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  1. Stjerne_ 6 hours ago from iPhone client Cute love ............But for my own peace of mind... I need to hear you say it....
  2. Baidu Li Baoying bar official blog Today 11:09 last comment from Baoying super-words  Li Baoying super, then the babies Monday - happy days pregnant pretty # # Monday Amway Baoying
  3. ...off topic today... Struggling in South Korea At 18:30 on October 11 from the micro-blog weibo.com "TV Animal Farm" broadcasts a super super cute "Poodle" ~ 7-year-old tofu ~ This dog is a bit strange, very fond of squatting things, at home is sipping slippers, pens, and eating If you want to eat it, wait for a while. After going out, tofu likes to rub the stone, no matter how to let it spit it out, it is not, very stubborn. With tofu to the hospital, the doctor said no problem looked at, ... Expand full text c
  4. Stjerne_ Yesterday at 07:20 from the iPhone client Worrying baht Stjerne_ 6 hours ago from iPhone client Xia Xia is a teenager in comics. ..............It's a part of development for every teenager....
  5. Stjerne_ 5 hours ago from iPhone client Made wallpaper
  6. ..the love time..https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=yourvoice&no=202560&page=1
  7. ..the business time.... Dora0914 October 12, 21:39 Last comment from 89mansion has been edited  89mansion Ultra words  Lee Jong-suk over words 89M_ 10:55 ahead five minutes into the first shop single point, today you can shoot more complete the second floor Non-Li can-Jsyue Today at 11:59 from 89mansion 李钟硕超话 89mansion超话 cafe.89mansion更新: ⠀⠀ the only Michelin, which serves Kara weekend - hazelnut roasting a direct hand in Salt Caramel created jolyeo organic sugar, then pulled out a natural hazelnut oil. - Hand a lot of work going as long as a typical caramel is even incomparable ...展开全文c
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