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  1. 5 hours ago, mychoiyoung said:

    With all the imaginative POST-EPI16 theories still flying around, this is becoming TKEMT - THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH OF THEORIES (still smh)


    I am going to add to all the ideas and theories because like most of you I am just not ready to let this one go. My first reaction was mixed ( in retrospect because I just didn’t want it to end. I want more) so I watched episode 16 again. This time because I knew that things were going to turn out fine, I could begin to dream. So Miss Writer and Netflix I want a second season. There is so much more to this story. If you need ideas there are a lot of us here who could help you out. Here are mine.

    • Our king needs an heir and queen, they need to get married so go back in time to lay the groundwork for JTE to have a history in KOC, She could be Luna’s long lost twin. But in doing this you will find Luna’s back story
    • They travel back in time to tell Lady’s Noh’s back story.  I am sure that story would be interesting
    • Travel to another parallel world to help there
    • The King from an alternate world comes to our King’s world and causes problems which they must fix
    • Something goes badly wrong in JTE’s ROK and the King and JTE must help fix that

    I am sure there are a lot of other story lines that everyone here could add.  We need more time. We need a second season

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  2. I have mixed emotions. The first half was great and I was so worried that they were going to kill one of them or have them lost to each other forever. But the last half felt like a quick wrap up of stories in preparation for a second season where they wander around the Universe solving all the unanswered stuff we never got to so while I love it I feel kind of let down. There were so many storylines  that were never flushed out. It’s like they need more time to do the stories of the other characters, So when is the second season so we can really get to all of that. That is one of my complaints about the Netflix series. They have a habit of leaving the ending of a season half done. The did that with “Vagabon” . The storyline seemed to wrap up then they added just enough stuff so that you were left with a feeling that there should be more.

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  3. JTE is dead, no she's just laying on the forest road, no it's Luna, no it's not. JTE and Luna are the same but from different times, wait no that's not right because if Luna is JTE what happen to her double in the other world, no wait she is going to forget everything  I mean JTE  not Luna, no I met she will remember but the king will forget then what about Luna.  You people are killing me! after 10 pages of back tracking all I know for sure is something is going to happen to someone in 1 days. According to a lot of you I will need a box or shipment of tissues, a good stiff drink and strong meds to get through the end of this drama. When will it be Friday,? or may be it's Saturday 

    :crazy:I JUST WANT A HAPPY ENDING      


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  4. 18 minutes ago, Flloy House said:


    Haha. I didn't see any theories on that as far as I could backtrack but I also arrived late here so maybe you can find one or two odd theories on that but other then what I have seen didn't come across such theory but it is crazy indeed and what made be suspicious is that Lee Gon went back to the 50s and JTE was there? I was like what? Perhaps there could be a mystery stranger then fiction but then again it's extremely silly theory I reckon this much



    I think it's more likely that Lady Noh is connected to the Kings' late Grandfather. She would have come during his rein and would have had to come through him. Also that is the time of LL birth so Lady Noh knows a lot more about everything. She has always protected the boy king, keeping him safe, hiding the flute and worrying about him. She knew his fate and what might come to pass.  Whatever she told JTE will be important to the finale travel back in time. I think that JTE isn't in the past but goes back with LG to help him.  JTE knows something key but until the reset doesn't work she will not realize what she knows. Both will go back to that time because whatever happened then will make their wish to save their love come true. ( I know wishful thinking but a girl's got to hang on to hope)

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  5. 3 hours ago, Flloy House said:

    What did I just watch... :joy:


    Aside from that I have a theory perhaps a silly one just bear with me. 


    : What if Jung Tae eul is actully Lady Nuh has this thought ever crossed anyone? In some messed ways she turyouns out to be Lady nuh? What will your reaction be and do you think this is a possibility

    you are crazy but for a brief moment when the King was saying good bye I had the same weird feeling. It was like he was telling her he was sorry and to live on, It had a very strange vibe.  Not a son to mother figure but lover to love. Like he had left her behind before. So we are both crazy but this story is making us over think everything.


    Edited after reading @vangsweetie637 If Lady Noh is somehow JTE I will buy the drinks, so don' t worry we will both get good and drunk .giphy.gif

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  6. I was gone for just a day and now I have to back track for like ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You people are killing me. As for my vote for the ending I went with what I want not what might happen so I vote for a wedding because I need something happy and positive. If they just stand there and stare at each other like in "Faith" I am throwing my lap top across the room, same thing if it's all a dream. and stomping my feet as well.  If one or both die (which just may happen) I don't think I can take it, there will not be enough tissues in the world if that happens. Also ready to cry a river if one or both forget each other and or are separated forever (something else that just might happen.) Mostly I am almost afraid to watch the ending. I love this couple so I need need and can I say it again I NEED A HAPPY ENDING

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  7. I have another what if. Yoyo child aka the flute told LG’s parallel mother that when the flute is joined and made whole inside the gate “It takes you to the moment when you wish to save yourself”. When she asked where they went, Yoyo child said “The night of treason” because “The king wished to save both worlds from the traitor” and “the traitor wished to save his foolish self from failing the coup”. What if this time the place where both can save themselves is not the night of the treason. They tried that already and it didn’t work. What if the flute takes them further back in time to another place that is the seed of this whole story. The true start of this story is when the traitor was born. If this is so then the year that the traitor was born is 70 years ago in 1950.That time period could be the scene of spoiler pictures that were seen a few weeks ago. Also JTE is key to this time travel. Remember when the two met in the between space and the flute was joined, her picture fell. It disintegrated and one of the seeds she left started to grow.  The magic flowers grow and bloom after a cold frozen time blooming long after people think they will grow. JTE and the King have moved through heartbreak and a frozen time apart so if the symbolism is true it’s their time to survive. It’s time for their love to grow and bloom. If the flute can read a person’s wish then the King wants to save both worlds, but more than anything he’s wish is to find the door in the universe that will lead him back to JTE. He promised her that. LL is bitter, but in his heart what he wants most is to be important and not pushed aside because of the facts of his birth. If those facts can be changed then none of the things that play out need to have happened. There is an old saying “Be careful what you wish for you just might get it” In this case what we get is not what we or the main character expected but what the flute knows will work.

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  8. 3 hours ago, CatWhiskers said:

    My heart and my head can't. 


    It just too heartbreaking at the bench. U can feel how tired and lost LG is. He knew he has to make a choice. Duty and his heart. As a king, duty always comes first. And it would not have been his character if he chooses to follow his heart. 


    All the hospital, it was basically LG doing what a normal boyfriend does. No king.. No nothing. It is so sad because he knows it could be the last time he does it for her. 


    I believe Luna will take JTE place in ROK. JTE meet LG in the time travel in between. They settle stuff. And went enjoying themselves in the past? Dating normally? 


    I don't think LG abdicate. The title is the king. Lol. I think we will see JTE as queen. 

    I have been thinking about this. The King LG can’t advocate because the only acceptable heir to the throne was killed by LL. If nothing changes the timeline in a real way he needs to be in KOC. JTE is free to stay wherever the King is because she has left Luna behind to take her place. So JTE will meet up with the king in the between places. They will try to go back in time to the day of treason. Trying to change things on the day of treason will not work so that is why they have to go further back in time to the late 1940’s or early 1950. They go to the time of the King’s Grandfather because of something that happened at the time that Lady Noh came to the KOC from ROK. I think that is when this all started.That’s the only reason I can think of for the spoiler pictures of them in a different time that was so old fashion. As for the ending, if each ends in their own world without the knowledge of the other that is not a happy ending to me because who would the King meet to equal JTE certainly not Luna and even if JTE meets the King's counterpart in ROK it will not be the same man. I don’t care how Miss writer does it but I want JTE and the King to end up together as the people they are in some world somewhere in time.

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  9. 2 hours ago, ponderings said:

    The protests are peaceful...it's just that there are riots trying to distract people from protesting.



    Yes! There's always something to learn and learning doesn't stop after graduating from school! Learning can happen in kdramas, like you say, and anywhere else! :) 


    Hahaha love that you made a joke after understanding my philosophical thoughts and questions ;)  We were talking about MBTI personality. Here's the link to the old post. Hope you jogs your memory. My friend, you've just traveled with the flute, manpashikjeok haha.


    In this world, we live on the opposite sides, and on the parallel world is this thread! Oh wowowow :D Did I sound a little bit nerdy like the king? haha


    Hi just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your concern about us in the USA. It's a difficult time for many of us here. I am watching this show and hanging out here when I need a break from my real world. I love all the thoughtful theories and ideas. Love the playfulness. But under it all are some real life lessons. History is important, understanding it more so. Just wish a reset was possible in the real world.  ok  sorry to let the real world seep in but just wanted to say thanks

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  10. I had to wait to post this review because episode 15 was one long very sad goodbye. I have no more predictions about what will be. Everything is in place for whatever will happen next week. I thought we might come down to a last desperate choice. A choice that would have to happen even if the two halves of the flute were joined together. This is a show of symbols. Just too many clues pointed to that. The use of the color red symbolic of blood was sprinkled throughout almost every episode. LL worked with the color every time he was shown in a time stop; the color red as he worked in the dark room, the fact that LL was sprayed with red blood every time he killed someone. The connection of red and blood has also been a part of the visuals for the King as well. From the first episode where the boy king’s feet and clothes are covered in the red blood of his father on the night of treason to the blood red color on the clothes he wore for his court portrait. Even his epic battle with LL’s minions in Episode 12 when like LL he ends covered in blood. The stage has been set for blood to be the determining factor. I foolishly thought that because the blood of the king seeped into the flute when it was broken his blood would bind the flute to him. What I forgot is that LL’s blood also seeped into the flute so now both men are needed to set things right. Too much has happened for a simple joining of the two halves of the flute. “Our worlds have already gone so wrong. There are so many reasons to change the past and that is the only way.” So now we are at this last despite journeying towards the King’s destiny. He has said his goodbyes in two worlds. Clothed in the ceremonial outfit he wore when he said his final goodbye the day he told her how deeply he loved her when he gave her the forget me not flowers, our King is walking toward his destiny.  The old prince told him what would happen if he followed his fate. The King has accepted that “the footsteps “he” takes by risking “his” life is what is his fate.” To follow his destiny there is no other choice because there is “a place he needs to reach even at the risk of his life”.

    JTE is also moving toward her destiny. She fought against her destiny and this moment but the time has come and she too must take “the footsteps “ that will fulfill her destiny. Luna will take her place in the world of the ROK. She has also said her goodbyes. Whatever happens she will face it with the man she loves because she has no other choice. Her destiny is tied to his. Whether they end up in the past on the day of treason or farther back in time, I hope they are together. I am not convinced we will get our happy ending now. Despite the symbolism of the flowers, seeds, promises and talk of other doors in the universe, the way ahead is clouded with death. Much of the symbolism is tied to resurrection and rebirth. It is hard to have a resurrection and rebirth without death.  I am not sure if that will feel like a happy ending to me but we shall see.

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  11. I watched the episode again. I have questions that might get us to a happy ending so I am looking for answers that I may have missed.  What I know

    1. King LG is working his way back to the present but is leaving clues and messages that might help.

    2.  Both Luna and the Prime Minister want the flute for their own needs and both know that it has the power to let people travel to another world.

    3. The flute that the King has is slowly breaking off

    4. The LL of the day both went back in time is dead and his piece of the flute has flaked away and is gone.

    5. That LL is dead going forward but the LL of the past who killed his future self is still alive until the point of his death so that LL would still have a piece of the flute

    6. In spoiler pictures posted we saw scenes that looked like both JTE and The king had gone to the past: back to what might have been the late 1940’s or early 1950’s

    7. For everything to workout the flute must be reunited so it can play

    8. Once something happens and someone dies it seems that dead is dead from that point on,


    So here are my questions and thoughts

    • What if knowing what our King knows he is trying not only to get back to JTE but also to save the two worlds so he is working on a plan that will help do that

    • What if part of the plan takes into account the greed/ need that Luna and the Prime Minister have that makes them what the flute

    • What if both would betray LL before he is killed and one of them takes his half of the flute

    • Or What if while doing that LL’s half of the flute is destroyed so the only place where the flute can be found is in the past

    • So what if the last despite plan involves both JTE and the KIng going back to the only place where they know the flute exist in history which would be the day that Lady Noh left at the time of Korea during the war to go to the KOC. JTE knows the details of when Lady Noh left and from where  (that would be around the time of the spoiler pictures)

    Now I am not saying any of this will happen but what if……...



    or since I am loser, my brain cells are dead from trying to figure out all of this and none of this is going to happen, but what if.............

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  12. I love love love the writer of this drama. She is brilliant. Everything we need to understand what is happening is right there from the start if you pay attention to language and symbols. In this drama it’s not the math, romance or theories on time travel that matters. This drama is an allegory so every little word matters. Every meaningless action will not stay meaningless. This episode put it all together for me. Anyone who is still stuck in the time loop theory should know this is not a time loop. Loops go in circles this time travel is not a circle. It has a direction. We are told in episode 9 that if the King is to follow his fate he must go toward the place he needs to reach. That implies a direction that is linear. So once he got trapped in 1994, the only direction he needs to go in is forward to 2020 and the woman he loves. That is a straight line back to the future, making only a few stops to let JTE and others know he is on the way.  So there are only two LG. The one who is growing up as a boy king and the one who is trying to get back to himself. What remains is what will happen when time traveling LG finally gets back to where he belongs. Will that help him put the flute back together? Does he merge with the LG that has been growing up? When he merges with that self will he retain all his memories? I can’t wait to find out. This is such a crazy ride but I so love puzzles, words and hidden meanings this drama has that and more.

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  13. 1 hour ago, gwin said:

    I've been randomly rewatching episodes and decided to finally rewatch Episode 8.  I think the reason why this is one of the episodes I haven't rewatched yet is because it's my least favorite (the episode with the most cringeworthy PPLs... that scene with JTE and Jangmi in the car ugh).  Nevertheless, I feel like a LOT of JTE's voice-overs here are deep with meaning, and perhaps offer clues on what's happeneing?


    "Same faces, same ID card, parallel worlds.   I should've known that day when I was wondering where my ID card went.  That Lee Lim is alive. And that the two worlds are getting mixed up.  At least at the moment when I sensed the transcendental power that was trying to restore balance... I should've known before we had to face this situation, that it's something like fate, so to speak."


    The yoyo kid was shown on screen while this voice-over was being said.


    Later in the scene where she says "I Love You" to LG, another voice over:


    "Things that are bound to happen are taking place even at this moment.  I was struck with the sad premonition that this will be short-lived, but I decided to love my fate, that chose me."


    As someone who really hopes that KES doesn't overly complicate her time travel plot, I really hope these lines are clues that whatever is happening is fated and will happen no matter what (and that no one can change fate).   I really hope she won't go into alternate timelines!


    What do you guys think?

    @gwin a lot of people have spent time on complicated time travel scenarios but like you I think it will come down to fate. The writer has left just to many bread crumbs that point that way. Besides why would we need Yoyo child master of fate and all the symbols that will show that fate is at work if fate was not going to set things right.

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  14. 3 hours ago, wenchanteur said:


    All my brain activity having been ruined by TKEM, it's too complicated to change my profile picture, too tedious, and I don't recall how to do it, and I'm afraid I've already forgotten where I put my original picture and can't put it back, and on top of that I've drunk too much. Besides, I'm not even sure I understood if you were talking about changing my profile picture or if "DP" is one of the characters in the drama.

    However, I'm willing to post at the end of all my posts something like :
    "I'm a loser."

    And don't forget to remind me because I'll have forgotten by then.
    In fact, I can't even remember why I'm posting this message.
    Does any of this make sense?

    @wenchanteur   I am with you on this. While I have a few brain cells left maybe we should start a 12 step program for those of us who have been driven mad by this show. I watch parts of episodes over and over hoping to find missing clues. I check back here looking for answers. It’s an addiction and when it’s all over I’m not sure what I’ll do next. As for the poll I will gladly post "I a loser" cause I've lost my mine

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  15. 3 hours ago, Heretorant said:

    That’s what you’re thinking? 


    My thoughts: A turn of events? What’s new. It’s TKEM after all, when don’t we have twists? 


    I don’t need anymore turn of events, I just need answers! Lol. 

    A turn of events. I already fell like a pretzel. So the drink for Friday should be beer and pretzels?

    Lager beer and pretzel on wooden table Stock Photo - 99190496'

    Seriously I am not sure where all of this is going because after backtracking to watch from the beginning if there is one thing I know it’s that almost everything is a clue. LR appears in lots of small ways in the KOC as a lurker. He was in the pictures at the crew race, bumping into people on the street, at the PM’s mothers shop. In the previews he even goes back in time to warn himself about something. This dude is everywhere, he seems to have legions of followers so why after all this time is he not winning? I think it comes back to fate. It’s not his destiny to be king or leader of two worlds. He is fighting for something he will never be able to have. At every turn he will be blocked. Who steps in to save the day?  More and more I am convinced it will be the Yoyo kid master of destiny. Behind the scenes, the kid steps in to change things in little ways that have a big impact. The kid causes JTE to lose their ID, The kid has a relationship with Luna that allows him to take her knife to help JTE escape when she needs to. The YoYo child appears and is helping because JTE and the King have both accepted their fate so now destiny can play out. I still think that the surprises in store for us this weekend involve Luna and Kang Shin-Jae. Their actions seem confusing but I think that the story will turn on their actions and move us toward the destiny that lets JTE and the King restore balance to the world.There have been enough hints put in place to show that to have the story turn out right, good needs to win over evil. All the flower symbols point to a rebirth or resurrection. The seeds of change (magic flowers) have been planted and now they will start to grow. 


    P.S. Remember the rhythm of the show is now off as we only had one episode last week. This means that in the planned arch of the story line,  episode 14 would have been a cliffhanger.


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  16. 2 hours ago, CallieP said:

    I have two questions if anyone can give a good explanation

    LG does not like to be touched yet he puts his arms around fellow rowers shoulders after they won the race :D

    He hugs JTE and then when she wants his fingerprints he claims he cannot be touched. Why should JTE believe him when he hugged her so tight a couple of hours earlier.


    Second question - ES seems to be a normal healthy man so why is he not a soldier in Military Service but works in Civil Service instead, was it ever explained in the drama or somewhere else?

    As to why LG doesn't want to be touched it goes back to the injury he got on the neck when his father was killed. Many people with PTSD  will have a trigger that sets off remembering the trauma they have suffered.Not only does LG not want people to touch him he also hates to have anything around his neck. Remember how difficult it is for him to wear a tie. It’s because it triggers memories of his Uncle cutting into his neck when he tried to strangle LG to death. So someone who has not won his trust or someone who touches him when he is not prepared will be the trigger that set off memories that are deeply painful. PTSD is no joke and people who suffer from it have a difficult time controlling it. As a king who needs to be in control at all time, the King will of course need to try as much as possible to limit anything that will set off his PTSD

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  17. 23 hours ago, vangsweetie637 said:


    i like this scene too! :wub:


    This is one of my favorite scenes too:




    the raw emotions played out by KGE as TE in this whole scene was amazing! The desperation that she may die fighting but yet she holds onto the gun, and the realization when LG comes and she can just break down..it really still gets to my heart strings. I can still remember her cries when he is fighting his way to her. She just relaxes and breaks down because she thought no one would know where she was, and no one would come save her. And there he was, the person she was hoping she would see. And LG’s affirmation: “PROTECT HER. SHE IS THE FUTURE QUEEN OF KOC.” Just wow.. :wub::wub: and the music was right on cue. Love it! 

    This is also my favorite scene. For all the reasons you mention and more, I have played this scene over and over because the emotions depicted are just so raw. JTE is so brave, never giving up prepare to stand her ground and die. I loved that she was no wimpy damsel in distress but instead was a strong kick a$$ woman ready to go down fighting. Watching this scene is a delight not only to the eye but also the ear. First in the silence of the night you hear the sounds of LR's gang of thugs marching towards you. The rhythm of those feet is so scary. Then suddenly the sounds of helicopters are added along with the wail of sirens. The symphony of sound is almost complete when the steady powerful clip clop of horses hooves is added. I found my heart was racing as out of nowhere our hero literally appears to save the day. But again this is no ordinary saving. The king jumps from his horse and now our visuals take over. Lee Gon moves to his lady in a dance of death that is beautiful, powerful and moving. At this point not only is my heart racing but now I am cheering him on. The final part of this scene is one of the most romantic moments of the drama. Having vanquished the evil doers, the king hands off his sword and runs into the arms of the one he loves. At last my heart racing, I can breath. It was perfection personified. 

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