat like episode 2 with some mysterious elements thrown in there. The build up is done really well in my opinion. I’m a viewer who can appreciate every bit of detail if it’s needed to solidify the story. I love that the story does not assume its audience knows all the background so it’s taking time to lay out the ground. Now, I can see why others might feel like it’s a little slow paced but for me, it’s more important that everything adds up and nothing is just thrown at you out of nowhere. Quite frankly, I hate when writers try to sell you a backstory much later in the show without any build up. In most cases, the character falls flat and even if I’m supposed to feel for them, there’s a disconnection because their story lacks depth and weight.

      Reveal hidden contents

    If you’re familiar with crash landing on you, a pure example is the second male lead’s story. For more than half of the drama, he was a fun and cleverly dumb guy who pretty much was someone you can’t take seriously. He was a lighthearted character and enjoyable. Suddenly, when the writer wanted to make him pitiful, she added in a sob story about how his father’s company was stolen by the female lead’s father and because of that, they went bankrupt and such and such. But because nowhere in the drama pointed to him having a heavy past, introducing that more than half way through was unnecessary and I just could not feel sad for him. It almost seemed like the writer made it up on the spot. No hate at all, I actually really enjoyed the drama but I couldn’t help rolling my eyes at that part. 

    I’d much rather the writer take their time to explain things at the beginning. The more I know about a character, the more I can feel for them later. I’ve always felt this way about writer Kim’s work though. She usually allows time to develop the story. I don’t mind it as long as what’s in store is amazing. Sorry, maybe my response was much longer than it should have been lol. To answer your question, I liked it. Episode 3 was better than episode 2 if I must say so myself. And the ending makes me so excited to see tomorrow’s episode. It’s the most exciting of the 3 endings so far :D

    I agree with what you said. This is going to be a smart drama. There are a lot of clues being dropped in subtle ways. That's ok with me as I am a little tired of the idol/ hunk dramas with a good shower scene ( not that I can't appreciate a good shot of Lee Min Ho) and no smart writing. I am glad for the prep work. It will make an awesome story in the end.

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  17. 6 minutes ago, ponderings said:

    I find the distinguish between liberal arts major and science major to be odd.

    Tae Eul's profession is a police officer. More specifically, a lieutenant. They go by facts. Science to tell the truth. 

    Lee Gon loves mathematics and physics. They see the world differently, but what sets them apart is that Lee Gon believes in things that haven't been proven: the parallel world. If anything, I find Lee Gon to be a liberal arts major more than Tae Eul is. 


    I love the world that Kim Eun Sook has built, but for some reason the humor isn't hitting the spot. It's a minor problem... probably the timing and the delivery doesn't work for me. I am looking forward to tomorrow's episode because the preview seems to show that things pick up a little bit more.

    I don’t find it odd that they are making a distinction between liberal arts majors and science majors.  For a long time people have done that as the two majors tend to approach materials and problem solving from different standpoints. Science majors tend to look at facts and just the facts.  Everything is based on what is known and can be proven, hypothesis are built on from that standpoint. The liberal arts major looks not only at what is known or proven but also what is not proven. From that standpoint everything or nothing is possible. Facts might be facts but again maybe they are not. Like Jung Tae Eul said “I still believe the earth is flat until you show me something different with my own eyes.” We people from liberal arts backgrounds like to challenge “the facts” with a lot of “what if”, “how come” and “why is that so”. It’s not that we can’t accept the science, it’s just that sometimes our brains can’t understand it until we “feel” in our guts that something is true. Science majors tend to lead with their brains (facts) and liberal arts majors understand things on an emotional level so we tend to lead with our “hearts”. Both types can get to the same place but usually by traveling different paths. I think this drama is going to do that. Challenge all of us to look at not just the fact but also the stuff that is hard to accept.

    Already I am beginning to understand that there are tons of small clues that have been introduced that don’t make sense now but will later. This one of those smart dramas that I will have to watch again just so I can see all of the clues that are dropped along the way that will like bread crumbs lead us on the right path to the real reason why things turn out the way they do. I know that’s hard for some people who like their dramas spoon fed to them, but for me that makes the drama fun and a challenge to watch.

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  18. @scrawford  don't let what others say get you down. There will always be people who are looking to pick hole in something. That's why I didn't read anything about the first episode until I could watch it myself. After all it's about weather or not it hooks me not what others think. I have been disappointed in a lot of K drama shows recently so I am not one who automatically jumps on the K drama band wagon but I loved this show here is my take for what it's worth.

    My review:

    Rarely does the hype about a drama live up to it’s reality.  We expect so much so when the first episode air we are almost always  disappointed. Well this time I am not disappointed. In fact the first episode took my breath away. From the opening theme song till the last moment I was on the edge of my seat. This has everything I want in a drama. There were the opening suspenseful scenes when the plot is introduced. It hooked me right away with the emotional death of the king’s father. We see the kings’ traumatic experiences relating to his father’s murder and his assent to the throne. We are introduced to the young boy who will grow to be his closest confidant in a way that explains why they will be so close.  The bond that is built between these two characters masterfully unfolds in just a few short scenes as we are treated to the beginning of what I predict will be a great bromance, When we shift into present day in the two parallel universes the writer introduces even more suspense to keep us guessing. Is there a character that has a match in the parallel world? Is there only one real king as his parallel was killed by the villain in our Korea? The plot is moving so fast that thank God the writers introduce elements that humanize the king and allow us to catch our breath. We learn that the kings’ old nurse maid hides charms that will help him find love. The king and the captain of the guard have playful exchanges that show just how close and deep their relationship is.  In modern day Korea we meet a woman detective who is just a quirky enough badass to be interesting. It all unfolds in a masterful way with an excellent soundtrack, effects and visuals. My one complaint is that I can’t binge watch this and will have to wait each week to see what unfolds. Does The King: The Eternal Monarch deliver? My answer is yes and then some. This is the must see drama of the year.

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  19. On 3/27/2020 at 12:57 AM, scrawford said:

     Ow that I think about it, I don’t I know how to check coming soon show on Netflix. I live in the US, anybody knows for sure if it will air in the US?

    I checked today and at last Netflix has the drama listed as coming soon April 17 in the USA. I can't wait here I am on lock down and at last something I can't wait to see. Trailers are up and I have my snacks all ready to watch this one.

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  20. I know we all wanted a happy ending but for me, it ended the only way it could and still ring true.  I watched it with only half English subs and still, I cried and cried and cried.  As I predicted it was a bittersweet ending. In the end, this drama was really about the power of love.  Each character in his own way had to find a way to make peace with the grief and living after the one you love is gone.  For the Winter General, the Bull King, and even the PK  holding on to what ways lead to all kinds of problems.  It was only when they faced the fact that the one they loved had died that each found a measure of peace.  So our Monkey needed to face the reality of SJ's death, not forget her but admit that he loved her and will always have her in his heart.  That my friends is a real ending, not a fake one.  I cried but I also loved it, because in the real world we all have to face the death of a loved one and find the will to move on.  

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  21. I am not holding out hope for a happy ending with so many dead, badly hurt, or just sad and grief stricken.  I could not believe that they were killing off our main characters left and right.,  While Pk didn't die he lost just about everyone he loves or who loved him and I have to give a big thumbs up to Lee Hongki for his acting.  My heart broke for him when not only was any trace of our cute Zombie gone but also when she sets him on fire and he is saved by the water prince.  The look on his face and that tear was so so so sad and at that moment Hongki totally rocked the scene.  It's time for him to do a drama on his own where he is the romantic lead, he is just that good.  I also loved the opening scene as before the end those two needed to be together and we needed some show of emotions before the tragic stuff that follows.  Having said that so far not one character/ couple in this story is getting a truly happy ending. The bull did not get to reunite with his love, Princess Iron Fan.  He only got to end her suffering. Not only didn't our PK Pig get to save his cute zombie BJ, he also had to suffer the loss of Alice who loved him enough to save him.  General Winter seems to not only lose his sweet Fairy Sister but also his life. After watching the last heartbreaking scenes of  Son Oh-gong and Sam-Jang I can't really see a truly happy ending for them either.  At this point, I don't think much of the so-called Gods as they seem not so powerful but very mean and petty.  As we move into the last episode I just want a little happy but think we will get only bittersweet.

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