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  1. 3 hours ago, Time loop said:




    Okay look I will give you an example. 


    If Lee Gon goes back to 94 and manages to kill LR he has altered the timeline and he gets the full flute. Baby Lee Gon starts his journey again with math and grows up. He dosen't remember anything from the altered timeline because it never happened to him all these events because it was altered out and instead new memories will fill that spot as he grows up and runs into JTE again in a different pattern where he dosen't remember her

    Even if the time line changes JTE and Lee Gon will end up together because that is their destiny. Events can change but their fate means they are destined to meet and fall in love. That's part of the balance. Defying fate and not following your destiny affects the balance of the worlds

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  2. @Elnin Joery & and others. I am in the USA watching on Netflix. I have been a  Lee Min Ho fan for a long time since City Hunter. He was the first Kdrama star I followed. In the USA K drama and Kpop are starting to catch on so fan base is growing. I know that when  he came to the USA several years ago, there where fans who did meet him at the airport. As for me once I discovered K dramas & C dramas it's mostly what I watch because the stories are better then what I can watch in the USA. Like many here I also miss Drama Fever it was one of the best sights for K drama now I have to rely on Vikki and Netflix


    @SweetButtersIf the flute needs to be whole to do time travel then that means that at one time both LL and the King needed to have the whole flute. That means that we have to have had at least 2 face to face battles between them.

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  3. What is the role of Fate and or Destiny as it is played out in the timelines.


    Destiny:1.something to which a person or thing is destined  or 2 a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency

    Fate:the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.



    What is the role of Fate and or Destiny as it is played out in the timelines.


    There are many different ideas about how traveling to different timelines affects the outcome of the story. Many predictions talk about how different  timelines are affecting the outcome of the story. The king goes back to save himself and LL goes back to warn himself. But what we have not figured in is another very important element of this story. That is the role that destiny or fate. What if the timelines need to repeat because what was destined to happen has been disturbed. The flute called to the King as a child just as it has to his father and his father’s father. LL was never destined to have and control the flute. When LL killed his brother and tried to steal the flute he went against destiny thus disrupting the balance of the two worlds. The sword, which is the ultimate defender of fate, was never LL’s to possess. Because he was probably never trained in the use of the sword, LL didn’t even think to take it and this may be his downfall. The king from boyhood knows about the sword and it’s use. He also is beginning to understand the power of the flute. So, LL tried to change his fate by taking the flute and the King has decided to accept his destiny by restoring the balance. Each change that goes against what is destined to happen weakens both worlds. So Fate must step in to restore balance  The red string of fate is tied to the king and JTE. Yoyo child has tied the string himself. Luna pointed out that it looked like it might come undone and that the child needed to fix it. Now the stage is set for fate to play out. It is time for the people whom fate has tied together to act to right the worlds bring back balance.  Over and over it is said that fate ties JTE and the King together. I believe that they have both accepted this so now  it’s time for them to live out their destiny. Those whom the red string ties together will prevail. 

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  4. First let me get this out of the way I am exhausted and my brain is about to explode. This episode is like a roller coaster ride.  :astonished:


    Now that I got that out of the way

     I’ve said all along that the story may just turn on Luna and which side she is on. Right now it looks like Luna is on the side of LL but so much just doesn't fit. Let's look at what we know

    1. Luna’s life in the KOC was very bad. She grew up alone, poor and became a thief who also assaulted people

    2. She does have her own moral since. She takes the cat’s name so she feels she owes the cat something. She worries about Yoyo kid and gives him what she has when she leaves KOC. She also says to Yoyo kid just before she leave  for ROK “ Do you believe in God” when he nods yes she says “Then I’ll be punished” showing she knows right from wrong

    3. In ROK, you can see that she want JTE’s life but she doesn’t seem to know what to do with that live or how to live it. She wants JTE’s father to like her but it’s clear that she doesn’t know how to react not only to JTE’s father but also to JTE"s friends. Abruptly she kisses Kang Shin-Jae wishes for more than what she will get

    4. She steals from LL and shows little or no respect for him (even in KOC her first instinct is not to be his ally)

    5. She is very sick and we see her writhing in pain reminding us that she is going to die soon

    6. Yet it appears that she poisons the king and warns, then if the preview if true tries to kill JTE

    So Luna is one very big contradiction. She longs for the life that JTE has. She wants her dad, her friends and all the other things she has never had. But, and here is what bothers me, Luna is dying. While she longs for JTE’s live it is clear that she doesn’t know how to live like JTE. She does not and will not fit. Why then is she going along with LL? It can’t be out of a sense of loyalty, she hates him and has only shown him contempt. I doubt she is afraid of LL. She stole his money and all but gave him the finger. He may have promised her a medical cure but Luna is a realist so she has to know that LL can’t be trusted to deliver on that promise. So again why is she on his side? What is she getting out of this deal? If she thought she would get a new better life by now she knows that isn’t possible. Facing death and having some sense of morality would she willingly do so much evil for a man she not only dislikes but doesn’t trust?  While she has done things that look terrible, I still wonder will she turn on LL and end up helping instead? We only have 3 episodes left so help needs to come from somewhere. While JTE and the King are strong, they need someone or something to step in and turn destiny toward good winning out over evil. In ways that she doesn't even know she already has. Her knife set JTE free. Maybe Luna can still be that key in one of her last acts to redeem herself and turn the tide toward victory for our King. I believe it’s possible but we are running out of time and so are they. We shall see.

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  5. 19 minutes ago, madmad min said:

    LG explaining the Findings about Rules to JTE. JTE shows him the seeds of the Imaginary Flower , she GOT Those again. 

    JTE about to leave , LG and JTE leave together somewhere,SHE AGAIN Throws the SEEDS in the PASSAGE. ES leaving with JTE to rok, ES LEAVES A COIN in Passage .




    Take heart those seeds are from the resurrection plant. It's a symbol that shows that long after you think the plant is dead it comes back to life like our couple and their love

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  6. 3 minutes ago, madmad min said:

    Luna at JTE's house. JTE's dad scolding LUNA about something, LUNA is not amused. They are having LUNCH. LUNA has tears in her eyes. Father does not know why and asks her about this. She calls him FATHER in Formal way and says something (JTE calls him Appa , LUNA called him abhuji). 


    FLOWERS OF DOOM are Hanging on JTE'S Wall, LUNA is looking at JTE's room and wondering about Life and Fate eing harsh only on HER.




    Wow we are half way through and it feels like a freight train rushing towards us. I think Luna and JTE are not the same people from different time lines. Thanks for the updates:blush:

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  7. First to everyone who put in a drink order, let's celebrate the end of the show or drown our sorrows with good champagne.

    Champagne Palmer & Co. 2012 is a great wine to ring in the new year.


    Now for the theory of the day #1

    We seem to be making a lot of assumptions about the flute and while I am relying on the English sub so this might be way off, but I think the choice of words is important. In episode one where the legend of the flute is explained LR said three important things.

    1)The flute is revealed every 20 years. 

    2)That he took it from his brother, who had it but didn’t believe in it.

    3) His brother was allowed to see it everyday.

    This means that the flute doesn’t disappear only to appear every 20 years. The ruler who's destiny it is to use is allowed to have it and see it. It may only be at full power and revealed to the next owner every 20 years. Because it is still around and could most likely be used by the king who it calls. A clue to this is found in episode 2 when we see a flashback to the boy king and lady Noh. The boy king tells Lady Noh that the reason he went to the scene of the killing is because he heard the flute. He said it was so loud that he didn’t even hear the gunfire. Lady Noh said that the flute doesn't make a sound yet it called to the young king. This is another sign that he is the rightful owner and controller of the flute. While his uncle may have half of the flute and use it to go between worlds the flute is not his destiny. If it was LR destiny the flute would have called to him and not the boy king. So the flute being in the wrong hands is the beginning of the imbalance between the worlds.

    2nd Theory

    If time travel is important then there is more than one historical timeline to pay attention to to put things right. To regain balance between the two worlds the king will need to understand the different timelines. In Episode 2 the kings spent many days in the library studying the history of ROK. He was searching for reasons why the two worlds are so different and made an important discovery. The history of the two worlds didn’t separate until the life of Crown Prince Sohyeon who was born in 1612 in the ROK. In the history timeline of the ROK Wikipedia says in “ 1645, his father King Injo persecuted him for attempting to modernize Korea by bringing in Catholicism and Western science.” Crown Prince Sohyeon dies mysteriously in May of 1645 and never becomes king. But in the KOC Crown Prince Sohyeon does not die but instead lives to defeat the Chinese “Qing Dynasty”. He became king and most likely brought modernization to the KOC long before it would have happened in the parallel world of the ROK. History books mark this time period as being a turning point. Again Wikipedia states that “The defeat at the hands of 'barbarian' Manchus and the humiliation of the Joseon king as well as severance with their neighbor, the Ming dynasty, had a profound psychological impact on contemporary Korean society.” Understanding the difference in the history of the two worlds means that not everything is as clear as we understand it to be. What is true and expected in one world is not necessarily true in the other world. Lady Noh comes from a time stream where history is very different from the world she went to. The reasons why she is needed in the other world may therefore be tied more to the needs of the ruling family, This also explains why so many members of the kings family value math, science and medicine.  KOC has the leadership needed to set things right and are the only ones destined to bring  balance to both worlds. In maintaining the balance in these worlds history does matter.

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  8. 3 hours ago, scrawford said:



    @moroccan girl @1ouise some of us who says "logical ending" are not saying that we don't want happy ending. The key word is "beautiful solution" right? that's basically what we want, and the show is hinting us that way. @syntyche wrote a cool math theories about it. But...our concern is that we have a lot of plot lines to cover and resolve with only 4 episodes (70 minute duration) left. TKEM doesn't air on TVN or JTBC where sometimes the last 2 episodes can take almost 2 hours per episode. that's why we fear that she would rush things for the sake of ending the series and many leaving many plot holes and throw in a happy ending just to not upsets viewers.

    Where once I thought we were doomed to an unhappy ending, I no longer believe that is true. We don’t need to go down a rabbit hole to get a happy ending or at least one that makes sense and doesn’t come from rushed made up stuff at the end.  1) We have lots of clues that point to help coming from other worldly sources. Yoyo kid could help as well as side characters that are a part of the story but haven’t really chosen sides. Luna is one character who knows LR but isn’t really controlled by him and for that matter neither is Yoyo kid. We know that LR doesn’t touch the child so the child has power. 2) Looking at the 1st episode we know that LR was caught and that he admits he killed LG father. He is caught not in the distant future but in this year judging by the police interview (his birth year plus his age 70 equals 2021 subtract the added year that makes up Korian age give you2020). This means we don’t need to suffer endless time jumps to end this story. 3) It's time for direct intervention, all the clues point to it. All along some force we can’t always see is pointing the way to a solution or intervening. The unknown savior of the young prince arrives just in time to keep his uncle from killing him. Some figure just out of range leads the king to the gate in the bamboo forest. At just the right time flute music is heard to lead the way. Yoyo kid said the balance needs to be restored. A greater power is already stepping in.  The King’s Father asked his brother “Do you not fear the punishment of the Sky” Yoyo kid already told LR that things in his world are changing fast, and so they are. The lightning strike wounds are a sign that balance must be restored. Even though LR doesn’t believe in God, he said “God never created humans.It was the weak  who created God.” A high power, energy or God seems to be stepping in and LR does not control that. 4) The answer is in the power of the flute and the sword combined. Hearing and using the flute are the king's destiny.  Only he can unite the pieces , hear the music and use the sword. He will find the flute because he has a blood connection to it. When his uncle attacked him as a child his blood was spilled on the half of the sword his uncle holds. Blood always calls to blood so it’s logical that LG will find the flute and unite it by hearing it’s call.  5) That brings us full circle to the opening scene. If the beginning of episode 1 is in fact the end of the story then the only one who ends covered in blood is LR. The only one in this scene who has the most emotions is LR because he has been defeated. JTE or her look alike (I believe this person just might be Luna) and KSJ are cool and calm as they question LR in this beginning scene that is really the end of the story. The questions they ask and the way they ask them points to the fact that while they are in the ROK the know all about the KOC. If LR succeeds in killing the king and the person who is interviewing him is in fact the king's lover could she be so calm and dispassionate? KSJ will know by the end of the story who Luna and LR are and all about the KOC.  Would he ask the questions he asks in the calm way he asks them if he didn’t already know the answers? If the person he is teamed with is not JTE but Luna then the team work in the interview makes sense. They are wrapping things up. Where are JTE and the King? My hope is alive and together in KOC. The balance has been restored with JTE and Luna switching worlds. The King and JTE together in KOC and KSJ and Luna teamed up together in ROK. Each with a person who understands them and supports them. The flute has played, the sword has defended evil and restored justice. Now that is an ending I can live with.

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  9. People have raised the question why use swards when you have SWAT team and police with guns. Aside from the fact that the way it played out was powerful, a  very practical reason to not use gun fire is the problem of friendly fire. When everyone is shooting it's hard for a hostage or even your side not to get caught in the cross fire. JTE was in the line of fire and there were a lot of men to take down.Odds are if they had started shooting she would have be hit by bullets from both sides. Also SWAT teams work best when they have one or two targets and not a big crowd. 

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  10. This story is driving me crazy.  I have never back tracked so much while watching a drama in my life. So many of us are in self isolation so I need a happy ending. This story is about good and evil. If the King and the love of his life are not together in the end then evil wins and what's the balance in that. There are a lot of way we could get a happy ending with out twisting the plot into a pretzel.  1. Lady Noh proves that JTE can exist in the KOC  without side affects. 2. Luna can have a part in saving the day by switching places with JTE and taking LR down. Maybe she and KSJ can team up. Both are lost souls and she does kiss him in the previews. 3. The king figures out that he needs to unite the flute so it can play and restore balance. The he takes his woman home to KOC 4. We get an heir from their one night together  and all is right with both worlds. At this point I just want a happy ending. :w00t: I sorry for the rant but I'm going crazy here.

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  11. 41 minutes ago, nana4ever said:

    JTE was drugged at the T Center.  Is it possible, although  it would be very sad  that her dad was in on it?  Perhaps he is not her real dad.... looking at the preview   for ep 13 with her dad , hes smiling  but she looks  sad. 


    Just a thought that came to mind. LR  did say  she was not in the plan originally..so I could be way off base.:blink:

    I'm so glad you said that. I have thought for some time that there is something off with the Dad but didn't want to over think it. Like you I wondered if he is her real dad. He was just too excepting of a strange guy who shows up to his house with out money but with a horse. He also doesn't seen to mind that his daughter goes missing from time to time. It just seems strange to me. Also wonder if JTE is from KOC or has Luna and her be traded too. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Kookmanna said:

    I don't understand. That scene at the church where the time stops and LG then cries, does that means someone cross over to the other world? And does the time frozen get longer the more frequent people cross over between the two world?

    Yes time stopped because someone crossed over. My guess is that is when the PM came back because she was in ROK when everything happen when the king announced that JTE was the future queen. The king has also figured out that with each crossing  time stops for longer and longer. He thinks that after too many crossing time will freeze in both worlds forever. That's the big danger.  He will need to close the doors between the worlds to stop this from happening. Closing the doors  on the worlds would keep him and JTE apart . I think that there is another way to keep the doors open but stop time from freezing but we will see

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  13. @Heretorant & @x2020 like you I didn’t see a way we could have a happy ending. There have been so many sad scenes pointing out all the reasons why JTE and the King can’t end up together. I almost gave up hope until the last few episodes but backtracking I find that this writer likes to leave tiny little bread crumbs telling us to not give up. Over and over the writer puts little symbols that point to a resurrection / rebirth of love and hope. 

    This episode the King gives JTE a plum blossom necklace that she says she will save to wear ‘on a glorious day when I have no wounds” The plum blossom symbolizes perseverance and hope, as well as beauty, purity, and the transitoriness of life. When Luna studied JTE phone she found that JTE wanted to know who to grow a “Magic Flower” which symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. To add to all the flower symbols the writer sprinkled in the last few episodes we need to add the flowers that the King gave her when he seemed to be coming from the future. They were forget-me-nots. Forget-me-nots symbolize faithful love and memories. At the time he gave the flowers he also said “I have come from far away” “There will come a moment when it seems I’ve disappeared. I don’t want you to worry too much when that happens. It just means I am walking through a frozen moment in time”.  I believe that this is not a final goodbye. The flowers say don’t forget me and our love. Remember nothing even our time apart will last forever. It is not over because even though it seems I have disappeared I will return. All the flower symbols point to a return or rebirth of their love. If that is not going to happen why is the writer leaving us so many symbols that say hold on love will win in the end even if it takes what seems like a long time.

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  14. When Luna looked at the call history on JTE's phone she found that JTE wanted to know how to grow a magic lily plant. The plant JTE wants to grow is also called the resurrection lily.  This plant is yet another symbol of what may be to come and for me a sign of hope that it's possible we may still get a happy ending of sorts.   Magic lilies "sometimes called resurrection lily and mystery lily referring to the flower's delightful habit of popping up unexpectedly in late summer long after its spring foliage has disappeared. Gardeners who named it were probably unaware of its growth habits, and thought the dying foliage signaled the end of the plant." What looks like the end of the growth of the plant is just the beginning of new growth/ life. JTE and the kings' love might be like this plant. Long after we think there is no hope  something will happen.  What we take as the end will in fact be a rebirth of their love after a long frozen time.It seems that the writer keeps leaving clues that this will be true.

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  15. There is a balance that must be kept so that the two worlds won't freeze in time, ending existance.  We know that the balance has been upset but my question is why? It can't be because people are going between the two worlds. Lady Noh is from ROK and came a long time ago ( in the early 1950’s) She does not have the lighting strike scars. JTE doesn’t have the scars ethier. It can’t be because of the number of times one goes between because I don’t think the Prime Minister has gone more than a few times yet she has the scars.. She didn’t seem to know who LR was before her mother met him and told her that he looked like the King’s Uncle. So her collaboration with him is not long standing.  If it’s just the bad guys then why does the King have the lighting strike scars?  Something important is missing. We have all the clues but we are missing some small important fact. Yoyo child said that the balance is off. But what is out of balance? Is it because LR took too many people to the other side? Or is it that to keep the world in balance each world needs to have a counterpart in the other world.  Like a scale a few missing counters don’t matter but there is a tipping point that we have reached. LR has killed a lot of people. The place where they took JTE in KOC was a place of death where lots of people were killed. We know this because of the spray that they used on the wall of the warehouse. It’s the type of spray that when you shine black light on the sprayed surface blood stains will show up. A lot of blood was spilled in that place, maybe too much. All these things are true but still something is missing. Shutting down the between will not solve the problem if  it’s just numbers that are out of balance. There is an old saying that when you have eliminated all the possibles then what remains no matter how impossible is the answer. So here is my impossible. Evil has taken over and everything is now out of balance. The only way to restore balance is not to close “the between'' but to respect what must be done.The legend from 682 said that the flute has magic powers that can restore balance to the worlds. “When the flute is played enemies would retreat, diseases would be cured,the rain would fall during drought, the rainy season would end, the wind would stop and the strong waves would subside. Every 20 year the flute would be revealed and at that time should things be out of balance the one whom fate had called to the flute can use its power to restore balance and defeat evil. The king’s father knew of the legend but did not act on it. Instead his brother tried to seize the power of the flute. In doing so the flute broke and the world was thrown out of balance. Yoyo child said “I am trying to restore balance. There are too many enemies.” That is why Yoyo child has tied JTE and the King together in fate. The king with JTE’s help is called  to gain the other half of the flute, join it together and play it so that the legion can be fulfilled. Saving both worlds is not about closing down anything but about joining together two pieces of what was broken to restore peace and balance. How's that for a metaphor on life. 

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  16. 5 minutes ago, mrsj3n said:


    LG felt pain in the shoulder.


    Thunder again. 


    Everyone who crossed over feel pain!



    Wait.. or only people from KOC feel pain?


    I think this is the time they gonna be scandalous? Lol

    I think that the ones who are crossing over and over again are feeling the pain as time begins to break down their bodies are beginning to suffer ( it's kind of like getting frost bite from being in the time between) and I with you on the scandalous part, if he gets trapped in time or one of them dies then we/ they need a good hot memory

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