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  1. 15 hours ago, jayakris said:

    Not the baby that we saw.  The grandma mistress had a child way back before she is supposed to have died, with her old name (in late 1993 as per the Private Investigator's document). She had a child in jail.  That child is now over 30.  It is almost surely Yoon Eun Sung, the villain.  We saw one scene earlier where they both walked past each other and the drama showed that there is some connection there.  She must know that she is his mother (because we saw her being at the orphanage too), but we don't know if Eun Sung knows.


    The dad of the baby we saw is not Hae-in's brother Soo Chul, but quite surely Eun Sung.  We saw that he and Soo Chul's wife are really close and have had a longtime relationship, with the cigarette scene today.

    ah yeah you are right. I got mixed up. But it is still interesting to see all the 4 people conning the family are so close knit in terms of relationships.  But in honestly this family semi-brought it upon themselves for being vain (wanting the H brand in mall) and just let some stranger live with them to curry favors? Idk just so weird. 

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  2. I guess it's better for the divorce paper to show up sooner than later - I was actually thinking she has the paper but guess he picked it up.


    Still pretty smart to have the dashcam recording who visited the tech shop for the footage. So maybe the grandma gave birth the the baby that the brother in law is raising? It's not out of question right if we know there are so many moles in the house it might be possible to fake pregnant belly? 


    It is still surprising everything going downhill for the family so quickly and we got 10 more eps to go!

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  3. Love this drama and surprised there's not much discussion...

    I am surprised they showed us "all" the villains, at least some:

    1. the male villain friend/ex - maybe child of a sidepiece holding grudge? Thought about *maybe* haein's "dead" brother then it gets a little incesty if he's trying to woo her...

    2. The matchmaker - why is she with the family? It is kind of weird unless she's doubling as a maid/secretary?

    3. The stepmom - super sus with the shaman and now the food stuff. Maybe male villain's "mom"?


    I do hate MC being materialistic though and seems weird going from worrying about divorce and facing retribution to letting her die and collect $$$. I know it has to be there for there to be drama..


    Do feel the ending will be bittersweet and he will have to take care of her or something. I mean tumors don't just disappear? She could've been poisoned too i suppose but even then it would take a lot to make her all better. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, SC2019 said:

    I think he did love her. Each time the princess came to see him, he returned her smile in an obligatory way and then he looked away. He was probably torn between duty to his father (who had 'surrendered' to the Princess' state), where he had to form a new allegiance (this is according to the story line of the 3 warring states at that time) and his love for a woman who also chose to fight for her country, over him. I think we will only get to see this back story later on. So, we are all not privy to the whole story, or both perspectives. When Man-wol finds out the real truth behind it all, she will have to deal with it, that the guilt she bore and the vengeance she sought with the Captain would mean nothing.


    They should switch it up! Why stick to the same "conflicted hero" theme? Why can't he just use her like it is and she fell for the wrong guy? Yeah i wouldnt forgive someone who is soooo conflicted that he ended up murdering all my family members. 


    Would anyone here forgive a mass murderer because he/she loves you but had to kill your entire family because he was "conflicted"?  He made the decision so he should live with the consequences. He can't have both ways...unless of course you agree that he should be forgiven for killing your entire family and all's forgiven because he/she loves you.



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  5. 1 hour ago, Lily92 said:

    I think the hatred that manwol felt for CM is really eating her soul.. Thats why she being tied to the tree because of what she have done when she returned to kill him.. She will never cross the river with so much resentment in her heart.. No matter what happen in the past in manwol eyes CM betrayed her and causing her family dies infront of her.. Being tied to a tree for a 1000 year also bring hatred to CM... I personally think thats why manwol knew if CM ever appear she will go berserk and crazy to make sure he felt what she feeling for a 1000 year..

    Also i think the firefly is actually CM that still lingering around manwol because he also regreted what he done to her.. There is no mistake he truly loved her but i think he make a choice of his country and sacrifice his love.. I think he still waiting for manwol to forgive him and being happy again.. I agree that manwol really need to forgive and let go but we will never understand the pain that she felt and resentment for a 1000 year.. Its just a cruel fate for both of them.. :tears:

    To be honest seeing manwol hug cs really break my heart.. Imagine a 1000 year life with such hatred and now she have someone to actually soothe her pain.. Thats why we got a hug rather than a kiss scene cause i think next week is a romance part where both of them will acknowledge their feeling and accept it... I bet we will get a kiss scene after this.... KYAAAAAA :wub:


    i dont know if he truly loved her though. if he did then the things he did are worse. He could've just told her and her people to leave instead unless the princess somehow followed him and got him to spill the beans? He did come to the bedroom in wedding night prepared to fight though so maybe he knew she would be there? 


    I was hoping the serial murderer be CM though... i want him to be evil through and through

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  6. is SH's father planning to drag the chairwoman down? i feel he figures whatever dirt the chairwoman has on him (maybe she killed the reporter friend ) will bring him down so he is going to preemptively get to her first? I feel the best he can do "as a dad" is put taeyong group down, at least get chairwoman off to jail.


    I know its a bit negative but i think jailtime is pretty much the only thing preventing chairwoman from a happy ending. Even if SH gives up the hotel business i doubt chairwoman's gonna let her go 

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  7. 14 minutes ago, NongpeeP said:


    @stroppyse Thank you so much for your translation. From ep.1 to ep.11, not even a single second of my thought that ex-husband is okay, he is totally not okay as a man in Encounter and in CSH's life.


    Ex-husband's deaf and blind, what he heard from CSH herself about her relationship with KJH and what he saw KJH&CSH's relationship, reflected his self-centered and self-willed without caring others.  


    Why would CSH not be released from Ex-husband's mom's control, I thought that ex-husband is one of main reason of such control no matter CSH's deep suffering during marriage or after divorce.:angry:


    Ex-husband has expressed to CSH and KJH with the implication that Ex-husband can call CSH back at any time with his luxury gifts and hotel's intervention, KJH is out of their class, as Ex-husband has just looked down KJH in ep.11



    I do agree the ex-husband is doing this mostly due to jealousy. I know the drama timeline takes us after their divorce and afaik the catalyst to him chasing her aggressively is JH. I would root for him if he was trying to reconcile genuinely. He seems to try to reconcile so  others cant have her. Also, he never tried to CORRECT the problems of their failed marriage. He is still using his mom's influence and money to win her over - nothing's changed!

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  8. 1 hour ago, ahdrianaa said:

    P.O’s reaction to SHK is so cute!



    The cherry cake from episode 5 looks so tasty! 




    it looks tasty (and full of calories too no doubt). It is also very fascinating a lot of the more creative cakes comes from eastern countries. Many us stores just have same old cakes without a lot of variety.

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  9. I think the actor for CSH's dad has played mostly evil roles. I feel he directly/indirectly caused his journalist friend's death. I still HOPE the evil MIL is the one who was involved in the killing so the whole taeyang group can fall under since there's probably no way a hotel chain can bring it down and we know the MIL is gotta go (die/prison) for a happy closure.

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  10. I think whether the ex-husband cheated or not is irrelevant. If you defend him saying he did it to "make her jealous", thats one extreme way of doing it. he couldve make some remarks on women when they are together instead of going to the extreme. Plus he should've known her personality by then to risk it.


    Plus i honestly believe he really did have affair or he made it very real like one. His mom wouldn't let them divorce and give her the hotel without any evidence. Maybe he planted evidence but whatever the reason he wanted out and now he regrets it. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, ahdrianaa said:

    My two cents is that it’s a little too premature to like or dislike the ex husband.




    When CSH goes to meet him in episode 3 in the background there are several mirrors with wooden frames hung on the wall behind them. After watching the scene a second time I noticed that all the frames aren’t the same and they’re actually not all mirrors, since they’re empty and because of the lighting it looks like they’re all mirrors. Since paintings and wall art have been used in the drama to show some sort of connection to the characters,  this use of empty wall frames must have also been done deliberately.




    The last shot of the scene is a mirror reflecting him sitting alone after CSH leaves the restaurant. The mirror is being used as a device to remind the viewers that the only concrete knowledge available to us at this present moment is that he loves her, that his feelings are one sided and not reciprocated by CSH.


    The empty frames hide both the past and the possible future between the two , as the story unravels we will learn more and these empty frames will become obvious to the viewers. 





    I partially agree that we dont know how they were introduced to get married. From her side it seems she just went with it. He also mentioned to her in ep3 that they dont control their lives. So my guess would be he went with it too and tried to make the best of it and ended up liking her. 


    He did cheat though and *maybe* it is revealed later he did it for her because he wanted to free her. Either way whether he tried to love her but she didnt reciprocate and he gave up or he did cheat, she was not interested in him.




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  12. addicted to this drama- was worried for a bit on what to watch next since Fight on Ghost is over...

    Pretty sure it has been discussed but obviously the main female lead's birth secret is going to play a role... do you think the main female lead is:

    1. the rebel leader's daughter

    2. Qin's missing princess

    3. Some other royalty?


    I feel maybe 1. 2 is possible if there's some war between the two countries and she becomes a bridge to peace... not sure about the history though

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  13. Hi - yes it does but YMMV. 

    My sister and my brother in law is a good example:

    They met at a party and they hit it off and began dating for couple of months. He was going to start residency at that time and ended up being sent to CA and my sister is at CT. It was maybe 2 years of long distance relationship and they both made commitment of flying to either coast and doing roadtrips etc. I dont know how good the "conference" technology was but it was back in 2004... so no facetime and doubt even skype had  video . 

    I actually tried long distance myself and it didn't work out due to distance from the other party. One thing i did notice is that you need to build something FIRST -  a foundation of sorts together then if the other party will be long distance there's something to build on. If you start long distance then it is hard to go from "friends" to "boy/girl friend". But if you have established "boy/girl friend" then there's more  reason to keep it going. 

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